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Thought work: Everything you need to know about it

Thought work: Everything you need to know about it

Hello everyone and welcome to another post for this week. I want to share with you something interesting and it is about “Thought work”. Maybe it’s the first time you hear that or read it. Don’t worry, because I will share everything about it to help you learn about it. And how you can do it if you want. Some people might be similar to this term and know it.

Also, I’m going to answer some questions such as does this help you to make money? Read until the end to find out everything about it. And if you find it interesting, I would appreciate it if you can share it with others. Help spread the word and help others to know about this as well.

Thought work: Everything you need to know about

At first, when you read the word, you might think something else. It’s what happened to me and I thought to myself how can be this a thing? However, if you think more about it and deeper. You will find that you know the answer but you didn’t notice. But I’m going in-depth about it in this post. I want to help you understand some key points if you do this work. Because it’s important to succeed.

There are jobs for it as well. But the question how can you get them? Well, I’m going to answer that as well in this post. Because it’s important if you are looking to work in this industry. However, before you start working. You need to know what is exactly the thought work.

Q: What is the meaning of thought work?

A: I’m going to start hot with the first question. Thought work is observing and working with our thoughts. As simple as that but it goes deeper if you want to work. Also, when going through some situations. Being positive, sharing correct thoughts, and being able to observe well.

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Good thinking is a skill you need to acquire and I will mention the types that you need to know. This will help you determine which one you are good at. Because if you are looking to dive deeper into earning money and working full-time. You will need to know some important things.

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Important point

Good thinking will require good knowledge and experience. If you want to have people and share your thought work with them. You need to learn and develop these two. It will help you a lot to succeed in your work. Thinking actions might not require a certificate but will need the knowledge and information to perform better.

I’ve seen so many people sharing courses and videos trying to sell. However, when you watch and get from their knowledge, it is not as correct as the person who knows better in the matter. Therefore, whether seeking thoughts from others or wanting to work. Ensure you find the right people. It is the most important work in many things if you haven’t caught up with that.

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Something you need to know. Thought work and thinking are connected and you need them both. Because no thought works if you don’t have any type of thinking. Who would ever take you when there is nothing that can help? And you could find many jobs for this as well if you have one. Even bloggers would need this type of work.

Thought work can be found in

  • Therapy
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Coaching
  • Doctor
  • Tech
  • Coding
working and thinking
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There are many ways you can use thought work. And all of the work above does earn you money. Life coaching is a thing and many other works. However, sometimes can be the main but other times can be only a part of it. For example, some coaching can help with thinking. And behavioral therapy also has a big part in thought work.

Some work just needs good knowledge and you will be able to manage well. If you are a content creator, this might apply to you the most. Because content creators always think of ideas, ways, and many things. You can hire someone to do that for you and it’s called thought work.

Q: Can anyone do this thought work?

A: Well, it’s not about anyone because if you talking about guessing thoughts. That won’t work and companies won’t hire you. Even content creators don’t like guessing or someone who keeps trying until they get the right one. Anyone who has good thinking and at least one of the types that I will mention. If you are familiar with the work process and have a good experience. You would be able to work.

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Ensure to have positive thinking. And depending on what you want or do. If you are leading, you would need thought leaders to do it successfully. Otherwise, things won’t look good for you. This way, it would help you to do it right. If people get a positive return for listening to your thoughts, you would be loved by many people.

Types of thinking

  1. Abstract thinking (Understanding the general ideas and making meaningful connections between them)
  2. Creative thinking (Usuing existing knowledge to develop and get new and innovative ideas)
  3. Critical thinking (When using existing understandings to evaluate the relative credibility or the usefulness of new information
  4. Divergent thinking (This would be when pursuing many responses to a problem or challenge)
thinking types. Thought work
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These are some of the main types of thinking. And there is a short explanation of the meaning of each one. This way, you understand but you can dig deeper to learn more about each one. Maybe some examples can help you to understand more about them.

I’m sure when you go to a company looking for a job. Some of them would ask you for talents and you would see some people mentioning that they have critical thinking. That is because it’s an important part and doctors use it as well. Therefore, you need to develop if you don’t have it.

You can also find out what type you have if you want. Some people might need to focus more to know what type of thinking they have. I want to share tips that can help with determining the type. Hopefully, you will be able to determine by following these simple tips and steps.

How to determine the type of thinking

  • Learn all the types of thinking and read about them

You have to know about each one to figure out what type. Some of us just go about our day not knowing what type of thinking we have or do. Maybe you do it every day and you didn’t even know about it. So, make sure to know about it before you think about working in any job.

  • Observe everything about you

Next, you would need to observe and do it carefully. Make sure that you get it right and based on the knowledge you learned. avoid getting the wrong knowledge about the types of thinking. This would be when you will start to notice what type of thinking do you have.

The work process of determining your type of thinking might not be fast. Sometimes some situations will test your thinking. Therefore, make sure to pay attention and observe very carefully. Keep doing it until your type of thinking and make sure to write it down somewhere to remember it.


Some thinking can be developed over time. As you live and experience things in life, you will start developing some of these types. Which is what happened with my uncle. And I can see it happened to me as well. It’s one of the reasons why you would have it and you don’t know.

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If you want to improve it, you need to make yourself go through it. Even if you failed, every step will help you to achieve it. That’s how to learn. Also, most importantly, develop a good knowledge and read more. It will help you a lot to go through a situation with less failure.

Experience will build confidence in your thoughts. Hesitating would be one of the signs that show you are not confident. However, the more you do it, the easier and more confident you will be. This is also another important thing that can help with developing thinking skills and types.

How to find work and a job

I would recommend that you put this as a secondary if you want to earn money. However, it can be a main for jobs like content creators. Also, the company can hire you for that and earn less money. Being a manager with critical thinking can earn money but not like an accountant or marketer, you know.

You can search the internet for the type of thinking. And you find more about the jobs that are accepted when you have these skills. Another good way to find jobs to help you earn money is by reaching out to brands and companies. Who knows? Some companies might need someone like you and will hire people.

It might take time until you find a good job. However, if you find one, and can help you to develop that thinking skill while earning money. That would be cool and something worth it. Because it has two benefits which are earning and improving your talents and skills.

Conclusion of Thought work: Everything you need to know about

Pinnable picture
Pinnable picture

Thank you so much for reading until this point. I shared what is the meaning of thought work. Where and how to find jobs. And some important points to succeed. Hopefully, you found these helpful and I would appreciate it a lot if you can share them with others to help spread the word.

What do you think of this type of work? Do you have a job that requires thinking? Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts and opinions.

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Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Interesting. Wonder how I can use this in finding a career.

Fransic verso

Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Well, narrow it down to a small list of jobs that need thinking Such as critical thinking, and apply for them. Although it can help you get a job but can't only have it but you need to acquire other skills as well.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

I have not heard of this before, but it sure is interesting to know about. Planning and staying focused is key for success.

Fransic verso

Thursday 16th of February 2023

Well, glad to know you learned something. I agree, it's important.

Kelly Diane

Monday 13th of February 2023

Great Post. I hadn't heard of the term before but now feel so much more informed.

Fransic verso

Thursday 16th of February 2023

I see, that's awesome. Thank you for reading!


Sunday 12th of February 2023

Never heard of this! so interesting thanks for explaining it so well

Fransic verso

Sunday 12th of February 2023

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts about this.

Briana | Next Destination Unknown

Friday 10th of February 2023

I had never heard the term "thought work" before. But it's essentially problem-solving and actually quite straightforward when you *think* about it. See what I did there? ;) Haha! This was a really interesting read. Thanks for expanding my knowledge!

Fransic verso

Saturday 11th of February 2023

I see, glad to know that you know about it now. Thank you for reading!