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Learn by experience: Things I learned working from home

Learn by experience: Things I learned working from home

Learn by experience: Things I learned working from home. Today I want to talk about self-development, and I’m aiming for a low-key post.

My goal with today’s post is not to spend a lot of effort on it, but I do it anyway.

However, it will be my first time writing something like this, from my experience. Things that will help you when working from home.

As you keep reading, you will learn more about these and how they can help you because they helped me a lot to make my journey more accessible.

And I wish I had known these things before as well. If I knew it when I started blogging and did. Things would’ve been different. It’s not too late for you as well.

Keep reading to know about them, and share it with others if you find it helpful.

Learn by experience: Things I learned working from home.


I wanted to take time spending less effort on my posts, but it seems impossible, lol. Anyway, I’m glad to share with you today’s post. Something that is fresh and only finds it on this blog. I’m sharing these from my experience and what I learned.

So, buckle up, and let’s go on this ride to learn about things. Of course, it has some good benefits as well. And I’m going to mention them below to help you understand why I wanted to write and share these things with you.

I want to start talking about this topic because working from home means a lot of things.

You could be blogging, a content creator on social media, and many more things.

However, what I will mention below are general and no matter what wrong or things you do.

So, don’t take yourself off the list thinking it won’t be helpful to you. It would still be beneficial for you. Please keep reading to know more about each as well, because I will explain.

What are the benefits of these things?

  1. Help you to make life easier for you
  2. Avoid losing your health by working from home
  3.  Ensure you are doing well at your job
  4. Improve your working-at-home routine

There are a lot of benefits, but these are some of the main and very important. I’m sure some of you already feel how important from just reading the list above.

A lot of people who are working from home will understand. However, it’s a different work and requires task management for each one.

You would still have the same things, especially when you find someone with the same niche or type of work.

Learn by experience in the title indicates that these things are learned by experience. And I’m sure many people already have some excellent knowledge.

If you want to share something you got which is not on the list. Don’t hesitate to join and share what’s on your mind. This is a place for us to learn and improve; therefore, if you got something to add, it could help. That would be great, and we always appreciate it.

1. It’s not easy to maintain work when adding one more task to the list

Alright, I’m going to start with one of the recent ones. Something that I learned by experience. No one told me about it, although I searched extensively.

Maintaining the workflow and progress won’t be easy if you add one more task.

I will explain it more for you to understand what I mean and how it comes. This is something I learn from experience. And also the benefit of avoiding doing it.

I’m sure many of us nowadays have a list of tasks, which is the best way to go about your day. Things always will be organized, and you will do a great job growing.

However, if you are used to doing a set of tasks and adding one more charge.

It won’t be easy for you to maintain it like you used to. This wouldn’t be good whether you have a long list of tasks or little. But you would be affected the most when you have a long list.

The more you make the lists, your body will be programmed to do that. Later, when you add a new task, even if it’s only one.

Things will change, and you will need to spend more time and effort and use your mind more. Therefore, I highly recommend that you be careful and make sure.

2. Always make sure you get all the necessary vitamins for your body

Fruits on the ground and bowl
Photo by Pixabay

Working from home, you might feel comfortable and don’t need anything. Sometimes we tend to forget about a lot of things regarding our health.

Well, that’s at least what happened to me. And I started feeling weaker, and whenever I got sick, it would take longer than before. That is due to my weak immune system.

So, I decided to ensure that I have all the essential vitamins and everything daily.

You don’t have to eat a lot, but you can take as little as one a day each—for example, one banana and the same for anything.

This way, you save for a more extended period and ensure you have it. It’s something that I like to do when it comes to eating fruits or any vitamins. I will take two a day if I have a lot of each item.

But you are not taking too much because that is unhealthy, you know.

My partner always says bananas help me to focus on work more. And I didn’t know that before, although I eat a lot of them every week.

Later I searched to confirm which was true. It allows us to focus more, but in my case would be my work, haha.

Suppose you have other things, such as studies. Maybe before the exam when you get to school. You can take a banana if you can’t finish studying and focusing.

3. Never waste time doing something wrong for a long time

timer with yellow background
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya:

This is something that I learned the hard way. And I genuinely don’t want to see anyone doing it. Wasting the time to do something, but it’s in the wrong way. Well, you might ask how I know.

There are many ways to do that; one is doing research.

Asking for a friend and maybe in a community if possible. You will have to figure it out, and if you have negative results, don’t keep trying based on your thoughts.

Check out more of the blog:


There are a lot of books and tips on the internet. It’s enough to help you avoid doing things in the wrong way. Even if it’s something never happens to someone.

Maybe with a friend or any way possible could help to stop wasting time. Because you will regret it when you know it’s not the right way.

Sometimes, we learn by experience, but you don’t have to do it. We did, and it’s good.

A quote about time that I like is…


Another one is decision is also something we need to be careful of. Please don’t waste time making the wrong decision when you can know more about it.

Although you might choose the wrong decision, please don’t rush the process and ensure you do whatever it takes to make the right decision.

4. Track time the whole day to not skip a minute

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

Next, this is also very important. It helps you to make sure not to waste time. When you work from home, you tend to be distracted. Maybe not paying attention to focusing on working.

Sometimes we forget about time, and time flies by fast these days. However, I highly recommend tracking the time. This is something that I learned the hard way, and I had a bad experience with this.

We all learn by experiencing many things, but if we ignore them. That would be for nothing, and you keep doing what you do.

Even though it’s not good for you or the work, working from home can be fun, and that would make the tied fly so fast since you are enjoying it.

It could be positive, but it also has some opposing sides. It is so, balancing by working and tracking the time.

I mentioned not skipping a minute because it will fly fast if you don’t track time. But it’s impossible to miss a minute if you think of it literally.

Also, every minute is crucial since we are working from home. And we need to make sure that we don’t have water time. Learn by experience if you want, but it could save you time if you start doing it.

Be aware of the time and how much you spend. Where your time goes and what you spend it on. Those are also part of tracking time along with watching the clock.


5. When to start working matters, even for working from home

Time and laptop. Learn by experience
Photo by Michaela

Something that I learned after a long time. I’m not sure whether or not you know about this, but the time to start working matters a lot.

If you are working in the office for a company, it’s essential to be on time. Don’t be late; each work has a schedule to start and end. Since it is work from home, we are responsible for that.

However, we need to be on time and know when the best time to start is. Make sure to stick to it as well.

Every business or blog has its own time, but no matter what, I highly recommend valuing time and ensuring to start early.

Always be on time, even if you have a work-from-home job and are the boss of that work.

Conclusion of Learn by experience: Things I learned to work from home

Learn by experience: Things I learned working from home

Thank you so much for reading this and sharing what I learned through experience. Hopefully, you will find them helpful if you are working from home.

And I explained more about each one. This way, you understand more about it.

What are your thoughts on these things? Do you have something you want to add to the list with something haven’t been mentioned yet?

Let us know in the comment which could help others who read the words.

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Fransic Verso

Monday 14th of November 2022

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. I appreciate you reading

Simona ~ The Grumpy Olive

Monday 14th of November 2022

These are great tips Fransic, I have to agree that I had to learn how to deal with the work from home deal when I first started and it wasn't easy at all. Thank you for sharing these x

Eva Petruzziello

Sunday 13th of November 2022

I love working from home, but it can be very isolating too.

Fransic Verso

Sunday 13th of November 2022

True, we need to make sure that we know how to balance!

Fransic Verso

Friday 11th of November 2022

Ah, that's unfortunate, but still nice you did self directed work.