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Let’s explore the top mobile games on Google Play for 2023! As the post-Covid gaming surge wanes, the mobile gaming sector is grappling with too many apps vying for prominence. Our focus won’t be on the problems or their origins but rather on a brief analysis of the top mobile games and those that have topped the Google Play download charts. Our article offers valuable insights for those interested in the broader gaming market trends.

Current Dynamics in Mobile Gaming Categories:

We’re examining the remarkable growth of the gaming sector since 2019 and observing the shifts in trends. The Covid-19 pandemic significantly propelled the mobile gaming industry forward. During this period, gaming demand skyrocketed, leading to industry expansion. Mobile games generated $68.5 billion, representing 60% of the gaming market’s revenue.

The market opened up to almost everyone with an idea, where the key to success was quality, leading to a substantial rise in active users.

The market is dominated by casual games, catering to the preference of most new users for more straightforward gameplay. In 2019, casual, puzzle, and arcade were the most favored genres.

A notable trend is the emergence of the hyper-casual genre, which takes casual gaming to its peak, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism in mechanics, interface, colors, and overall gameplay.

A distinctive aspect of hyper-casual games is their repetitive nature; players engage in the same gameplay repeatedly, albeit with minor environmental changes.

The genre’s popularity stems from its minimalist design, allowing players to multitask while gaming efficiently. This trend coincides with a global increase in screen time, where only screen names often change, but the hands remain free to play.

Top 5 Games in 2019:

  1. Free Fire: A battle royale game popular in Asia and South America.
  2. PUBG MOBILE: Mobile adaptation of the popular computer game.
  3. Subway Surfers: A hit among children and teenagers.
  4. Color Bump 3D: Represents the success of the hyper-casual genre.
  5. Fun Race 3D: A simple parkour simulator game.

Industry Trends in 2022-2023:

The market is maturing but remains profitable. Hyper-casual games are declining, giving way to hybrid-casual games, combining easy gameplay with more complex elements. The mobile gaming industry is projected to reach $138 billion by 2025.

Top 5 Games in 2023:

  1. Subway Surfers: Continues to be popular.
  2. Roblox: A creative game allowing players to create and play within the game.
  3. Candy Crush Saga: A well-known match-three game.
  4. Attack Hole: Fits the hyper-casual genre.
  5. Ludo King: A successful board game simulator.


The mobile game market is rapidly evolving. Quality and well-designed games have a lasting impact and stay popular. Innovation in game genres is ongoing, with new and established games remaining popular.

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