The Insurance Adjuster: The Final Boss in a Motorcycle Accident Case

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Insurance Adjuster

Motorcycle accidents are serious events. They can have serious physical, emotional, and financial consequences.

The first thing you should do when you start the claim process is to search for a motorcycle accident lawyer. You need legal representation to counter the tricks of the insurance adjuster.

Insurance adjusters are specially trained to handle your case until compensation. Technically, the agents who sell your policy are not responsible for handling your claim.

They simply report the case to the insurance company for the adjuster to take over. In other words, the final boss is the insurance adjuster. But how do they deny or delay a claim in a motorcycle accident case? Read on for more insight into some of these ways.
Let’s dive in!

How Insurance Adjusters Deny a Settlement in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Rushing to Document Your Claims

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, insurance adjusters are the first to act. Often, they contact you not long after the incident, in a stressful environment, literally “catching” you off-guard when you are not fully ready to face the situation. While the adjusters can sound too friendly, keep in mind that they are not going to help you.

Their ultimate goal is to protect the interests of the insurance company, not yours. So, when an adjuster calls, it is necessary to remain cautious and avoid providing any information that could be used against you later.

Using Your Words Against You

Insurance adjusters often ask for a recorded statement, and on one side, it can seem fine to give your side of the story. But one must be aware that these statements can be taken out of context, and this could potentially mess with the case.

The adjusters can use your words against you, particularly if you do not comprehend the extent of your injuries. Therefore, do not provide any statements without talking to a personal injury lawyer.

Quick Settlements

By all means, avoid the temptation of taking quick settlements, and if possible, seek the help of a lawyer to obtain a fair settlement. Note that, insurance companies can dispute liability in an accident, even when it is a legitimate claim.

They place fault on your part or say that your injuries are not related to the accident. The motive behind such actions is to devalue your claim and eventually pay the least possible settlement.

Furthermore, claim adjusters can equally take longer to settle claims, hoping that you will take less or give up. This is because they know that the financial crisis you’re facing can make you desperate to accept any amount.

Signing of Medical Forms

A common tactic is persuading you to sign a medical authorization form. This form grants the insurance company access to your complete medical history, which they can use to argue about pre-existing conditions or minimize the severity of your injuries.

For this reason, it is critical to avoid signing any medical authorization forms without legal guidance. Besides, insurance adjusters can offer quick settlements in exchange for signed releases of your claim. These offers are usually lower than the required compensation and may prevent you from claiming further damages.

Insurance Coverage Misinterpretation

Adjusters can misrepresent the law or the insurance coverage available to undermine your understanding of your rights. They can offer low initial settlement offers or advise against hiring an attorney to prevent you from getting fair compensation.

Ensure you have a good understanding of the law and work with an experienced lawyer throughout the claiming process.


Like other types of cases, motorcycle accident cases are critical and will require the services of adjusters to get the desired compensation. However, these adjusters can work against you to ensure you get low compensation. Ensure you take the above factors into consideration to avoid receiving lower compensation.

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