How to Determine the Right Number of Guest Posts per Month

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Right Number of Guest Posts

To build quality backlinks that help you rank higher in search results, website owners can use a variety of link building methods. Among them, guest posting is the most popular, which involves publishing content on high-quality external sources that contains a natural backlink to your website. Learn how to determine the number of guest posts per month in this article.

How guest posts help with Off-page SEO 

Guest posts are an effective tool for improving off-page SEO optimization and increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. Using a link building service, including guest posting, offers the following solutions for the success of a resource in the network:

  • Attracting organic traffic to the website;
  • Improving the website’s ranking;
  • Improving the authority and brand awareness;
  • Obtaining quality backlinks;
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with authoritative donor sites.

Regular publication of high-quality guest posts on authoritative sources increases the expertise and status of the brand. Search engines take into account the authority of the acceptor site when ranking pages, which affects the position of the page in the search results.

How to choose the number of guest posts per month

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how many guest posts you should publish per month. SEO experts typically consider a number of factors when making this determination.

Type and scale of the resource

The type and scale of your website will determine how broad and comprehensive your content needs to be. A landing page, for example, may only need a small number of posts, as it has a single page and a clear focus. An informational portal or an online store may need a significant number of guest posts to maintain the volume and relevance of their content.

Analysis of competitors

Take a look at the number and quality of backlinks that your competitors are using. If they are actively publishing guest posts to improve their visibility, you may need to step up your efforts to compete with them.

Current budget

The number of guest posts you can publish will also depend on your budget. If you have more money to spend on off-page SEO optimization, you can publish more posts and attract more professional writers. However, it is important to note that reputable websites that accept guest posts typically charge a fee or offer favorable terms.

Activity of the target audience

Always keep an eye on the latest data about the activity, interests, and needs of your target audience. If users are actively consuming relevant content and frequently searching for information in your industry, it may indicate a need for more guest posts to raise brand awareness and build trust with readers.

How guest posts help with Off-page SEO 

Regularity and consistency of publications

Guest post publishing should be done regularly and consistently. A steady stream of new, high-quality, and useful content with a relevant link to your website can improve the indexing of your resource by search engines and maintain audience interest. On average, it is recommended to order 5-10 guest posts per month to achieve the goal. However, there is no upper limit to posting. The main thing is to provide high-quality backlinks from reputable donor sites.

Guest posts help to strengthen an already SEO-optimized website by increasing the number of backlinks, expanding the audience, and raising authority and brand awareness. It is important to remember that the quality of content, relevance of backlinks, and compliance of donor sites are of great importance for the success of the entire website promotion strategy to the TOP of the search results.

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