Design in Dunes: Exploring the Magic of Furniture in UAE

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Exploring the Magic of Furniture in UAE

To create an Arabic interior, you need to take into account the cultural values ​​of the inhabitants of the East. The rooms are decorated with original ornaments, colorful patterns, carpets and luxurious textiles.

The beds are decorated with canopies, and the sofas are laid out with bright blankets and pillows. You can decorate the interior in the Arabic style yourself, following simple tips from designers.

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Today, the UAE has become a trendsetter in the field of beautiful and functional furniture. People from all over the world are inspired and order home furnishings from furniture showroom because they combine local culture, style and modern trends. And the main thing is that furniture from the UAE is very wear-resistant because it is made for use in hot weather conditions.

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Color spectrum

An oriental-style interior involves the use of a wide palette of colors. At the same time, each element of furniture is associated with luxury, creating a festive atmosphere.

There are no strict limits on the choice of shades. You can use any colors to your taste to decorate the walls, floors and ceilings. It can be rich green, red and blue.

Almost no interior is complete without diluting the overall palette with golden, bronze and silver shades. Influential people in the UAE luxuriously decorated their homes with exquisite furniture to show off their wealth.

To implement the Arabic style, you can use not only pure colors, but consider their halftones as well. This will recreate the style, but at the same time reduce the overall contrast of colors, which can be boring.


The most popular finishing materials for implementing the Arabic style are ceramic tiles and carved wood. Furniture is also made from wood – it is a durable and versatile material.

Often designers give preference to finishing walls and floors in the same color scheme as the furniture. Further implementation of the Arabic style is carried out through patterned carpets, hanging mirrors in wooden frames and original lamps.

Special attention is paid to the formation of arched openings on windows and doors. To do this, you can use special carved arches that are superimposed on the window.

Arches are an important attribute of the inhabitants of the East. Also, the interior often uses a huge number of niches for storing small items. To create such niches, plasterboard is used, which can later be decorated as desired.

If you have a large hall, it is recommended to install colonnades. The ceiling is usually designed in the form of a dome, and a coffered design is also often used.

Rattan takes a special place. Rattan furniture is in high demand in the UAE because it is a durable material that will last for many years. At the same time, such furniture looks very stylish and fits into any interior. Such furniture is not afraid of strong winds with sand and midday heat.


A comfortable thickened mattress is used as the base. It is lined with colorful material with patterns. Pillows and bolsters are usually placed on such a sofa. In most cases, sofas are not chosen without armrests. Sometimes sofas with carved wood structures are used in the interior.

For a more discreet design, you can use sofas without patterns. At the same time, the overall style will be embodied with the help of bright pillows, blankets and bolsters.

Tables and chairs

Carved tables and office chairs upholstered in genuine leather are perfect for decorating a work area in an oriental interior. The furniture will emphasize the status of the owner and his wealth.


The sleeping area is decorated with canopies, bedspreads and pillows. At the same time, such a luxurious bed not only attracts attention but also contributes to quality rest.


It is often used as a decorative element in the bedroom. How about using patterned textiles or wood inserts?

In conclusion, furniture from the UAE exemplifies a seamless blend of traditional Arabic cultural elements and modern design, offering durability and style that cater to both local and global tastes.

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