What happen when you have full confidence (funny edition)

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What happen when you have full confident (funny edition)

I’m sure some people in this world have had the confidence to act cool in certain moments when your parents ask you to do something or just doing it something for yourself, then you figure out it wasn’t in the right way, perhaps, you shouldn’t, that’s at least me. The reaction of the people around is funny, but the way how you react to yourself after it is so funny, haha and I know this because I’ve gone through so many moments.

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the things I’ve gone through in similar situations. I’m sure I got plenty of it, but I’m going easy on you because I don’t want you to laugh so hard on me. Ah, I’m dumb sometimes when it comes to giving credits to myself after doing anything in my life at the right time haha.

Something similar to this idea I wrote the other day which I talked about funny things that my cousin did which it shouldn’t happen if he avoids doing it, you can check it here. I’ve got so many posts coming in the future lined up. I’m trying to think of new ideas as I do the current ones, which make the line so long like a busy Starbucks line haha.

I don’t know if you have gone through the same situation like this, but the moment when you get something it’s not on the list when your parent tell you a list to get from a grocery store or anywhere and you still have confidence that you got everything just as asked.

My dad once asked me to get him a small list of stuff from the grocery store and that included a milk, carrots, and cucumbers. Then I went to get them and got back home screaming ‘I got everything dad’ while walking to the kitchen after completing the mission. My mom comes to organize everything and found that I got onions instead of cucumbers. Dad walks up to me and says ‘did you get what’s in the list?’ and replied ‘Yes’ and then he goes ‘Who is asked for onions?’. I started questioning my confidence while wondering how did that happen and to process everything at the same time I replied with ‘What’ haha.

This happened to me several times in my life, but my dad is not that of an angry person who would take this too seriously. I think something like this would happen because something may distract you on the way to the store but it’s funny if the other person doesn’t take things too serious haha because then that would turn out oppositely not good.

Have you tried cleaning or just fixing some parts of the inside of your console? I took all the screws off of my ps2 console and cleaned it good. However, After I put all the screws back on with confidence that everything was fixed, I found one left on the table which was in one of the insides, I had to go through opening the console again. Imagine finishing everything and you are excited to play that game you wanted to play, but then find a screw left alone on the table haha, just the feeling.

I like to try to do some things by myself rather than making others do it for me even if I do it wrong, surely next time I will be better, but the effort that needs to be spent twice and the reaction after finding out you missed something or placed it back wrong it just kinda funny haha.

I was in the kitchen with my mom cooking the dinner and I was standing next to her while she stirring the pasta to mix all the ingredients she just put. Then she tasted it and found that it needs little more of salt and she asked me to put some while she goes to finish cleaning other dishes. I was looking at her while putting the salt and after a few seconds, I just put like half of the jar on the pasta because I was distracted by talking to her. She comes and tastes it again and the first thing she did was just staring at me haha. I said ‘I’m sorry haha I wasn’t paying attention to it’.

I’m a good cooker in general, but sometimes it slips out of the edge, you know. Like you put more by mistake or sometimes, you don’t how much you to put on whatever you cooking because you don’t know how much it needs.

For example, my dad asked me to fix him a tea and I fixed him a sweet one haha, you know what I’m saying. The second moment he got a sip out of it. he started to like me as a good chef after that tea full of sugar haha. I’m not really that good when it comes to measuring salt or sugar because it differs from one to another. You need to know how much to put based on the water and for some reasons, every time, the amount of water just change haha.

I’m going to wrap the post here and get enough with this time, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and make sure to share your thoughts on this post. Also, if you want me to add more funny stuff to the future posts please let me know. I will see you in the next post, please stay safe and enjoy the day by having a good morning till next time.


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