Unusual Items That Movers Are Used To Shipping

by Fransic verso
Unusual Items That Movers Are Used To Shipping

When you think of moving companies, you usually imagine them transporting boxes of household items, furniture, and appliances.

However, professional movers often encounter a fascinating array of unusual items that need special care and attention during transport. Here are some of the most unique and surprising items that movers are used to shipping.

Musical Instruments

Among the most delicate and valuable items movers handle are musical instruments, especially large ones like pianos, harps, and organs.

These instruments require specialized packing and handling techniques to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Moving a grand piano, for instance, involves disassembling parts, careful padding, and sometimes even crane services to lift it through windows when staircases are too narrow.

Antiques and Art

Movers frequently transport priceless antiques and artworks, including sculptures, paintings, and vintage furniture. These items are not only valuable but often irreplaceable, requiring movers to use custom crating, climate control, and meticulous documentation. Insurance and professional expertise in handling such delicate objects are critical to preventing damage.


Moving mattresses, particularly high-end or custom-made ones, can be more complex than it might initially appear. These bulky items are awkward to handle and easily damaged if not packed correctly. Movers often use mattress bags to protect them from dirt, moisture, and tearing during transit.

Special care is needed for mattresses with advanced features, such as memory foam or integrated technology, which require specific handling to maintain their integrity and functionality.

Transporting these large and often heavy items necessitates precise maneuvering through tight spaces and ensuring they remain clean and undamaged throughout the move. There are specialist companies online that you can hire to transport your mattress safely.

Wine Collections

For wine enthusiasts, relocating a prized wine collection is no small task. Movers often transport wine collections in temperature-controlled vehicles to prevent spoilage.

Custom crating and careful inventory management are essential to protect these valuable liquids from damage and ensure they remain at their optimal quality.


While it might not seem too unusual, moving vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even boats, presents its own set of challenges.

These items require specialized equipment like car carriers and boat trailers. Movers must secure the vehicles properly to prevent any movement or damage during transit.

Large-Scale Model Collections

Collectors of large-scale models, such as trains, airplanes, or architectural models, often rely on movers to transport their prized possessions.

These collections are typically fragile and require precise packing to avoid any breakage. The movers’ attention to detail is paramount in preserving the integrity of these intricate models.

Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

Relocating a hot tub or Jacuzzi is a complex process due to their size, weight, and plumbing systems. Movers need to carefully drain and disassemble these items, ensuring all components are securely packed. Specialized equipment is often required to lift and transport these heavy items without causing damage.

Sensitive Electronics

High-value electronic equipment, such as servers, medical devices, or laboratory equipment, requires careful handling and transport.

Movers must ensure that these sensitive items are packed with anti-static materials and protected from vibrations and shocks that could cause damage.

Grandfather Clocks

Moving a grandfather clock involves more than just lifting and carrying. These intricate timepieces require the removal of pendulums and weights, securing of moving parts, and precise packing to prevent any internal damage. Specialized knowledge is needed to reassemble and calibrate the clock at its new location.

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Hannah May 29, 2024 - 8:30 am

I can only imagine what goes in to moving a wine collection, I can imagine that could become a nightmare very quickly if the care isn’t taken. I suppose I’ve never really thought about transporting a lot of these items, but I can imagine that there is a lot of pressure on the movers

Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

Fransic verso May 29, 2024 - 7:06 pm

Yeah, need to be very careful when moving the items. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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