Trading Stocks & Shares – What You Need to Know

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Trading Stocks & Shares – What You Need to Know

Many Aussies trade stocks and shares online; indeed online trading has taken off in the past few years, as more people choose the freedom and independence of freelancing, and who can blame them?

Like any form of trading, stocks and shares is all about buying at a low and selling at a high, with real-time trading across a secure encrypted platform provided by your broker.

Why use a broker?

Some shrewd entrepreneurs ask why pay a broker to be involved when you can trade as an independent. Yes, you could do that, if you are well-versed with online trading and somehow managed to get access to real-time markets.

A novice has basically zero chance of making it if they were to ‘go-it-alone’ and head into the world of real-time trading stocks and shares.

Huge library of learning resources

This alone is worth the cost of registering with a leading Australian broker; clients have exclusive access to tutorial videos, reports, graphs and PDF files, all designed to empower you as a trader.

There are many strategies and like most things, the more effort you invest, the better the outcome. If you like the sound of learning how to effectively trade shares, start your quest for the best online broker.

Demo accounts

It would be foolhardy to read up a bit on trading stocks and shares then start trading for real! The risk of losing your money is very real; the best approach when you think you’re ready to start trading is to open a demo account.

Let’s say that you traded for 3 months and at the end of that time, you are ahead of the curve, so to speak, then you are ready to open a real trading account.

Do your homework

If you are going into trading with the aim to make money, you need to do some serious research about how the markets work, as well as all of the different variables that can conspire to change the value of stocks and shares. Like any form of trading, stocks and shares come with risk and this is something we should never forget.

Real-time secure trading platform

This is the one thing that you need that the trading broker has; without such a platform, you are unable to trade in real-time, not to mention the many powerful features including AI analytics to help you make the right predictions.
How do I start my journey to becoming a stocks and shares trader?

Google will help you find the leading Australian trading broker and you can read up about their operation, sign up for a demo account and get learning about trading in general. You are not alone, as your broker is right there with you and is available at all times, should you ever require assistance.

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