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Tips on Using a headset for listening to music and some funny moments

Heyo everyone, hope everything is going great for all of you and ready for the week because this time I’m not taking any time to rest, there is a lot to get done. I’ve talked about being lazy in my previous posts and here we go doing it haha. I’m just laughing at myself getting back to the funny things that could happen when being lazy and makes me feel weird. Sometimes what you write turns into reality though doesn’t have to be the same things every day, you know. Which, this can be a good opportunity to have more content. Lately, I’ve been thinking to do part 2 of some of the posts I did before and talk about different situations and funny things haha.

Tips on Using a headset for listening to music and some funny moments

Anyways, today I will be talking about a different situation and share some pieces of advice from my experiences about listening to music in loud volume while wearing a headset. I’m sure we had moments that are funny while doing it which what I will be mentioning in this post and what could happen when keeps doing it over and over every day. This is one of the last minute ideas because as always I tend to write my posts on the same day instead of writing it on a weekend day and get everything sorted out early though I’m sure it will happen one day and I will feel good about myself haha.

The good thing about this idea is not limited to one place or a specific time because we can listen anywhere or anytime which means there are so many funny stuff and moments that could happen. However, as usual, I’m going to mention three and different situations because why not, you know haha. This is for entertainment so grab your coffee and don’t take things seriously because you need to enjoy reading this haha. Though this might not be as funny as it actually happens, however, if any what I’m about to mention did happen to you, you will know how it feels and you can tell us about it in the comment section.

First I will start with being in the kitchen while listening to music with high volume using a headset, and I’m sure this might be a famous place for most of us. However, I’m not a girl but I used to help my mom with cleaning dishes, haha and you know how boring it could be when having a lot so sometimes music could help with the time and process.

Once I decided to listen to music while cleaning the dishes and when my headset in high volume everyone near me can hear it too and after a few minutes, I turned to the right and saw my sister and brother were dancing behind me haha. I didn’t hear anything because I was distracted with cleaning the dishes and having the best moments of my life haha. Once I took off the headset, they were laughing at me. My brother was like ‘Dude, that was fun’ lol.

This may seem to be fun, but once it keeps happening, it will lower the ability of the hearing because it affects the drums in the ear. I recommend not doing it a lot or not at all, just use a decent volume so won’t be a problem for you and your health.

The second one is when I was sitting on a bench, and there was no one around so I decided to listen to some music while waiting for my friend to come to pick me up. However, kept turning the volume up to a point that I couldn’t hear myself anymore and kept it this way. Then, I started to repeat the lyrics with my voice, and it was a little bit loud and didn’t know until a stranger kept staring at me from a distance as he was walking. I thought he might need something but when I took it off, he said “That wasn’t bad” haha.

Sometimes this can be a problem if you listening to music with high volume on a family or friends trip. I can imagine it because this already happened to me before. When the other tries to talk to you, and you don’t reply to them, and they get mad and just give you a slap on your head haha. I decided to change this habit and only do this when I’m home for just a few seconds or at maximum one minute and not for the entire song. There are so many situations which doing this can be a problem so I recommend turning it up to a decent volume as well to allow you to enjoy the song while keeping your attention to the surroundings.

The last one is not that long when my brother was partying in his room by listening to music with his headset thinking that he was having the best time of his life and doing a little bit of dancing in front of his desk. After a while, he stopped and got out while we were sitting on the couch watching and he goes “Oh my, my head hurts” then my other brother said to him “That was from partying too much” haha he laughed at himself because he thought no one was listening and it was loud and I’m like “bro, we were part of the party from here” haha.

One of the reasons you might get a headache is listening to music with high volume, which I highly don’t recommend it at all. Also, listening to music so much kinda will have a negative effect on your hearing which might lead to losing it. I usually turn my volume up to 40% if I’m listening to music and a little bit more if I’m watching movies on my laptop which I think its a decent volume for a normal otherwise, you can take it off and unplug the headset if you want to party so loud lol.

I’ve reached the end of this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading and got something. If you enjoyed, please subscribe to the blog through the subscription box below to receive future posts on time because as we move forward things always get better and more interesting. I’m still practicing doing entertaining and educational posts which I hope I’m doing good at it haha. Also, more amazing ideas coming in the future as well. Finally, I would like to know how do you like to listen to music? other than that, have a wonderful day!

Tips on Using a headset for listening to music and some funny moments


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