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Tips for Facebook marketing you should know today

Tips for Facebook marketing you should know today

Hello and welcome to another week in the last month of 2022. Today I’ve got another marketing post and it’s been a while, not to share something about marketing. This will be the first time to share about Facebook to help you market on it. And talk about tips for Facebook marketing to help you.

If you didn’t know, I was on Facebook and worked on it for a long time. As you keep reading, you will know about what happened. Also, some of the Facebook marketing tips can help you to grow and thrive. And I will share some more important points.

Tips for Facebook marketing you should know today

Well, I want to share something about Facebook and how I started. I know you want to get tips. But it’s better to understand how I got this information. Because for me, I would want to confirm if it’s coming from a random person or if someone knows what he/she does. Just a quick back story about it.

Believe it or not, I started blogging with my older brother. But he stopped and I kept going. We started working on Facebook. Both had two Facebook pages. And started getting an audience on both pages. As we had different niches.


Facebook had a different layout and settings before. I’m talking about 2 to 4 years ago. But now everything is different. If you are an old Facebook user, you will know about that.

Anyway, we spent a lot of time working on getting our Facebook page and growing it. However, my brother stopped blogging because he is a doctor. And these things weren’t his type of things to do. And I kept learning about it until today.

Benefits of marketing on Facebook:

  • So many groups you can join and participate in to grow your business
  • A universal platform which means for any niche.
  • You can find good blogging community to help you in the growth progress
  • There are so many people using Facebook each month
Laptop with Facebook opened.
Photo by Lisa Fotios

There are many reasons and benefits you can get from Facebook. And today I want to talk about marketing using the Facebook page. As you already know, you can create a page to promote your business. Maybe you can use the profile but you need to change from friends to followers.

I’m sure the list of tips to have effective Facebook marketing is endless. Therefore, I will start by sharing some of the main and important tips. This post will be updated with more amazing tips to help create and run a successful profile for your business. Subscribe to my email list to get the latest tips for Facebook marketing.

You will need to learn how to optimize your page or your profile. Because the word “optimize” is important in today’s marketing industry. It’s one of the main things in so many marketing strategies you will ever know. And today’s post will have some of that as well. That would include Facebook marketing strategies.

Extra important points:

  1. Facebook marketing takes a lot of effort and patience. So, make sure you develop patience and do your best.
  2. You can use the ad campaign to get more traffic once you have enough money. One of the best ways people use Facebook.

Make sure to have an attractive Profile picture and cover

Screenshot of a Facebook page
Screenshot of a Facebook page

Alright, I want to start with one of the things people need to focus on. And that would be the profile whether for your account. If you decide to use your account or maybe you want to create a page. The profile is very important. You need to make sure it’s attractive.

This is something I didn’t focus on it before. When I started working on Facebook, I added whatever. But nowadays, it’s a competition and you need to make sure to win. Getting people’s attention would be an attractive profile picture and cover.

Ways to have an attractive profile:

  • Using good profile pictures
  • Variety of colors
  • Creative graphics and design for the cover of your business page

Depending on the niche you have, make sure to design a good and attractive profile. Including the name of the business page. Social media nowadays now is filled with so many options. The best way to stand out is by being creative and attractive. So many ideas to have an attractive profile.

Include keywords in the description of the page, including the name of it

Screenshot of a Facebook page showing the description. Tips for Facebook marketing
Screenshot of a Facebook page showing the description

When you add the description of your page. Optimize it and add keywords people use to find stuff in your niche. Don’t stuff keywords because that would be a mess. Make sure to know more about how to write a good Facebook page description. You will be able to get people’s attention with that.

Also, make sure to include your page name. This actually works to get more people from searching. Customers coming from other platforms would easily find you. They just type the name of your business and find it at the top. Assuming your page name is your business name.

Check out more tips about influencer marketing if you want to be one on Facebook.

Optimize your Facebook business page to get more people. And if you are fresh to the Facebook marketing thing. Then, I highly recommend that you take time to learn about everything. Because you don’t want to start from zero in today’s marketing strategies. So many things to learn and it would take you a long time.

Explore and learn more about the tools

Screenshot of a Facebook page showing the too. Tips for Facebook
Screenshot of a Facebook page showing the too

You can’t just create a page and share content and that’s it. You will find a lot of tools and things when you start managing a Facebook page. Which means more things to do. Maybe you will find something to help more. And if nothing, you will have better knowledge about it in the future.

Facebook marketing is huge and there will be a lot of things to do and learn. So, it’s good to learn when you start. Make sure to write notes and revise them. This way, you won’t be confused when learning new things in the future. A good strategy is to learn as much as possible and not mix things to make them worse for you.

If you have a business and use Facebook as one of the media for it. Then, you will need to use probably more than one tool. Market content and run Ad campaigns which are important. There are so many things to do such as connecting with other social media platforms (Instagram, WhatsApp).

Share and engage in Facebook groups consistently

Screenshot of groups on Facebook
Screenshot of groups on Facebook

Next, you would need to share your Facebook page content on the groups. As I mentioned earlier, you have a huge number of groups on Facebook. You just need to get accepted first and do that. Maybe use your business page to join them. This way, it’s easy and fast to participate and engage with others. They can follow you as well.

It’s one of the best tips for Facebook marketing. And a lot of people use it to improve and promote. Some groups allow you to self-promote. But you will find groups that are just for anyone to hang out with. Maybe exchange knowledge. Make sure to read the rules and terms before you market anything.

This can be for social media marketing. Which means other media platforms can have this. And you can check which platforms have groups. For example, I know Twitter can create group chats, and people join. Great way to promote and share with each other.

Consider helping bigger pages in return to promote your page

Ok, I’m not sure if you can do this. But you can try to get an audience by being mods on other pages. This method which my brother also did. It helps a lot to get more followers because you exchange, but you will need to spend more effort on this. Because being a mod will take time and need to do things as well.

Q: Why is this good and one of the tips for Facebook marketing?

A: You are not only growing your business page. But improve your knowledge and learn more ways to optimize. So, there is more than one thing that is possible to get from doing this. Which can help with your Facebook marketing.

This is a Facebook marketing strategy you can use if you have free time. Maybe sometimes you can find the pages to be mods. If you find an active page that needs help, that would be good. Terms can be, helping them and in return, you promote your business page.

Conclusion of Tips for Facebook marketing you should know today

Tips for Facebook marketing you should know today
Pinnable picture for Pinterest

Thank you so much for reading until this point. Sharing some of the great tips to help you learn and improve your Facebook marketing. Businesses always use it to grow their traffic. So, why not using for your business? Create your first page and try to work on it.

Now, it’s your turn, tell me what you think of these tips. And what one thing do you add to the list that helped you? Let us know in the comment below and it could help people who read the comments.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list. You will receive awesome posts like this. And make sure to follow me on my social media. Find me on Twitter and Pinterest.


Tuesday 20th of December 2022

I'm really trying to understand Facebook more to get traffic but I'm finding it so difficult, so thank you for your post! I'm definitely going to come back to it to understand how to grow there more!

Fransic verso

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

I get it sometime is confused. Thank you for reading!


Sunday 11th of December 2022

I'm planning on spending a week on updating myself on FB marketing. Thanks for these tips, I'll start with my profile photo. I need to take my page up the next level if I want to make it.

Fransic verso

Monday 12th of December 2022

That's awesome, I'm glad I could offer you some tips to help with that.

Ntensibe Edgar

Saturday 10th of December 2022

Facebook marketing is always dynamic and I love that, the most! Thank you for these.

Fransic verso

Saturday 10th of December 2022

Yeah, marketing is great. Thank you for reading!


Friday 9th of December 2022

Facebook marketing is always changing. Thanks for sharing all of this great information. Very useful as a small business owner.

Fransic verso

Friday 9th of December 2022

True, it changed a lot since the last time when I was doing it daily.


Friday 9th of December 2022

We haven't paid much attention to Facebook marketing but after reading this post, looks like we'll have to do it soon.

Fransic verso

Friday 9th of December 2022

That's awesome. I'm sure you will do great there.