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Thursday with funny moments during a DIY project

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another post for this week. Yes, I’m back with more ideas and posts haha. It feels good working again and writing more because I feel like I’m used to writing now. And when you get used to something, leaving it for a while, it makes it exciting coming back to it. Anyways, this time there will be something I did a couple of times before, a chilling post what I call it. This is Thursday with funny moments during a DIY project

As you can read the title. I’m thinking to keep this as a weekly schedule for now. Because I think it’s fun and will help me with doing more projects that take a little longer and more effective while I have content on my blog haha. I feel like I have been lacking in doing awsome ideas due to the overload of tasks and things to do in my life.

I’m going to try my best to keep it going two posts a week haha. It’s been my goal for a while and I keep failing over and over. This time I will try to do it and make sure I don’t fail again haha.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this Thursday with funny moments during a DIY project. I might have done it before but not with this title because this time its be a regular thing haha.

About the post

This post will talk about funny moments that occurred during the process of doing my projects. Something we can enjoy reading on Thursday and allow me to keep the fun moments haha. One year later or more, I will read these moments and make fun of myself.

As I said, it’s going to be a chilly post, and if you want to read more and see my DIY content. You can head and check the recent project that I posted. Because you will see what did I make after all of this I’m going to say in this post. As they say, eventually things will come looking good and that applies to DIY projects haha.

I’m going to take photos of the funny things that happen during the project and share it with you guys for entertainment purposes. This was a late idea which means there are not that many pictures for this post. But starting from this post. I will try my best to make you guys laugh haha.

Thursday with funny moments during a DIY project

As serious as someone can be during a DIY project, there should be something that makes him giggle. Even though you don’t need to be so serious because it meant to entertain you and not create more difficult times for you.

I can imagine myself being so serious during a project. After a few minutes, I do a mistake and look at again, and can’t hold the laugh because of the mistake I made haha. As you will see in the post and then, your seriousness will break.

Maybe after a while, I can make a book of these moments haha. Then, I make videos out of it which have many ways to remind myself of how idiot I was during a project haha.

Alright, starting this post with something I wanted to say since last week. When I got this idea of writing posts like these. Because it happened a lot of times in every project. However, there is no picture of this moment but as I said, I will try to capture as many as I can.

If you don’t know I work with cardboard and papers. This means I use scissors a lot during all my projects. It’s unlikely that I’m not going to use less than one time in each one. But when I finish with it, I put it at a certain place to reach it quickly. However, sometimes when I’m in a rush or something and I throw it almost anywhere. It takes me a few minutes to find it haha.

The funny thing is that sometimes you think you don’t know where is it for a few minutes when it’s within your sight lol. I’m lucky that I work only because I only make fun of myself all the time. However, it would’ve been a good laugh for the other person who works with me haha. As it happens sometimes more than once.

Next, I’m going to mention something funny it almost happens every project like the previous moment. I’m sure this might last for a while because of my shaky hands. But it’s all good because it can be fixed easily haha. I’m going to use the picture above as a demonstration.

Anyway, as you can see in the picture above. I added color to the center of the star. You might not notice anything but the color. However, some funny things happen before that which sometimes can be a pain for me haha.

I set a width of the line that I need to add the color to it. However, when I start coloring, my shaky hands keep going up and down haha. Which then, I need to adjust the width lol. In the end, it becomes wider than I wanted to be which looking it makes me laugh.

The last moment I want to talk about is something also been happening with me every project. I also talked about it in some of my previous projects. So I think it would be a good idea to share it here with you guys.

I’m not sure if this happens to everyone but it does to me. What happens is that I get carried on with the project and forget to take pictures of the items and steps. So when I pass a step and already glued the item, looking that I don’t have a picture of it, makes me upset but also laugh for being stupid lol.

These moments don’t happen intentionally otherwise, it won’t be funny lol. However, I try my best to avoid it and make everything as perfect as I can. As the quote says, nothing is going to be perfect haha.


Alright, this is it for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Even though it’s not that long but as I keep writing more of it. I’m sure it will be better. I would love to know your thoughts on these moments and have you been through any of it or any other funny ones, Comment it in the comment section. Also, follow my twitter for more updates and the latest posts. Have a great day!

Thursday with funny moments during a DIY project

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