Things may happen while playing games that makes you laugh a lot, Hilarious post!

Hello beautiful people all around the world, and welcome to a new day with another post. I used to do an intro and outro for my blog posts like it was something I present in real life haha, you know like a presentation or something like that. Then, decided that I need to try something new without doing such a thing, but I failed, and I keep doing it from time to time lol. It wasn’t actually a problem as long as I was going to do a new intro for each post because it won’t be a good idea to do the same intro for most of the posts in blogging but I wanted to try other ways.

Things may happen while playing games that makes you laugh a lot, Hilarious post!

I was trying to combine gaming with blogging, and I finally came to a decision to do a post about funny and hilarious moments while playing video games, and this what you will be reading through this post. I think we can imagine how many stuff could happen while playing games that would be so funny because I, MYSELF, love playing since I was a kid, and had almost every console on the same year it comes out and new games.

It could be funnier if I talk about funny moments that happen inside the game while playing with maybe screenshots of them and there will be so many to mention. However, I’m not doing this on a post yet instead, It will be out of the games and funny stuff that happens to us while playing games because that’s what is in my mind for a while and I’m not trying to make it specifically for gamers, you know haha. As usual, we are here for entertainment and not being serious, and so lay back with your coffee and hope you enjoy it.

What I like about this idea is that it could be with online games(competitive) or just normal gameplay stories. However, as of my experience, haha, most funny moments come with players who are more focused on what they do during the game because it would end up with funny reactions that would be when playing competitively or serious mission on gameplay. How many people here love playing video games? I’m curious how many bloggers do!

Also, this will be like the previous ones which I will be talking with perspective from a third party and not taking things seriously as a player though it won’t be funny while having intense gameplay or 1v1 match and get your game interrupted by someone else unless you used to it haha because that will mostly end up being mad or angry once it happens. There will be a different reaction if the player is solo during such a moment and won’t have to end up being mad or angry.

Anyways, I think this is enough talking about the posts and let’s get right into it. It’s like holding a team standing outside the room while the door closed trying to explain the rules and everything before opening it haha. There will be some people of the team will be like ‘Okay, I already know everything lets just get inside and do it’ while the person who is in charge trying to explain and I’m sure this will happen to everyone who reads a boring intro for the post on any blog haha. Yeah, that was good haha lol thank you!.

I would like to start with one of the solo funny moments that would happen while playing is when you are really into a game and just enjoying every single second, but after a few minutes, the screen just turns black and you are looking right and left trying to figure out what went wrong, and find out that it was you who did it haha. However, not sure if this still exists in this world haha because it’s one of the old things and for people who put their Monitor or T.v screen close to them because you will be close to the cables which of course, I did it several times before haha and you will most likely do something that causes this thing lol.

As of right now, I’m sure we keep everything organized and play far from the screens in the living room or wherever it could be, but still, if the console is close to me, I would push the turn off button by accident and freaks out thinking that something happens and then give my forehead a high five laughing at myself haha. I’m not going to lie, I did this recently because I have the console on my desk while I play close to the T.v. I remember one time that I got mad on my brother thinking he did while it was me haha lol.

I mean it would be too old if I talk about suddenly turning off the T.v while someone playing because I’m not sure if it actually still happening. However, it never gets too old when having a 1v1 gameplay or even just playing a mission and someone of your family walk by in front of you and you get distracted and thought you lost the match thinking it was because of whoever it is and throw the controller away, but actually, the match still going or you haven’t lost the mission yet until you realize it and try to catch up with everything, but you lose lol haha.

I remember them telling me that I still got it once it this happened before, but then lose it, and actually get mad haha. Sometimes I still get it though and then, won’t turn as funny as if  I don’t get it which would impress everyone around me for how good player I am lol.

Usually, I do three funny moments and this time we will get enough with two because I’m not really feeling well this week. Also, since it’s a new idea to the blog, I want to test it out and would love to hear your opinion and feedback on it. I will be looking for new ideas and amazing ways to entertain you guys, but I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please make sure to not promote your blog name if you are a blogger because it’s against the policies for this blog, and if you enjoyed it, share the love to make others people’s day and subscribe to the blog through the email subscription below, thank you so much!

Things may happen while playing games that makes you laugh a lot, Hilarious post!
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