Things I always check after packing for a trip

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Things I always check after packing for a trip

Alright, so I’m going to start by mentioning things that I always check before going on a trip and after packing everything. When I pack everything, whether quickly or not, I have to check that I have got all the things because sometime who knows? I might think its all packed and it’s not.

Also, I will mention some of the things you need to prepare for the trip before leaving to the airport and going to the destination.

So I will mention the things I check when I pack for a trip and hopefully, you guys can enjoy and get something from it or also you can share your thoughts on it as well.

My suitcase
I always check my suitcase when I finish packing it and make sure that I packed all the necessary clothes because sometimes we as humans, we tend to forget and checking will ensure that I have not forgotten anything.

I put my backpack in my suitcase when traveling because that would save a lot of space and struggles during the trip to the destination and always I make sure to have it in my suitcase as well. Also, I take extra chargers for my phone in case I lose one or not working because I don’t want to spend a lot of money during the trip.

A real moment

I made a quick trip with my friends and I packed everything quickly. When we arrived at our destination and got a hotel, I started unpacking my suitcase and found that I forget my backpack and I had to buy one because we needed.

My phone
I always check that I have my phone before leaving the house and mostly I also check that my phone is fully charged and that will save me a lot of struggles and keep it alive during the flight because I always listen to music when I’m on the plane with my phone or in the airport waiting in the line. Also, It allows me to play games for a few minutes because you know playing games on the phone would take the battery life.

I also use my phone to take some quick pictures in the airport or on the plane and it takes battery life. So I have to make sure that my phone is fully charged to not miss any good quick shot during the trip.

A real moment:

This is recent and it was my latest trip. I went on a trip to visit my brother and when I went to sleep before going on the trip, I forget to charge the phone and the trip was early in the morning. The phone was about 40 percent and the phone didn’t last for long, but luckily I had my power bank to charge it.

My camera bag
I always put my camera in a bag when traveling, but when I arrive at my destination I put my camera in my backpack along with the other stuff. This is one of the most important things that I can’t forget, but I do forget to charge the batteries for the camera and I always make sure to charge the batteries before I go to sleep. For example, If I will travel in the morning, then I would have to charge the battery before I sleep or in the daytime.

A real moment:

I don’t really remember if did forget to charge the battery or forget to take the camera with me because as I said, this is one of the most important things I would take with me in the trip. However, I have forgotten to bring an extra battery for the camera and that was a little bit of a struggle but we managed to get one.

Alright, I think I have mentioned most of the things should be checked before packing as a traveler which I do every time I travel and also shared some related real moments on each of one that has happened to me before in my life. I think Mentioning the real moments was a good thing to make the post more entertained, but I’m looking for your thoughts on this and did you enjoy it?. But if you think I have forgotten something mention, please comment down below.

I’m looking for more development in the future for the topics or niches in the blog and I will try to make it more enjoyable and fun to read. Also, I will be posting good entertaining posts in each of the topics in this blog and do new ideas.

Alright, we have come to an end for this post and I really hope you guys liked this post and if you did please stay tuned for the next one. Thank you so much for reading till this point and I really appreciate it, Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on this post and what I mentioned, Also, I would like to know if you had an experienced with any of these things so comment it down below and wish you have a great day and happy moments until the next post.

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