The trick or treat day in October and funny things

Just in case, I wrote this a couple days ago in October before Halloween, but I got issues with internet and I couldn’t post it. So I’m posting today and then we can start over for the next month which what we are right now. I hope you enjoy it.

Hello beautiful people. This time we are back with a new style for the blog. I’ve got everything changed but it’s still on the process of improvement because there are some things that needed to be fixed. I would appreciate some feedback on the new blog style in the comment below.

I’ve listed all of my social media profiles in the sidebar with a new style and I’m proud of myself because I managed to add most of them on my own. I figured out something different this time which I never knew before and it helped me to manage to make it look like this. If I ever want to add any new social media profile, it will be so easy that will take few seconds to add because I spent hours figuring it out.

The trick or treat day in October and funny things

Something new I added to the blog which I never did before, added a footer section for my Instagram and blogger profile(this only for Google users which is like where you can get latest posts on a news feed but only in blogger. Also, another option of how to follow me on Instagram but more attractive.

You know, I’m not that person who likes to share pictures of his family and friends on the internet and I never did before. I don’t have a camera as well, but I’m thinking to draw pictures for every post I write and share it instead of our own pictures and this is what I’m still working on and hopefully soon, I could be able to add more colors to the picture of my blog with photos.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the funny things that happen on trick or treat day. I’m sure there are some people have gone at least through one of what will be mentioned in this post. However, you may find something that never happens to anyone because my family is kinda weird sometimes and like to do weird stuff.

The most exciting day for the kids in October is the day when they get out with their costumes on and doing trick or treat. However, There is a lot of things happen other than just going out for a candy which kinda funny to remember as we grow up old.

You may go outside the house with your family and see the weird looking costume that someone wearing and walking in the street and you be like “Oh my.. is that even a Halloween costume?”. I think Halloween costumes fall into “creepy costumes” category but not weird. I’ve seen some wearing Ninja which made think is Ninja going to be one of the October characters one day. Like, is he really creepy character?.

Something I think it’s funny is when we get out as a group in the trick or treat day, we don’t recognize ourselves by who we are but by the costumes we wear. Sometimes, I just wonder how it will be easy to know the person that get something that fully covers himself. There is a chance he gets lost between all the people around and then it will be hard to find him. Like, you have to go through every costume around. I think you would need to say ‘Hey..’ and then whoever is lost to most of the people around.

Halloween last year, we decided to do something weird and it kinda worked. We tried to be pumpkin men for trick or treat where we curved the pumpkins to make it go inside our heads and go out. In the night, we made some light inside which made it light up and somehow it worked and everyone was looking at us.

I think nowadays Halloween is friendly which you rarely get scared at this day. The old days when you are in this day and your heart beating just like supercar racing, beating so fast from the creepy stuff happens and jump scares. You experience one of these October movies in real life and feel like you really in October.

I wouldn’t call it a perfect Halloween if there is no scary stuff happens on the trick or treat day or any day before. However, I didn’t know about silly stuff that could be creepy jumps and happen to someone that is my brother. He was walking the little wooden stair to go knock on the door and a kitty cat just jumped off toward him from under the stair haha and that scared him so bad. I think she gave him a Halloween gift before getting the candy.

You wouldn’t think that trick or treat would be somehow a competition, but I tell you that it such a competition for kids. They always get candies, but there is someone gets the most among the family which should happen every time and then he is happy like he won the noble prize. I’ve felt this when I was a kid and I felt like a rich king of a castle.

Alright, I hope you had a little chuckle on this post. I wanted to make this post for trick or treat day in October and I’m sure if I did well or not, but I hope so. if you have any suggestion or feedback, please share it in the comment section. Also, make sure to follow me in my social media for recent posts and subscribe to my blog as well to get the latest posts through emails.

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