The secrets of writing as a blogger discussion

Hello everyone and welcome to another post on the blog. Today I would like to post a new idea I’ve been thinking of lately. This may be a new idea, but we may have few people who have done it Already. I’m going to talk about it first, and then we will go further into it, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

The new idea is about communicating and helping each other. People from all over the world look for answers to their questions, some people want to solve something, but they struggle with finding the way how it could be fixed. I, Myself have a lot of things in my mind that I want to figure it out and learn more about.

Imagine a community of tons of people sharing their thoughts and things to help others. This is what the idea about and I’m going to explain how I will be doing it. I think it’s not about the idea, but how it represented. This is one of the things that we need to work on and develop as we grow.and go further.

The secrets of writing as a blogger discussion

The topics for this idea will be about bloggers for now, but as I mentioned, I will be looking for new development as I keep posting. I would like to start this idea with a topic called ‘The secrets of writing as a blogger’. It’s obvious that this post going to be about writing and I’m going to share my thoughts, experiences, and other things.

Here how is the idea will be, I will be talking about a topic in the post and then we share thoughts and opinions, experiences, and knowledge with each other. This way will help us as a community to improve ourselves and get better in certain things. There are more ideas in the future such as, how things should be done, how things should go in our life.

As a writer/blogger, there is something that I call ‘The magic of the word’ which is actually true because there are so many ways we can write and draw a picture and have an impact on us. This is what we going to discuss in today’s post. I think there are more things other than what we know generally about a word or a sentence.

We can draw a picture using words and every person have its own way of doing so. Speaking the word would be easier than writing it on a paper because there are secrets we don’t know about, but as new writers, we think there is nothing. At least, this is what I learned from my experiences through my blogging journey.

If you see a good drawing you would say that’s art and I would totally agree with that, but what if I say that everything is art, would you agree with me?. People missing the right meaning or in another word the deep meaning of the word ‘art’. When something is done in a good way that’s art because, for me, art is something done in good, perfect, and with paying attention to different aspects.

Let me take the writing as an example to clarify it. For example, when someone writes an article about a car and the person did a good job on expressing what he thinks, and gave a perfect description of it. Also, he didn’t forget about the grammar and has a good spelling. I would say that this person has the art of writing.

The writing is connected with speaking because we write what we say and therefore, the art of speaking going to be the same as the writing. You can’t actually write something without reading it which will make you speak it. I always tend to speak while blogging and I can’t stop it because it is within me as a blogger from the beginning of my journey.

I’ve gone through blogs and I found that every blogger has its own way of drawing the picture of the paragraph and expression. There is no wrong way of writing except, the mistakes in spelling and grammar obviously. I think we could call it something different than the ‘wrong’ word which is two types, a good way, and a better way.

A good way would be the normal way which most people use in general. The better way I would say the one which people do their best to sound and be pro in their writing. For me, I always tend to do my best in my writing and figure which sentence is better for expressing and drawing the paragraph in a perfect picture.

Do you think there are specific types of ways for the writing? Do each of us have the name of it? I’m not sure about mine, though, we can name it based on how and what we write I guess. I think we should have since we all different in ways. I’m trying to sound like I talk to people through the post and not only write when I blog.

Alright, this is the end of this discussion or post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this and your opinions. Everything in this post is a just my opinions and thoughts on the topic and you don’t have to hate anything if it’s not what you know or knew before because it’s only my thoughts and you can share yours. Also, I would love to hear what you guys think of this idea? do you find it helpful?.

I think its the best way to build a helpful community and I want to make this idea is part of my blog. You may find it somewhere else, but it’s not about the idea as I said because the difference comes in how it’s done and we will work hard to develop it.


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