The jeans outfit and why I don’t wear it too much!

Since I started talking about outfits on my blog, I thought why not doing this post and sharing my reason of why I don’t wear jeans outfits so much and show you the outfit that’s been in my closet for too long, but still new and fresh because I don’t really wear it too much during the day or in the normal days. I have only worn it once since I bought it and hopefully, I find a good use for it because I really feel bad for not using since I got it.
I think this is a good move to add the outfits talk topic and make a discussion out of it and looking for doing more of these posts in the future and I got awesome ideas for this topic. Actually, there is more coming in the near future and I would be happy to share with you and blog about. I hope you guys enjoy this topic.
Alright, so I called this ‘The jeans outfit’ because it has jeans and today I’m going to discuss why I don’t wear it too much by giving you my thoughts and opinion on this type of outfits. You can drop your though, as well in the comment section below that would be awesome and looking forward to knowing your thoughts and opinions.
The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!
I want to clear that I don’t hate jeans and it looks good wearing, but I have something in me that I don’t like to wear something tight. I’m going to go through everything and explain it in details so you guys can understand why and more. Before starting this post in case you missed the DIY post that I made, you can check the flame envelope and card that I did and it was custom made which pretty cool.
Anyway, I’m going talk about the top of this outfit before talking about the jeans and mention why I don’t wear too much. I don’t know what it’s really called, but it’s more like a jacket or something like that has buttons and a logo on the left side which it looks cool, I’m going to show a picture of it below so you can know what I’m talking about.
The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!
What I really like about this is the colors are matched and looking good because the white and blue come the best and this one has like a dark blue. I can wear it without the jeans as well, but wouldn’t be looking good without it though I have tried wearing it with other pants and it looked fine but it wasn’t really better than the jeans.
The two blue lines on the sides are looking good and it makes it look more awesome. I’ve had two options when I bought this, but I decided to get this instead of the other one because this one looks better. However, There are too many buttons which kinda annoying because it rains, it’s good and awesome look, but since they would be hidden, I don’t think that would be such a big case to pay attention to.
I don’t know about this, but I like to go to the clothing store with someone and I usually go with friends or my brothers, but when I got this outfit I was with my dad and he was impressed when he saw it and this is one of the things that convinced me to buy it. I also showed my brothers and they think it looks good.
You know Time when going to clothing store will be long unless you would just go there for a quick look around because deciding on which one to take is kinda hard because there are a lot of options and you get lost looking for a good one. I would spend at least half hour looking for a good outfit and if the store big then walking around adds up and if there more than one getting clothes that would be too long.
I would like to know how much time do you guys spend when going to a clothing store, recently I and my cousin went to just do like a quick look around and that was like 15 minutes. I don’t really pay attention to the time, but for curiosity.
Anyway, now I’m going to talk about the jeans that I got and I think jeans would work with most of the T-shirts or any tops like jumpers. This is black jeans because if there is a light color, there must be a dark color and the white consider as a light color while the black is dark which suitable and this is actually how I usually pick colors for the outfits.
The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!
Most jeans are tight and therefore it will not be comfortable for me and this is the first reason. I want to be free in my movements when walking around or going anywhere or even sitting with jeans is a bit difficult unless you are going to sit on a chair or something like that and it’s not going to be fully comfortable.
The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!
When going out with friends, I have to pick some of the stuff such as my phone and since the jeans tight, I can’t put my phone in my pocket and if I did, it will be difficult to get it out and this upsets me and this is the second reason. I need to feel and be comfortable when going outside the house and anywhere.
Wearing the jeans mean you can only do a few things, but when wearing other stuff such as trousers, I can run and even play quick football or basketball because sometimes when I hang out with my cousins or friends and we end up in a stadium or a pitch and we go for a quick game with other players and wearing jean won’t allow me to do so.
I’m not saying that I hate the jeans, but I will be limited to doing little things when going out during the normal day and also not feeling fully comfortable and because of that, I don’t really like to wear it that much even when going to occasions or anything like that. If I would be asked to go for a job interview or anything like that, I would wear a good outfit that doesn’t include jeans and it doesn’t have to be a jeans outfit actually.
Anyway, this is all for today’s post and thank you for reading, don’t forget to give this post a feedback, also, would love to know how much time do you spend when shopping for clothes and other than that have a great day and lovely moments.

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