The gym outfit ‘The human body at the gym’

Hello everyone and welcome to another post on the blog. Since I have started adding new topics to the blog, I didn’t have the time for writing about old posts. Today, I’m going to get back to the outfit talks and talk about an outfit that I wanted to write about since the previous month.

I decided to start going to the gym and build my body because I felt like I’m not in a good shape of my body like before when I was strong and no one would be able to put me on the ground. Also, My friends were impressed of me when I was able to lift almost everything they thought they can’t.

As the time pass, I started getting weaker and weaker because of all the life assignments and stuff that I worry about when growing up. You know, the more we grow, the more important things we have to do. We stopped playing soccer a long time ago which allows me to stay home without doing anything in my free time and actually, I don’t get that much of a free time now. This means we don’t enjoy our life like we used to do before when we were kids and do stuff that helps our body to keep it in a good shape such as playing hide and seek and run with top speed.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

Also, I’m not doing a great job on my health. I don’t eat as much as before which kinda got me a bit weak on energy. I always think about stuff and worry about things in life and this one especially is the reason why I’m in the current shape because it harms the human body.

Anyway, I’m going to talk about a topic I call it ‘The human body at the gym”. I will talk about some things that our body need from the gym and why we should really start going to it. I would like write my opinions on this and I hope you will enjoy reading it and of course, you can share yours as well.

Since the outfit in this post related only to the gym and I only wear when I go the gym I thought it will be a good idea to talk about this topic instead of talking about the outfit itself.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

I’m going to start with why we should go to the gym more often. I think we don’t have to go the gym unless we need to build muscles, but it’s my reason for why we need the gym. My reason for going to it is because I need to keep my strength on a good level and the shape of my body. I mean, I could keep it on a level if I do stuff that requires tasks like the gym equipment. For example, people who work on lifting things or doing similar stuff to that.

As for today, I believe that we could have a gym in our houses, but that would be only for people who can effort it. Still, you can do training and practice with other stuff in the house that has the same task with a different tool. People started using chairs, sticks, and tables to train their body and it’s pretty good and just the same result.

If you just started going to the gym or training in the house, it will be your worse days because your muscles will hurt so bad. You need to keep training and don’t stop when the pain begins and after few days all the pain you got will fade away. This is what happened to me in my first days at the gym.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

One of the most important tip that I got it myself and I follow it, is that I don’t drink so much water. I understand we workout hard and a lot which would make us very thirsty, but still, it will not be good to drink so much water because that will make you weaker and lazy. I only drink few sips of water even if I worked out a lot and I’m very thirsty.

My cousin thinks that he can only go to the gym if there is someone will go with him because he won’t have inspiration. I don’t think people would be the inspiration, but it will be more fun to have a people with you and have competitors. However, The reason why you want to go is the only inspiration to make the decision of whether you go or not because if the person leaves then you can’t continue which is not really good.

I hope she is not reading this, but the actual reason for why I started going to the gym, is because I’m going to meet my best friends soon, and I’m embarrassed to meet them in the current shape of my body. I think you haven’t read my first post on this blog where I mention my travel plan for the year and stated that I’m going to meet my friends on this year. I’m working on it so hard, hopefully, this will work as planned. Wish me luck.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

Most people tend to use a headset with loud music to get a motivation and I think it’s normal, but loud music is not good for the ears. I recommend using low sound volume even if you still hear people around because that’s not really good for your ear’s health. I’ve done it several times and I get a headache every time and sometimes won’t be able to hear well.

Alright, I think we have come to an end for this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I did not talk that much about the gym, however, I mentioned some of the things that I wanted to talk about. By the way, I didn’t get to talk about the outfit but the top says ‘Just do it’ which is a good motivational quote to remind you to just do it and don’t settle or stop. Also, I’ve got a new topic coming up next and I’m excited to share it with you guys. Anyways, Have a great day till then.


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