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The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card

Hello and welcome to another post this week. So far I’m going well with the new schedule and no issue at all. Except now that I need to maintain the consistency. It will be challenging, but I hope I got it haha. Anyway, in this week’s second post, I’m also going to write about another Christmas project, but it’s a gift idea this time. This is The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card.

I think I started doing Christmas projects and ideas late, and maybe I won’t be able to do more. Because I just noticed that the month is almost done and Christmas day is in a few days. This month flew by so fast and I’m enjoying doing these projects haha. Like I said in my previous post I might not be able to do all the ideas I have.

However, I’m a little bit sad because I still have another gift card that I wanted to post. But I’m not sure it will be a convenient time after Christmas day haha. I will keep you updated about this in my future posts but for now, we have an envelope and gift card to make haha.

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About the post

Like every year on this month. I have to do gift ideas and projects related to Christmas. And I like to do the envelope and gift card because it would be a good gift for this season. Also, I like doing new styles and designs from one year to another, you know. But this time, I kinda messed it up and it did not end up as I wanted. I’m still going to share it anyway and would like to know what you think.

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I did my projects with normal A4 but for this one. However, I will use thick paper which I did every envelope with I made before. I don’t think it would be a good idea to make them with normal A4 as it is not strong enough, you know haha.

I had a good and stylish envelope and gift card this time, but for some reason, everything suddenly went differently. And I had to change and go with what you guys will see in this post. So I got a little sad but all good. There is always another Christmas, you know. I’m going to share it with you guys like I said and it still looks good and can be used.

The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card

This is going to be another tutorial that shows steps and the finished look of it. Unlike the previous post which is about the 3D Christmas tree, this one is not that long. And I’m going only to use paper for this one without the cardboard.

The envelope front and back sides. The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card

I’m going to jump right into the tutorial and start with the first and most important step. Actually, for this, I’m not going to use a lot of things. But more cutting and coloring, you know. Like I said earlier, I’m going to use thick paper. As you can see in the picture above shows.

Make in mind when you want to cut two sides, make sure that you fold the paper in half and cut them at once. This way, you get both front and back the same measures. I will talk about it in the next post. Mistakes that happens during doing the DIY project.

The front of the envelope with drawings. The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card

Next, I want to make sure that everything is perfect. So I drew the things I wanted to do on this envelope. The picture above shows the front of it by the way. Also, here where everything was changed and I had to go with it. Because I had no choice.

The half-circle lines on the papers were meant to be a red paper rope. Which I was going to glue on top of the lines that I drew. That way, it adds good decoration to the envelope, but things didn’t go as planned. Please keep reading to find out what happened haha.

The middle is meant to be a Christmas tree and this went as planned. However, the way I wanted it to add more to it which kinda was little diffcult to do because there were some things I didn’t pay attention to before starting.

The Christmas tree on the front. The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card

As you can see in the picture. I also drew the Christmas tree because.. how it can have the Christmas vibes without the tree, you know haha. And I’m talented yet to cut it without drawing it haha. I was debating with myself whether I make it to the bottom or not because it would ruin the look. But I did it to the bottom as you can see haha. However, I had to glue the bottom to make sure it.

Look at the picture and snap your figures to get the tree cut and scroll down.

The tree cut.

Boom!! We have a Christmas tree on the front of the envelope. As you can see the bottom disconnected the two sides of the tree. But I glue it later when I glued the front and back. So far this is how I planned for the front but then, I tried to make the decoration for the tree and things weren’t as expected.

The envelope ready without colors

So I glued the two sides of the envelope from the edges and bottom. Because The top will be the way to put the gift card inside it. Well, this is the most basic way. But I thought the decoration will make difference and add more to it. What do you guys think of it so far?

Well, now I only have to show you guys what I ended up on this envelope. The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card. well, it’s not the best I wanted to be. However, it’s something that is quick and easy to do for this season. If you want to gift someone a gift card. I’m going to do better on the next occasion and make a better one.

Alright, here we go guys! The finished look of the envelope!!

The finished look of the envelope.

Boom!!! As you can see in the picture above. The finished look of this easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card. Instead of doing a paper rope, I used the color red. Since my tree’s decoration didn’t come out as planned. Well, I just went with doing Christmas ornaments using colors haha.

I also added the tree on the card. And the text on the card can be written on the sides, right and left. You can choose any tree decoration you want. And what suits your style. Anyway, I want to know your thoughts on this even it’s not the best haha. Please share your comments below.


So as usual, I have come to the end of this post. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this idea, please. I’m going to share more awesome ideas and good post ideas in the future. Make sure to subscribe to the blog or follow me on WordPress, please. It means a lot to me and I would really appreciate it. I also share my latest posts on Twitter, if you want to follow me there, that would be awesome.

The easy and simple DIY Christmas envelope and gift card


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