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The coins wardrobe/cabinet to help keep them in one place

It’s been since Christmas I haven’t posted anything. I want to take the time to say that I hope you had a great Christmas and got good presents this year. Sometimes Santa brings good stuff. Doing decoration and things that could be gifted was fun as well. I’m so excited already and looking to do more next time which will be for this year. I’m going to talk about The coins wardrobe/cabinet to help keep them in one place.


Also, I can’t believe we are already in the new year, it’s like every day starts and ends so quick nowadays. 2019 was a wonderful year and I hope everyone ready to make this year better. I’m not into having yearly resolutions, but I do need to start it off strong. That would be my only goal and go bigger on my goals because it’s time for a huge success. Anyways, happy new 2020 year to everyone!


I’m sorry for not posting anything as you all know. I was so distracted with things in the past days. I wanted this to be my last post for the last year, but I guess it will be the first one in 2020. Because I intended to end it simple and start 2020 strong. Which is what I’m planning for my post next. Also, since I didn’t have enough DIY posts in the last year. I’m going to start writing articles of my top favorite ideas starting from this year which will be in the last month of it.



About the idea

Anyways, I got a story to tell before going deep into today’s post. If you have ever gone through a life experience where everything could go south so quick in the middle of a process. That’s what happened to me for this project. I had great plans for this idea, but something happened and changed the whole thing. You will learn more about it as you go on with reading on how everything was built in this post.

I wanted to make a small good looking coins wardrobe/cabinet which we can open it like a real one(pull and push) and store the coins in it. However, it wasn’t that bad, but not as I imagined though. Everything was working so well until a certain point and that’s where I had to do the change and made it as what you will see. I didn’t want to post this because I didn’t like it so much, but since I spent a lot of time on this idea, I thought at least share it and see what you guys would think of it.


The coins wardrobe/cabinet

The coins wardrobe/cabinet

This is the final look of the coins wardrobe/cabinet. As you can see that everything was made from boxes sheets and papers as usual. I didn’t want to add so many colors to this because it would ruin it, but it wasn’t planned to make it blue and white hahaha which turns to be so good.

It’s funny because there are two types of things that will happen unexpectedly. The things you might like and things that you wish didn’t happen at all. I think I got both while doing this project and was lucky that it still worked and still can be used for the same purpose after all the messes I got.


This project consists of three parts which the top, middle, and bottom. As for the top, I used ruble coins in case anyone wants to know about it. I made each holder from scratch as you can see how a bit messy they are haha. The middle and bottom are where the real work was and the main parts of this idea.

The top without the coins

The top without the coins

This is how it looked before finishing up with the top. It was meant to be closed from the top and I wanted to use it to indicate every spot of each coin as they facing the sky, but since that’s not possible I had to make it as shown in the picture above. I thought I could at least make it open and close from the top, but it was a difficult way to do that in this situation which leads us currently how it looks and that still good.

For some reason, I forgot to take photos of the coins holders to show you how I did it, but I guess it’s obvious from the previous picture. Sometimes I rush to finish things up because I get carried on during the process and sometimes I feel nervous that it won’t work and forget lol.

The middle part

The inside of the wardrobe

This is what it looks like from the inside where the coins will be stored. And made it with enough space to hold a lot of coins. However, it’s not meant to only keep them for a long time. If you want to use it for saving money with coins too. I recommend using them daily or whenever you need them. As long as you keep space for more coins you will get, everything will be good.


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The middle part uncovered

The middle part uncovered

Here is how it looks before closing the front and adding the top. It might seem easy but I had to do some engineering work. So the wardrobe can hold as many coins as it can otherwise, everything will fall apart at some points. However, we are just getting started with the real work which took the most time during the process. There might be few mistakes with measures and it’s because everything was changed, but I couldn’t throw it all away. With some fixes, it can still be used with the same purpose, you know.

The bottom uncovered

The bottom uncovered 

Here comes the reveal of what’s behind the blue cover haha. This is worked so well and was planned from the start by the way. If you want something to hold heavy stuff, you need to build a base. I think it kinda fits as a quote haha but I think it’s a rule of engineering.


The bottom was used to create the base for each section of the wardrobe and everything was working so well until the moment I started getting things together and wanted to let it open by pulling and closing by pushing. However, it got stuck and sometimes don’t move at all. I spent a lot of time figuring out a way to fix it. But it was nearly impossible because there were some mistakes I made that required to start over. I couldn’t do that as I ran out of time. I will do an upgrade very soon and I will make sure to avoid these mistakes. For now, this is good and I’m going to use it.



You might notice that I presented this differently and that’s called the reverse presentation lol. I’m not sure if anyone heard this before. But I made that up to show this project. Since it didn’t work as planned and this will be the last step of it. I’m looking forward to sharing with you my next amazing project. Which, I’m pretty sure you guys will love it, but we are going to find out next time.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and had a wonderful start of the year. If you want to read more awesome posts like this and even better, subscribe through Email or follow my blog. Also, I would love to know what you guys think of this post. If there is anything else you could’ve done to this project to make it better, what would it be?


The coins wardrobe/cabinet to help keep them in one place


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