Talking about socks and things we may do while wearing it which is funny

We are starting a new week and I hope you had an amazing weekend and ready to start it very well. Always make sure that you are resting a lot and having only good times during these times if you are a person who works during weekdays because it will help you to fuel up and make you ready to rock it. However, people who don’t have such a thing, you are good to work as hard as it could get and whenever you want haha.

Talking about socks and things we may do while wearing it which is funny
Can we pause for a second and just celebrate our goals achievements for this month? whatever that you planned to get done this month and accomplished it, you are in a great start and I’m so proud of everyone that did it. However, don’t stop because we are just about to hop into another train, but feel free to lay down and refill the energy for a couple days until the next trip starts haha aka the next month. If you still haven’t finished it yet, well, you have time still and I believe in you and your ability to get it done in the next couple days or next month.
I would like to talk about something that we wear during winter or anytime we need to avoid the cold floor which is socks. Yes, it was a nice intro to this post with the beginning of this paragraph, and I’m not going to mention information about it or anything because we are here for entertainment. However, will be sharing some thoughts of mine that I think it will be interesting which is I wanted to talk about since I decided to write this post.
Talking about socks and things we may do while wearing it which is funny
The length of the socks it matters to me, especially, during the winter season because sometimes when the weather gets so cold, we need to slide the edge of the pants under the socks if it’s small haha. However, it will be sometimes an issue to keep it that way when stretching too much which is why I only like to wear long socks even when I want to put my pants under the socks, it won’t be a problem at all. I usually like to wear up to half of my leg when I’m home and it can be warm in the inside which helps if I decide to get the small version and but in this post, I will be showing the small one which I recently got and it’s up to my ankle and I got two them.
Sometimes we get thin socks for winter and wonder why it still feels cold when we have it on, well, That’s at least me haha which sometimes I can’t tell the reason right away, but figure it out after a few seconds or maybe a minute, and then it’s time for the double layer socks. It’s like calling for help and the other pair be like ‘I got you, come here’, you know, just adding a dramatic scene haha. However, I would recommend one thick pair would be amazing and save you the time of taking it off when going to sleep or after it gets warm.
Talking about socks and things we may do while wearing it which is funny
Also, something in my opinion that is not worth taking thin socks for winter is that when you wash several times or after time of using, it will start to have holes where the toes are because it won’t be able to hold together when you want to wear sandals with and still have socks on your feet, that’s just my opinion because it just happened to me recently.

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By the way, I don’t know if you know this, but if you can only afford one pair and you have thin socks, there is a way that I do right now when sitting on my desk doing blogging work while nothing on the floor. You can put a small carpet under the spot where you put your feet are because that’s really helpful for me. However, there will be a limit for your movements, haha, if you are not a person who would stay still while sitting on the chair.
Anyways, that is it for my thought section and now, we go right into the actual things that I want to mention in this post. I’m going to mention some of the funny things which could happen while wearing the socks. I think it would be more organized if I draw my post layout and share it with you guys so you can understand how I write them. I think I have mentioned it before in my posts and explained it.
It feels good feeling warm with having the socks on our feet until someone of the family or friends decide to pour water on the floor and don’t say anything because he or she thought that they could dry it quickly haha. You be like, walking around and then step on it and get the socks wet which something it could be frustrating, but kinda funny because the other person didn’t know that you would step on the water before drying it haha. I’m not sure if that is not a good thing, but I would laugh if someone did that when I’m the one who poured the water, you know.
Maybe you thought that you are smart and did not fall for the first one which was obvious maybe but then decided to walk to another spot in the house unconsciously thinking it wouldn’t happen twice and find yourself stepping on water haha. I could imagine how the first person who was responsible for the first one will react about it. There is no way we can be mad over things like unless we were very careful, but it will be funny still haha.
I like how sometimes we can be so creative with socks when missing one of the pairs. It’s just would look perfect with two different colors, but that would be good only if we have it with the same style, you know. That’s something I would do when I feel lazy to look for the missing one haha, it’s like gathering two neighbors in the same house if we would think of the two socks have a different style, you know.

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Talking about socks and things we may do while wearing it which is funny
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