Some things that everyone could go through during setting goals.

Hello everyone and here we go to another post of the year. It’s been a busy week setting goals and preparing for a strong approach for blogging dream and what I want to achieve this year because I want to focus on my passion this year and nothing else. I’m not leaving other small life goals though, but there will be little attention to it. Surely, they will be jealous for doing that, but daddy got big concerns this year haha.

Some things that everyone could go through during setting goals.

I still can imagine how tough it was when my dad was giving my little brother more attention than me when we were kids. I figured that we only grow to give back to the community and our parents and the ones that are younger than us and this is one of the roles we always do as humans. Ah, I wish I can give my old me such advice like this and stop being angry when this happens because that would save troubles for my dad to balance haha.

Anyways, I figured out that I would talk about goals and the process of setting it, but because we are here for entertainment, I’m going to highlight funny things that could be possible to happen during the process of doing so. Hopefully, this will make your Monday and bring a giggle on your face because sometimes, it could be tough to start the week after enjoying the weekend and the end of the holiday as well. I’m ready to rock this year and achieve a lot of things after a good holiday.

I too the first week of this year figuring out a way to set my goals and way to work on them and what I want to do, but it’s not like that I just started doing it right now because I’ve done it so many times before in my life. There is always something funny about everything, and from my experience, I’ve got a lot of funny things that happened when planning goals and set them.

Let’s talk about the way how we put together a list of what we want to do and our goals. I’m sure there are different people who like it in different ways, but I’m just going to talk about mine and something I’m sure of that I’m not going to find a match who do the same as me haha. This time, by the way, I created a style using note because I like to control everything instead of having certain things to do it and create everything in my own.

Something about me that I get excited when I think about setting goals because I feel organized and going forward with my progress. However, being excited make me think of a way that hasn’t been found before and when I look for an app or something I can’t find it and then I disappoint myself to a point where I don’t feel like doing it anymore haha. Seeing people doing very well following an app or any tool is good, but that is not enough for me to do it because I just get stuck with a way in my mind that I feel organized with it.

Also, sometimes I get so excited that I want to be looking like someone who really working so hard and let everyone who comes to my desk think that I’m serious about putting a list of goals together by writing them on papers and stick them to the wall behind the desk haha. However, when a couple of days pass, there will be no longer the same excitement of working on the goals and it’s going to be just another decoration style for my desk’s area haha.

I don’t think it’s all about the way you do it because no matter how you do it, you will still fail to do everything if there is no commitment. It should be so important that nothing is going to be in your way which going to stop you from doing whatever that in the list. I think putting goals together is just to have a clear aim and directions of your dream and making with a style is for the fun of the journey to that dream.

The next one is going to be figuring out your clear goals and a way to express it because sometimes we may have a dream, but when it comes to knowing what is the next step is going to be is a little bit tough for some people. Also, Sometimes we may take a second look at what we put in the list and then wonder how can we do that? haha because being excited when writing down goals makes you feel that you would do anything.

Something you can’t get it off the list of people when writing down some weekly goals and then go through it again and be like ‘This going to take a lot of time then I want to, what I’m doing?’ and maybe with a little laugh haha because how far he or she has gone with setting a big goal in less time. This happened to me so many times and I have to adjust it several times until I get doable ones.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always get confused between daily tasks and weekly or monthly goals haha because even when setting a task, it seems like a goal. I have to think twice to figure out which one is which and set it in the right spot. Also, using different colors is another way that helps to keep it organized by the way haha that’s what I’m using right now. I guess you can call it a daily goal, but then what would be the task for it, you know haha.

Anyways, this is will wrap today’s post, and I hope you really enjoyed it, I’m trying so hard to improve my way of putting posts like this. I’m living my life blogging about the funny aspects of it, and if you like to read more posts likes this or even better in the future please subscribe to my blog through email subscription or if you are using google, you can follow me through the section at the bottom. Also, make sure to follow my social media because I keep everything update about posts and more there, thank you.

Some things that everyone could go through during setting goals.


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