Some of the things that my cousin shouldn’t done (funny edition)

Something I don’t enjoy when it happens and it’s missing a day of blogging. I genuinely get upset when I go through such a thing because my schedule would be a mess afterward. However, I’m glad that we are back online today and this post will be posted at the same time we usually publish our posts since I started blogging again which is just a few days ago haha.

Some of the things that my cousin shouldn't done (funny edition)

Anyways, I hope you have a great Tuesday beginning and if you don’t, well, make sure to start working on it after reading this post. This is the second day of the week which it won’t be that hard for you to accept that you need to get up and go to work or finish something you have to get it done by today or whatever it is. 

Usually, I talk about everything that should be discussed with you at the beginning of every post. However, today, there is a new update or more like something I’m going to start on working on it. I’ve been going back and forth on this idea, but finally, I made a decision which is what I will talk about with you right now. 
If you take a look at the sidebar of the blog, you will find that I have a lot of social media profiles which I need to work on all the listed ones. However, it kinda will be impossible to keep all of them active all the same time. I thought to make a primary profile for sharing my blog posts and also, to keep you guys updated with other stuff and new posts at least twice a day. I chose Twitter for being the primary one for my me which means you will expect more stuff that is not blog posts on there. I would appreciate if you guys could follow me.
Anyways, let’s get right into the post and hope you enjoy. This time I got something different than any post I have ever done before. I’m going to talk about funny things that happened to my cousin as he could avoid it if he didn’t do what he did. This a brand new idea which I just discovered it today and please make sure to fill me with your feedback because I’m curious about your opinions and what you think. Also, I will be posting different kinda stuff based on the idea which will have tons of stuff coming in the future.
Let me start off with my cousin’s salty morning. My cousin was messing with the salt and sugar by changing bottles and getting it back and forth from bottle to another. He then decided to switch each bottle and filled with the opposite thing. We didn’t do anything to what it until the next day in the morning when he tried to put some sugar on the coffee and ended up putting salt instead of putting sugar. He drank a sip of it and his reaction was so funny haha. Then He blamed me for not changing that when that ruined his coffee.
Could you imagine someone doing something like this to himself? I mean it could be possible but it’s hilarious to watch it. I laughed on that when he did it and his morning coffee was ruined by him haha. 
A few days later after he did that, we went to his house for celebrating his brother birthday. We had a lot of fun playing around and having a family laugh and everything. However, he wanted to play some video games in his room. While my cousin was playing, we just sat there and watching some of the things he could do in video games. I couldn’t believe that he raged quit when there was a cup filled with water in front of him and he still has a chance to win. He hit the cup and lost focus on the game which made him lose it haha. 
I don’t know if I told you this but I had the similar thing happened to me. I was playing and my tea was on the table infront of me. My little cousin(my other cousin) wanted to show something on the game and he hit the cup and all of it just poured on me, haha and the worst thing is my tea was still hot haha. I would advise you to not do the same thing we did because that would be a problem for you and may be a reason for losing your laptop or console if you were playing video games on the console.
I own a very loud headset when you turn the volume to max. I always listen on 20-40 maximum volume and my cousin wanted to watch a scary video using mine because he didn’t get his headset before coming to our house. He put the volume max before watching and forget the fact that it will blow his ears, a few seconds later, he came back to me yelling haha and I was like ‘why would you watch in a max volume? not my fault bud haha’.
One of the funniest things he ever did, in my opinion, is when turned his phone to silent for no reason because he was bored. After a few minutes, he randomly put it somewhere in the house that he forget where. I could only imagine how it will be hard to find the phone since he did that and he kept complaining about until he found the phone under the couch hahaha which I have no idea how that could happen. 
I could just keep going all day and never get bored of what my cousin and I did during our days haha. However, I think it will be enough for the time being and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please make sure to comment what you think of this new idea. Also, I would like to take time to say thanks everyone for reading till this point. I will see you in the next post and until then, please be safe and have fun.


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