Santa Claus’s motivational gifts for Christmas – Christmas post

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Today I’m going to start a new niche in the blog and it is Motivation niche which will include motivational posts. I have an idea that I’m going to do every year on Christmas where I post a Christmas post on the Christmas and it will have the label ‘Christmas post’ on the blog.
I told you that I’m going to develop and do new ideas on the blog and this is the first one. This idea doesn’t have to be in the same niche every year it will be in different niches depending on the niche that will be posted on the Christmas day or before it depending on when I will post it.
Santa Claus's motivational gifts for Christmas - Christmas post
Alright, so this post supposed to be made by me in real life, but because I’m late in doing this idea and I don’t have time I will do something different. I’m going to write a video in words of Santa delivering motivational gifts for a bunch of families and I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m sorry there will be no photos of the gifts but I will also describe and write it in words.
The video would start by showing the family and what kind of inspiration they looking for then would show what Santa would do for them to cheer them up and make their day. As I said I will write it in words and I hope you guys like this Christmas idea, but next year I will do something better.
A town with a group of neighbors not having a good day because of some problems happening and they are in a slow progress in fixing these problems. They are trying to be happy and smile while fixing the problems.
The video showed the inside of some houses in the town and it started with the first house which the father was talking to his son and telling him that everything will be fine and it will be fixed soon because his Xbox stopped working but the son still did not cheer up. The father then talked to his wife and he was negotiating to reach for another plan.
And then the video showed the next house which the family was sitting on the food table and they are not looking happy while they were sitting, the daughter said that they need to find a new way to help to finish her drawing because she got her current drawing board broken by dropping it. The father told his daughter that he is going to buy a new one in the next couple days.
(I’m sorry, I don’t want to ruin it, but I just want to say that this is my first time doing this kind of post and I really hope you guys liking it so far if you did like it please tell me in the comment section below.)
The next house which the video showed was the father watching the TV while his son asking him for new shirts because his shirts all old and can’t wear it anymore and then the father replied by saying that he is going to get him new ones later. The son said okay and then he walked to his room.
The last house which the video showed was the kid talking to his mom about his iPad which got broke when it fell down and the mother said that she is going to fix it after the holidays and the kid told her that he wants to play with his friends during the holidays.
Santa knew about everything going on in the town and what they want. Then he went to get it all and then he went to surprise all the families a day before Christmas. All the families did not expect Santa would do because they didn’t know that he knew what they want.
Santa started with the first house and he knocked on the door and then the father opened the door and found out that it was Santa. The son followed his dad and Santa gave him his present and when he opened it, he found out that it was a brand new Xbox. The father thanked Santa for his present. Santa included with the present a letter with a quote saying ‘Stay positive when things get tough and keep it up’.
And then Santa went to the next house and knocked on the door and then the daughter opened the door and called her dad by telling him that it’s Santa. When the father arrived at the door Santa gave him the present and he opened it and found out that it was a new drawing board and then he handed it to his daughter and then she thanked Santa for the present. Santa did include a letter with a quote saying ‘Always look and develop what you love’.
Santa showed up to the next house and when the father opened the door, Santa handed him a wrapped box full of shirts and other stuff like socks, pants. When the son opened the box and saw the present he was happy. Santa included a letter with a quote says ‘Always believe in yourself and you will achieve’.
Santa went to the last house and knocked on the door and then the mother opened the door and found out that it was Santa. The kid heard Santa’s voice then went to see him and when he got in the door, Santa gave him the present. He opened it and found out it’s a brand new iPad and the mother said thank you to Santa and the kid was happy. Santa included a letter with a quote saying ‘keep yourself in good health and use everything wisely’
Alright, This is the end of the Christmas post and Merry Christmas to everyone. I really hope you enjoyed it though it was a little bit late and next time I will make sure to make it earlier than this and better. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on this idea so drop it in the comment section below.
This is a wrap for this post and again, I hope you enjoyed and if you did stay tuned for the next post. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on this new kind of post in the comment section below and mention what you wish to get for Christmas tomorrow.

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