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Part two of the birthday party decoration idea

Bonjour, everyone. This week is full of exciting posts except that my schedule got ruined and I had to postpone this post until today. I hope you have a good week so far. And ready for the surprises to reveal this week. Make sure to read my previous post to understand what I’m talking about. This is part two of the birthday party decoration idea.

Before I start talking about today’s post, I want to state a slight change that happened to me. I’m not sure if its the place or how I see things changed. But I used to write the title after I finish and revise my post. However, now I haven’t written the post and I already got the title in my mind lol.

Anyways, just a heads up. I’m going to do three parts of this project. It will be the first time ever to do it in my life. Creating the project is finished and will show it in this post.

This person is special and she has been going through tough times. We might be far in distance, but we are close in hearts. It feels bad that we far from each other or otherwise, I would’ve done a proper and nice party for her. So I want to make it as close as I can to her Birthday. That’s why it will be three parts.

I was thinking to gift her some nice stuff, but she is stubborn and won’t let me. However, I insisted and that’s how this project existed. I want to dedicate something special for her. I hope she won’t reject me and say it’s not enough or something haha.

About the idea

Anyways, this post will be the second part and I thought I’m going to end here, but no. It seems we are going to part three next week which will be the final and more exciting.

*I didn’t plan this idea until the last minute before I write the second part.

However, this is will be the final version of this decoration party. And I would like to share it with you guys.

The first part:
A birthday party decoration(first stage)

I had an accident that got all my pictures deleted and lost all the data. But I was lucky that I had a few extra copies on my phone or otherwise, I would never post this.

The cake in the second step of the process.

Anyway, I asked in my previous post what the circle thing would be, but I lost the photos. Now, I can’t show it to you. However, I got a picture of the second step of making it and it’s a Birthday cake.

There might be a real one, but I thought what could be a better decoration for such an occasion than a handmade cake. But this time with other materials haha and different ways. We can’t put a real one as decoration lol.

The cake in its process to the finish(Step three)

I don’t know how people make a cake with more than one layer, but mine was a little different for sure. It took me two days to get it finished because it wasn’t only one layer, but three.

I wanted to make it four layers and I remember that every cake should have a topping.

Also, I mentioned before in my posts that I would never be good at cutting circles. However, this time I can’t believe I had to do it three times and torture myself haha.

The Birthday party decoration cake without toppings

The final version of the cake without the toppings

I’ve had great pictures for these steps, but since I lost them. I only got these and here is the final look of the cake. Well, not the last step but after doing the layers and the sides.

I made the third layers for the toppings instead of adding another layer to make as realistic as I can. During the process, I figured that I could’ve made it one layer like other cakes and do it faster, but it was too late haha. Plus, this looks nice.

The toppings for the Birthday party decoration cake

The cake with one topping on the side

Last but not least, I’m glad I had a good picture of this step because it’s important to present to you guys. Can’t miss on the thing that would make the cake looks better haha.

The first topping on the cake is going to be the black line. There is no particular reason why I chose the line. But the color is because it’s her favorite color. I couldn’t think of something better than this style which you will see in the final step. Also, I want everything to be about her as much as I can.

I’ve done this before but with its original color. This time everything falls with the same color. Since is she the main reason for this, I will make everything about her as I said.

She might love the black color and yet she has a pure and beautiful heart. Her personality can’t be found anywhere in the world because she is unique. I have so much to talk about, but I will keep it until it’s the right time.

The new look of the letters(resized )

The reason why the post is delayed. I did the letters in my first part and they were big. Then, I just found out that in the last minute of me finishing the second part and I had to change the schedule for that. And to avoid this, I should’ve checked that when first I made them.

Anyway, everything was fixed and I had to resize all of them again. Also, I made a background line of papers so the letter can be glued to and hang. Then, I measured the heights and at that moment I knew I had to make stands as well haha.

Alright, here two things I want to talk about. Since I lost the photos, it will be one photo with two things. Then, I will show you the final version of this project and how things turned out.

The first one is where I put the flower topping on the cake and how it turned out. I picked this style randomly and I know it’s not enough, but it’s because I didn’t have more recourses or toppings to use.

The second thing is the stands and you already know how I make them if you are an old reader. However, I made three of them and it’s going to be revealed where I put them in the next step.

The cake with the three stands

I’m going to pause a little bit to show the placement of the stands and warm up to show the final version haha. Here we go!

The final version of the Birthday party decoration:

Here is the final look of the Birthday decoration!

I know it’s finished, but wait until you see the moment I use this in an event to demonstrate how nice it is haha. There will be more stuff, but not attached to this because this is it for this decoration. I’m excited because I have never done this before in my life. Make a party by myself and with things I made.


I think we have reached the for today’s post and thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the “Birthday party decoration”. There will be more surprises coming, so stay tuned and subscribe to the blog or follow me. Also, would love to know your opinion on it. Also, what would you choose to decorate your Birthday party?

Part two of the birthday party decoration idea


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