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Part one of the custom DIY holder made at home

Hello, everyone and as another week approach, It comes with It new posts and new ideas. I hope you doing well and achieving your goals or whatever is that you want. Today, I’m going to introduce a new idea and something I haven’t done before. This is Part one of the custom DIY holder made at home. There will be more details about it as you read!

You might read the title and think that I have done holders before. Why is that something new? Well, let me tell you that this is going to be different. I have said it on my Twitter. I share new updates and exclusive news on my Twitter. Please follow me over there. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I want to do this. But I think it’s time for something like this to happen. Like every idea, once it started, there will be more of it in the future.

It feels good when you have an idea that been in your mind for a while and you want to do it so bad. But you have to wait or you can’t do it for some reason. However, this is not the first time I do something for the first and I always tend to expand my abilities and do new things.

Anyways, I’m still struggling to get my schedule back and still haven’t yet managed to post on time. However, until then, it’s going to be on the same day as soon as I get everything sorted out haha. Sometimes it takes extra time to finish up some touches for the post. For now, please enjoy Part one of the custom DIY holder made at home.

About the post

If you have read any of my previous posts. You will know in some of them that I already mentioned about it. However, I will mention here as well. Also, this post will contain important details that should be mentioned only in this part. That means I’m not going to reveal everything until the next post. Please make sure to subscribe or follow the blog to know about it.

My original plan was to finish up everything and make it in one post. However, It took me time and I had to split it into two posts. This will be another useful DIY project that can serve you to have a better experience. In this case, it will be me but you can make it for yourself. You need to stay tuned for the next post to know in which way this will help you if you haven’t figured it out from the thumbnail haha.

As I said earlier, I’ve always wanted to name the project I make but it always ends up called by its purpose or the look of it. For example, in my previous post, I just named it stars decoration because it has stars and serves as a decoration.

However, what if I can make something and add a unique name to it? well, I gave it a try on this and you will know the name in the next post as well. It’s an awesome name that I came up with it haha. I’m so excited to share it with you and get your feedback on it.

It’s going to be made like any of my previous useful items. I’m using cardboard and thick papers for this project. But things will be different and will have a new design and style. Since I chose to give it a name, I will make it special with more touches. There will be one reveal in this post.

Part one of the custom DIY holder made at home

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m going to try the new way of writing the post for my projects. However, since this is only part one, I’m going to get back with my normal way of writing. Please subscribe or follow my blog to get it once it gets published.

This project will be like my previous useful idea that I made for my phone. It will include two pieces because the same item can be used in both. I couldn’t finish it on time because of that. If it was only one piece, I might get it done in two days. and would be one part.

There would be two items in the first picture, the base and the white layer(aka thick paper). I used to share a photo of the base without the white layer to just show that I use cardboard and add another layer. However, I think it becomes an unnecessary step, and the picture above shown the final base with the white layer. Haha, every post I add or change something in my posts and projects. What do you guys think?

Since Iā€™m going to make this special, as I said, there will be a new touch to this base which will be revealed in the next post. A hint, this is where the important touch( I would call it) will be but you would never guess it haha. You have to tune in to the next post to know what it will be!

I made the base with 19cm/14.5cm and that was based on the item’s measures which will be put on this holder. If you will have the same item, this will be the best measure for you. People who love doing DIY projects might love this, another hint.

Now that the base is ready. It’s time for the rest of the items that will be placed on it. One of them, the piece that shown in the picture. I know it seems a lot of pieces but in the end, it will all come together. I built a column using the cardboard and papers. This is will be a stand for something that will be revealed in the next post as well.

These measures were chosen carefully based on the item. Because we don’t need it too long or too small. However, the length is 9cm and width is 4cm and this would be perfect. You can add more but doing less is not going to hold it well.

Like any cardboard column, I made before. This is how the finished look will look like. Except, the picture above shows it before gluing the last piece of it. I will add more stuff later because it’s one of the last steps. After this, I would be only doing extra touches on it the entire project.

Moving on to the next one, this is another column but with a different design. It’s not yet finished because this will be one of the last steps as well. And this will be for the next post. It won’t be presented in this post because I’m not going to show the last steps until then.

The measures of this not as important as the previous one. However, I made them with 6cm height and almost 4.5cm width. This can be made as you wish as long as it will fit. Just in case there are different measures you want. But for the same base I used, I think it will fit perfectly.

The second piece of this step is made with smaller measures. The height is 4.5cm, and the width is almost 4cm. Both pieces will be together as one, but how it will be? I’m sorry I can’t talk about it until then.

I don’t want to reveal so many things right now. Because it will be a big reveal as it’s the first time doing something like this. I just hope it will go as planned haha because things sometimes don’t go as planned.

As you can see in the picture. I did a photo before starting working on the project for everything that will be used for this idea in this part. That means there will be more items that will be added which will be revealed in the next post.

I haven’t talked about the pieces in front of the base. I thought to make them for the last step to talk about in this post. However, it’s not complicated. I used the same cardboard but with different measures which the small pieces are 9.5cm/7cm. The big ones are 18/9.5cm and the second one 18/7.5cm. I’m going to start with these for this part.

Now that everything is ready for this project to complete the first part. It’s time to get all of it together and see how it will look like in the first part. You probably already know how it looks like from the thumbnail. I’m going to show the finished look as it comes together step by step. And reveal part one of the custom DIY holder made at home

However, for now, before starting there is one step that is showing in the picture above. Which is coloring the edge of the last pieces I haven’t talked about. This will add more style to it and I chose the color to match my desk. Because it’s where I’m going to put it. It’s the first touch for this project.

Anyways, enough talking. Let’s show the first part of this project. It might be the first one but I did put some stuff together in the base. This is why it’s too big and couldn’t finish it early. This part which I call it the cinematic scene of the project but without music.

Well, as you can see. It might be the finished look but only for this part. I’m excited to finish this and show you the full version of it. Also, as you can see the base is clear but for the next part, there will be the main and important touch.

For the second part:
1-The name of this project.
2-The full version of this project
3-The Reveal of the purpose
4-Reveal all the stands and the second piece of this project
5-The big reveal of the new important touch and other extra touches


Alright, guys. This is it and I hope you enjoyed part one of the custom DIY holder made at home. I think the second part will be even better and more interesting. Please subscribe to the blog or give it a follow because I’m posting the second part this week. If you would guess, what would it be for? I have shared some hints throughout the post and I’m sure you can guess it. Have a good week and stay safe. Also, you can follow me on Pinterest because I share my posts and more awesome content over there.

Part one of the custom DIY holder made at home


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