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New DIY envelope template for gift cards

Hello everyone and welcome to another post. It’s been a lot of work, lately. And I had to make it one for the last week due to that. However, I’m back! I might have one post that I missed but I can’t miss both, you know. I hope everyone having a wonderful time getting busy with other things and being positive. Today I’m going to share with you guys something I did before. But this time in a new way. This is a new DIY envelope template for gift cards.

Before going into the post. I would like to talk with you guys. I added another routine program to my schedule and I think I’m getting better results. After talking with myself, I decided to start walking at the park. This is something I haven’t done for a while. Now I need to start moving and stay fit. I walk one to two hours now as a warm-up. And later, I’m going to start doing this with goals(something like 500 steps a day).

Sometimes we get lazy due to sitting home all day with this situation but I recommend to keep moving. It’s good for the heart and our health. Also, it’s kinda fun to watch the trees and rain and be away from the house for a few hours lol. I posted a picture on my Instagram while walking because I thought to make it a memory haha.

Anyways, I have a lot of things that I want to talk about. Also, share my experiences because it feels nice when I turn them into words haha. But please enjoy the New DIY envelope template for gift cards.

About the project

I don’t know if you notice this, but I wrote this section with different titles haha. It’s just that I’m trying new titles to see which one fits and will stick with it after that.

So if you follow me on my social media. You will notice that I started sharing and paying attention to my old posts. However, while I’m doing that. I remembered that I did a lot of ideas, but still haven’t yet posted more of them haha. Also, in my previous posts, I said that, and today I thought to do one.

I started doing envelopes before because I thought it would be the easiest one I could do as a beginner haha. However, as I kept making more projects. As you know if you have checked any of my previous posts. My skills have improved so much to a point that I can do any idea in my mind. You can check my upgraded wardrobe I made for school or makeup supplies.

This time I have upgraded my old lighting bolt gift card and envelope that I made to something even better. Well, this is not an upgrade but another style and design haha. You can say part two of it with a new style. However, I used the same equipment because I don’t think you would find a gift card on a glass envelope.

New DIY envelope template for gift cards

The finished look with the flower, New DIY envelope template for gift cards
The finished look with the gift card, New DIY envelope template for gift cards
The finished look with the gift card on top, New DIY envelope template for gift cards

Here we go! This is the finished look! As you can see all of this made at home and from papers. Also, it could be used for any occasion(Birthdays, Christmas) you name it. Even if you just want to send a gift card to someone to express feelings.

The funny thing here is, everything wasn’t planned when I started working on this haha. As I was working, I kept getting new ideas and came up with the style you see above in the pictures. How I did that you might say? well, it’s easy. Keep reading and you will know.

The making of the envelope and gift card:

A thick plain white paper, New DIY envelope template for gift cards

I would like to apologize for the lighting in the pictures. If you find it a little dark or not HD, it is because I didn’t realize that until it’s too late to take another picture. Plus, I finished it too early in the morning.

However, like my previous envelope, I got a thick paper and cut about 26cm/21cm and fold in half which will be 13 each side(the back and front). You can always change the measures based on your desire. And everything will look the same at the end, but in different sizes haha.

You know I wasn’t used to sharing measures and be specific. Because I thought it was unnecessary. Then I watched videos of people doing projects like me and they all share it. So I decided to start doing it and it was few posts back. if you have noticed that haha.

The lines drawn on the paper

After I glued the sides and finished the first step. Because we need everything to stay together so I did it for both. You can glue one side if you want and that would be fine.

Anyways, after that, it’s time to work on the envelope and make it look better. The first step for this. I drew the line for what I wanted to do with the envelope. It’s something I planned before starting doing the project because I thought it would look nice.

The envelope after doing the first step

Then, I used the scissor to cut it and it looks like this. Well, it might not look pretty right now, but keep reading to know what I did next to make it better. However, the piece that I cut was on the envelope because I thought to take a picture with it before throwing away haha.

The paper belt for the New DIY envelope template for gift cards

The envelope with the paper belts

The next step is adding something I call it “the paper belt“. I wanted to make a black belt because it would look good but I ran out of it haha. This wasn’t expected but I picked another color instead. It’s still made the finished look good though.

The paper belts glued to the envelope

It might look dark and that’s because I was working on this early morning haha. I couldn’t finish before going to sleep. However, as you can see in the picture and where I put the paper belts.

Also, I added a black line with a pencil on the edges. That’s something I had in mind before starting the project. However, the belts weren’t planned, but it looked nice in my imagination lol. As I was adding the black line and thought it would be good to do it haha.

Covering the bottom side in a new way

The envelope with the cover for the bottom side,New DIY envelope template for gift cards

Moving to the next step. The bottom didn’t look good and needed a touch. And as I looked at it, something came up in my mind. This is when I knew I need to cut about 8cm normal A4 paper haha. I already fold it and the longer side will be in the front.

The bottom side could’ve been glued like the sides. However, I didn’t want to add more glue because it will be basic with nothing but white. So I decided to add another idea which was the A4 paper and it won’t be plain white as you saw in the finished look.

The blue paper belt for the envelope

The blue paper belt on the top of the envelope.

I glued the A4 paper. As I was looking at the envelope for a new style to add. And the first idea came in my mind started with another blue belt haha. I feel like I was designing everything as I work on it haha. And here I thought I need to study and draw before starting anything.

I’m just kidding. I always draw and imagine the entire project, but for this, I can quickly think of something. But if it was another one, I would spend more time looking for a style than working on it haha. Anyways, please snap your fingers and look down!

The blue paper belt glued to the envelope.

Boom! This is how it looks with the blue belt haha. Also, I might be too late for me, but don’t make the same mistake. I just thought of adding the blue line on the edge haha when I glued the belt. Also, using a glue gun for this project is not recommended as the normal A4 papers are not made for it.

The color might not be perfect but if I did it before gluing it, it would be better haha. I tried my best to make it as good as possible.

You can see it coming together and we are one step away from having the New DIY envelope template for gift cards.

The making of the flowers for the New DIY envelope template for gift cards

Three paper with measures  written on it

For the last step, I got three A4 papers with different measures. As you can see in the picture above. This is a tease of a new feature that might be added soon to new projects haha. However, I made the first one square with 9cm. Then, I decrease one for each paper and you can make up to five papers. Which the last one will a square with 5cm but I think it’s enough with three.

Have you figured what I’m about to make out of these papers? Well, I bet you already know by the picture in the finished look haha.

The finished look of the flowers

The finished look of the flower glued, New DIY envelope template for gift cards

Here is it! The finished look of the flower and also glued to the envelope. Well, you guessed it by now. It’s going to be on the right side, how you pull the gift card which is something new to me. I usually would think to make this from the top haha.

Anyways, to this point, everything is as I wanted to do. But as I was looking at the envelope. I thought it might be missing one last touch. That’s what my next picture will be about haha.

The envelope with two blue small belts, New DIY envelope template for gift cards

I thought of two blue lines sliding down from the flower that would make it better. After a few minutes of arguing. I decided that I’m going to do it and then I did it lol. However, I almost ruined it haha because I didn’t place them straight and that would mess everything up.

To make it as it’s sliding down, I made them both with different measures. My imagination is something else hahaha. However, this is all about this project and the New DIY envelope template for gift cards.

The gift card for the envelope

The gift card with measures on it,New DIY envelope template for gift cards

Well, to wrap this project up. I’m going to make the gift card and I don’t need to explain measures haha. As you can see in the picture above which I mentioned it.

I forgot to take more photos of it when I added the extra touches to it. But I think you will see you in the pictures of the full project and finished look. So here how it looks!

The finished look with highlight on the flower,New DIY envelope template for gift cards
The finished look with  a close up view with the gift card
The finished look with the blue belts and gift card

As you can see! The gift card has extra touches. Like this, I think it’s ready for gifting. Also, something I add to the flower which added a highlight with a pencil to the lines to make it even better. Plus, you can add stickers to the center of the envelope for extra touches.


Alright, I think this is everything for this post. What is your opinion on this? please make sure to comment on it below. I hope you enjoyed it and if you want to get new awesome projects like this on time, please subscribe to my blog or give it a follow. Also, you can follow me on my Pinterest or Twitter. Have a good week!

New DIY envelope template for gift cards
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