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My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday

Hello, hello! It’s been a while since the last time I posted something due to a lot of things that I went through, which made me take this long break from blogging. I missed blogging a lot though I haven’t gone too far from it and was just working on promoting my old posts because I didn’t want to stop and let my work for the past months go for nothing. Also, I’ve been working on improving other things and trying to figure out new stuff for the future of my blog.

Another reason is I got sick for almost a week and I had to leave everything until I heal up and thankfully, everything got better. While I was gone from blogging, there some changes that I did to the blog as you can see by now. The blog content will be changed from now on, and I will be blogging about one fo the old topic I started and one that I really enjoy which’s mentioned in my about page that I listed above in the menu. It will be about DIY which is the things that I do by myself. Yes! I changed the menu as well and made it more simple and put the topics in the sidebar because still, they won’t be deleted from the blog but don’t want to be shown in the menu bar anymore.

It took me a while to take this decision and take actions because I was feeling a bit down and this was another reason for me not to blog anything. However, I managed to re-write my about page and set everything for the new content that will be posted in this blog. Sometimes when you feel down, the best way to get up is to lay down for a bit and gain energy and remind yourself of why you started it and your dreams and that’s what I did. Though it wasn’t that comfortable because I always feel useless not being able to do anything but everything now will be back as it was and even better than it was.

I’m excited to get back on blogging and yet to blog about one of my favorite topics I started a long time ago, but things got complicated once before and this time I will make sure everything only gets better and better. Anyways, I couldn’t think of a better come back than creating something similar to what I did in my second post on this topic which, is making a lightning bolt gift card and its envelope for birthday gifts or any occasion or holiday. I did the flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards before like a year ago, and it was something I came up by myself.

Anyways, in this post, I will be showing you guys how to make a lighting bolt gift card and the envelope step by step. By the way, this wasn’t the one I wanted because I was aiming for something even harder like a real lightning strike shape, but it was harder than I thought. Don’t worry, this will do the trick and will work for another idea to share the love with a gift card for friends or family.

My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday

I will start by mentioning the ingredients for this simple project. Since it’s something that will include papers throughout the process, we will need the main stuff that we always use with papers which is scissor, glue, and pencils and other necessities because drawing everything before cutting it will be useful to be more precise. Also, don’t forget the color pencils or anything that you like to use as long as it will do the job for you, because we need to make things more colorful.

Making the envelopes we need to use thick papers to make things more stable because you don’t want a bending gift card when you gifting to someone. Imagine handing it to someone and when the person about to grab it, the envelope bend, and he/she catches the air lol that would be little awkward and that’s why I recommend thick papers. The number of papers you will need depends on how many tries you will have to do until you manage to get it done, but I just used about 3 papers for this project and it was enough. Though I did some practice on different papers(thin) because thick papers are hard to get haha and I had to go and buy a stack of it.

My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday

I didn’t take pictures of it, but you need you to use the pencil to draw a shape of a rectangle(two of it with same height and width) for the envelope and draw the lightning bolt in the middle of one you will use as the front side of it, because we only need the side where it will be shown to everyone including who will receive the gift card. Then, you have two choices which you can cut the rectangle first and then the lightning bolt or the opposite which I recommend the first one because it will be easy if you have a smaller shape to get the lighting bolt nice and easy.

Make sure you go slowly when using the scissor curving everything after you drew them and go over the lines otherwise, things will not be good and you might make ramps going up and down or mess it up haha. I messed it a couple times, but I was lucky enough to manage to get it all sorted up because it wasn’t that bad. Also, you don’t want anyone to interrupt you while doing this step because I could imagine me doing this step and someone comes up to me and hit me on the shoulder or anywhere on my body and make me mess it up haha.

My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday

This is how it will look like or at least for me after finishing the previous step. If you notice the lightning bolt coming down from above, and that’s me trying to make it more realistic haha. As it was coming down from the sky. It wasn’t that hard, but it took a little bit of time for me to make it as perfect as I could in the picture above.

Now, It’s time for this to be colorful by adding some colors to it though, I will only use the color of lighting which is the light blue on it. You need to add it to the edge of the lightning bolt, and because color pencils aren’t the best for showing the colors more clearly, you will need to go over it more than once just to make sure the color is showing clearly. Remember to go easy when using the color pencil because you will mess up the edges if you go too hard on it while adding the color.

My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday

As you can see in the picture above, which is after I added the light blue color to the edges of the lightning bolt to make it more realistic. This would be enough for us to make an envelope for our gift card and the only thing left is to glue everything together which both sides(the front and the back of it) together. Because we are making an envelope we need to put glue on every side except the above one because that’s where you will be able to put the gift card in the envelope.

My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday

This is the final look after we do the previous steps, and you got yourself a lightning bolt envelope. Though it wasn’t the best because I messed up a few times while doing it, but it will be enough to make this official haha. As you can see, I made the back higher little bit than the front just to add more tricks to it but this is optional.

Now that everything is ready, we need to make the easy gift card. Use another paper or the same one if there any space left on the papers you used to make the envelope and draw a rectangle but make the height of it less than the actual envelope because otherwise, you won’t be able to put the gift card inside it.

My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday
This is the last part of the project and it will be doing the gift card following as mentioned in the previous step. It will be the easiest step to do in this process, but we can’t leave it without any colors. So I decided to put the gift card inside the envelope and color it through the lightning bolt and it will look like as shown in the picture above and again, you got yourself an actual gift card with a custom envelope made at home.
My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday
We have reached the end of this post, and I hope you really enjoyed reading and liked this idea. I’ve got a stack of these type papers and more as I said earlier in the post and I will be creating more content with it for the next couple posts. Anyways, if you enjoyed this, please make sure to subscribe to the blog through the subscription box below and get more content on time. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on this project in the comment section below. Thank you so much to everyone who has commented before in my posts even though I don’t reply, I really appreciate every single comment. I wish you a fantastic day and a good start.
My return and a custom lightning bolt gift card with envelope for holidays and birthday


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