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My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

Hello.. hello! I’m finally back. I’ve said this several times in my posts before, during the time of finishing my first step into achieving my goals and let me tell you that, it’s such a relief to finally get to have some time to only follow tasks every day. I’ve been everywhere and couldn’t make a task schedule for me because always there is something would get in my way. It took me some time to settle in and collect all the requirements for the DIY topic after arriving at my destination as I said in my Twitter. The beginning of a new chapter will be after this post will be published because it means that I’m ready for the next step of my dream.

There are so many updates I want to share with you, but I can’t do it in each post nowadays because I stopped writing on the topic I started a long time ago due to some reasons. I wanted to move it to my social media and do it there along with the celebrations at the end of each month, but I’m not sure I’ve been doing anything else other than going through tough times trying to get it done, my first step as I said.

As I will be trying to learn new languages for a while and I’m going to start with the Russian language because it’s interesting and my brother been studying his first year which got my attention and might follow his step of attending a university in Russia. It seems really nice there and a lot of good students graduated from there. I’ve been listening to some music that is only in Russia language as well and it seems that they got some tastes to be honest lol.

Anyways, lets put everything aside because I’m really excited and happy to be back and write something for you guys. As part of my settlement after traveling and attempting to learn to find a course in Russia to learn the language, I’ve decided to start strong and hard this time which’s why I did this and let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I wanted to do this because I think it’s really good idea for my projects and maybe more.

You may wonder what this could be that will help me with projects and still, have more purposes to be useful for, and that would be something I call “The custom area for taking photos of small objects and products”. As you know, I’m still doing projects based papers and boxes, and that would create small objects which we can take a picture on things like this. I made this because I don’t need to worry about the background because as for the future ideas that I will be doing, this will have so many improvements, and my goal is to make it a better place for me to take photos during the process of doing projects.

I wanted to do it with more than papers and boxes, but as for the beginning of my settlement, I couldn’t find anything in time, but it will do the job perfectly. I wanted to share this in a post because I think it’s a good idea and might help other people who struggle to find a good place to take photos and still can’t afford to buy great things or better desk lol. Also, this could be a way that can let you make use of everything around the house. I hope you enjoy reading and find it helpful for you.

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

First of all, I didn’t have a big piece of a square box sheet to do the job, which would make the process a lot easier and couldn’t make it a small square, which wouldn’t be enough for some projects. This is why I did it with four pieces as you can see in the picture above. I could walk you through everything with exact measures as I said before, but it would get boring and also it doesn’t matter as long as it will suit your work and serve your purpose.

The equipment for this project is the exact same as I mentioned in my previous posts because nothing changed since we still working with boxes sheets and papers lol. The papers in this post will be thick to add some colors to the surface for taking pictures I would call it haha. Also, change the way how it looks to something better.

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Since all the pieces are not connected, I used the glue to get it all in one piece and let me tell you that it was a bit difficult and made some funny mistakes, haha, but still got it all done. Good thing, papers work perfectly with it, which helped me to get it all covered, and it was actually part of the steps for doing this project even if I didn’t have any mistake because I planned a good style for it.

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

You may think in a snap of a finger, things would become like what’s shown in the picture above, but it took some time doing that step, and the results were pretty good, I would say. I maybe added a bit more than what I needed to use because I didn’t know how much I need to put to glue two pieces of the box sheets together. It was a bit difficult to line up the papers in a straight line and make it a flat surface but it wasn’t that bad which is okay to work with.

It makes good looking, the box sheet with the papers glued on the edges of it, but that’s not all because there will be other things to add. Also, I kinda didn’t pay attention to the end of each paper line and how it would look like, don’t worry though, as the quote says there is always a way to fix a problem, right?

I think this could be enough for taking pictures for objects, but I wouldn’t settle for such a look, and I also plan to make it more looking good and perfect than this. I’ve so many ideas to add, but I started with a small box sheet that looks like a castle gate haha.

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

For the record, I didn’t cut the piece shown in the picture above by myself, but it was already like that, and I only worked on it. I would love to be able to do that though which will be really cool to create styles for yourself lol. I think it was the perfect box for the job or maybe everything can fit the job, haha, but it was good to add a touch to it. Also, don’t mind my headset showing in the picture haha, I just realized that now when everything it’s already done.

Also, I wanted to add paper on the edges of this as well because we can’t leave it one color, and it’s kinda will be the front for the pictures, which will be taken on this surface. I made the rest of it, and the center without anything because I have another idea for that later. So there were only three edges of it that were covered and glued a paper on it, and it was looking good because I added colors to it with pencil colors. Snap your fingers and look down.

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

Boom! This is the step before the last one, which made everything colorful as you can see in the picture. I picked the red and blue representing the water and fire. However, I didn’t want to color everything and decided to make a new style out of it. For some reason, I’m not sure why that doesn’t look like a red, but it is, maybe it’s my phone’s camera wasn’t that good.

Anyways, it’s time to glue that in the top center for more touches to the surface, and that would be all for now because I don’t want to really go all-in on this project, and I’ve got a lot of ideas coming in the future as I said. Also, the top left side aka square kinda needs some touches as well, and I can’t leave it like that.

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

This is the final look after doing everything and gluing the last two parts of the surface and also added a circle paper in the middle to give it a more good looking touch. I think it’s good to say this is ready to use and probably will plan a post right away now that I have this because I’m excited to try it for my next post.

This time you might see that awful table but next time I think I will be able to remove it and just show that. Taking my anti-man logo as a test to see how this it’s going to look like when putting something on it.

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products

I think I didn’t do a good job of editing the picture, but it’s just an example of what it could look like. I still planning on getting a new photo editor software because my old one is out of date, which was Photoshop old version. Anyway, the picture above is presenting the final look of my idea and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Also as you can the papers couldn’t be flat due to putting more glue than needed, which wasn’t intended, as I said. My plan didn’t go as planned for this part, but it’s okay and it really won’t get noticed at all when taking pictures.

Anyways, as you’ve reached the end, I would like to thank you for reading till this point, and If you enjoyed it, there are more coming in the future, which can be notified when you subscribe to the blog through the box below. Also, I would like to know what kind of blogging setup and for taking pictures for products and other stuff you have?. At last, Have a wonderful day!

My new custom setup for taking pictures of DIY objects and maybe products


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