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My new color set and funny moments during a DIY project

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend. Welcome to another post and today is going to be different than my usual posts. Today I will be sharing with you guys my new color set. And talk about some fun moments that happened while doing my projects just in general. I’m still working on the new project. This time it will be something I never did before because it will not just be for presentation. However, today’s post will be about my new color set and funny moments during a DIY project.

It will be more like a chilled post and chat with you guys. Since I’m working solo on big projects, I don’t think, I can provide content without this idea every two days a week haha. Also, I enjoy doing posts like this because it’s fun and entertaining to share moments for the future me. If you are an old reader, you will know that I’ve similar posts before. Sometimes we need a little bit of entertainment in our life, you know.

About this post

Today’s post is going to be the start of a new topic that is related to DIY. It will be reviewing and giving you an insight into the items I’m using. Also, a new update coming soon to the blog and this idea is going to be a big support for it and a good income.

I have done a couple of clothing reviews and things like this before. I kept it in case maybe one day I come back to it. However, this topic is taking me on a long road because I enjoy doing DIY things. It may take time to finish and sometimes I need to put a lot of effort, but it still so much fun. I’m sure one day I will be able to assemble a team. Which will make things even more interesting and build awesome things and maybe upgrade some things I made in the past haha.


Read my previous post about my special project for my uncle.

If you read my last post, I mentioned that one of my goals for this year is to get a workshop. Where I can work and get more pieces of equipment. This may be a little too big right now, but I will work toward it slowly. This will be life-changing for me and my projects. To be honest, I just can’t wait to have content every day and don’t have to worry about it with a big team haha.

My new color set and funny moments during a DIY project

Anyways, we all know that sometimes when we try to do a project. Something funny should happen during that time. I’ve encountered a lot of them in the past two months. Recently in my previous project, I had to do the plane’s front side three times. That’s because always it looks weird and every time I try to picture it to see if it match what I want and it turns out something else haha.

I’ve decided to take a picture of everything. And after I finish everything I will edit the funny steps and keep me for the next post. Sometimes I don’t pay attention and take pictures of some steps and that happened to me a couple of times before. I think you will know that if you have read any of my posts haha.

Since we are going to talk about colors in this post. Why not talk about some funny moments haha. Have you ever wanted to color a specific spot and ended up color more than that just because you keep messing it up haha?. That would be me every time I try to color. Also, my hands keep shaking when I try to focus hold something tightly such as colors. I would never be a professional in sewing, haha and that’s because of it.

My new color set and funny moments

The Fiber-tip Pens

The Fiber-tip Pens

Since I mentioned it in my previous, I felt like I needed to talk about it. This my new set of colors that I used on my latest project. Also, I said new color pencils, but this more like pens because it is not wooden pencils anymore. I’m going to be using it for my future projects as well because it does the painting it very well and doesn’t leave a spot uncolored.

There are 18 pens in different colors. I think that would enough for almost any project. However, my pencil colors consist of 24 pencils. Because the pens don’t have white and some other colors. I’m sure I won’t use it, I can’t remember the last time I used the white color haha.

Black and orange colors of the set

I took two random colors in the picture above to show you how they look like. And use two other colors in the next picture, I didn’t plan it and just noticed it haha. If you notice that it might have 18 colors, but with different levels of brightness and mode. For example, the green color, there are three different types of it that you can use. This consists of the main and most used colors if I would describe it.

Looking at the picture above makes me think that I would be a good photographer haha. I used to take pictures a lot before when I was younger and that’s why I can pick a good angle and brightness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning haha.

Red color uncovered and a painted paper

I took a piece of paper because I wanted to show you how it can color. Also, how the head looks when you take the cover. Something I like about this is that you only need to go over the specific spot twice and that would be enough to make it look like what’s shown in the picture above. The more you do it, it will start to shatter because I think its like cotton or something.

If you want to use this, make sure to not keep it open near kids. Also, I recommend being around the kids if they are using it because these small pieces shattered from it, might be a problem.

Another thing I like about these is, even when I want to use pencil colors I can still add another layer with the same colors to make sure everything covered perfectly.

Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed reading. If you are a DIY blogger or an artist, what type of colors do you use? I wanna know more suggestions. Also, subscribe to know about my next project and receive more awesome posts on time. I will see next time, but until then have a great day and a wonderful time.

My new color set and funny moments during a DIY project



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