My most accomplished things in the last month

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post. Today is going to be the day which we will celebrate our victories in the last month. I think we all need time to celebrate our achievements on what we worked for and succeed. We don’t have to get it successfully done, but if we move a step forward, that means an achievement which needs a celebration because sometimes a step takes a long time to get finished and we have to reward ourselves and keep going to the next one.

There is no harder step than the first one which takes forever sometimes, but remember that everything has an end. Maybe it will be a lot of things to do get only one step which we will have to expect that in whatever we do if we need to get successful. The way we expect things may be the reason for you to stop and let your dreams fade away. Make sure to take enough time figuring out the way and if it doesn’t work, look for another, but don’t expect it in only one way.

I’m excited to share my wins and what I accomplished for the last month and you should too because it’s not only for me but it’s for everyone which you can share it in the comments sections, let’s hear your wins and give you a big congratulations on that. However, before I share it, I would like to give some inspirational talk.

My most accomplished things in the last month

We can’t find enough people who are chasing their dreams and follow their passion and mostly the reason would be because it was hard or it was working. I think we can’t find something that comes without efforts or hard working. Always be patient and keep doing whatever you do and one day you will get it.

Always remember that nothing will come so easy and the only way you can keep up is the ‘Why’. the reason why you want it and the purpose of it. If your ‘why’ is not strong enough, you won’t be able to achieve whatever you are pursuing after. This would be the first thing to set before anything else because I think its the base of everything.

When you start doing whatever you want to do, I would strongly recommend you do not expect any result because sometimes or maybe most of the time things won’t work as planned thus that will disappoint you which will be a reason for you to stop doing or chasing your dreams or goals. I have got a long history of expecting things and it was really bad and therefore, I stopped expecting anything and focus on working. One thing you can expect is that everything will take its time and you can’t rush things because rushing will not have long-term results.

I’m going to be honest with you and I don’t know if anyone of you has done it before, but Acting and thinking that you could do things by your own won’t really help at anything and you can’t do it. I was doing it until I realized that nothing big can be accomplished by one person because teamwork is always required even at least one person. Also, acting like you know everything was one of my bad habits that I was doing for awhile and finally, it changed and now I’m learning from everything and everyone.

Also, this is one of the recent things I realized is that when you have the chance to do something, just do it and don’t think that you could do it later. As the quote says ‘Sometimes later will be forever ‘ I don’t remember who said, but you can understand the concept. I’ve done it several times and every time I regret that I didn’t do it when I could. Sometimes you will do it, but you have to struggle even a little bit while you could finish or do it easily when there is a chance.

Alright, I think we got enough for now. Let’s start the real post and share with you most of the wins for the last month. This is my first time doing this, but I’m pretty sure it will be a good start for the blog and us as a community.

Passed my milestone for the first time

My most accomplished things in the last month

This is one of the biggest things I have done in the last month. I passed my milestone in IG which may not really mean something to people, but for me, its the best thing. I used to be around 200 for a while and last month I just passed that.

I’m not saying that this is something I’m looking for, but it’s something I’ve never accomplished in my life. Every milestone I hit from now will be something great to me and exciting thing. I will aim for higher and higher every time I reach a milestone and this is how it will be. Thanks to everyone who support me.

Added new topics on the blog

My most accomplished things in the last month
I’m preparing the blog for a good future I hope, and last month I managed to add new topics to the blog. As you can see that I’m still fresh on posts which isn’t that much, but I’ve added a couple topics and idea and there is more coming in the future soon. I’m going to post more on the current ones till I manage to get enough posts and good traffic.
I got future plans for the topics and how it will be posted on the blog, but for now, it’s kinda hard to manage to pull all of it while doing everything.

Met new blogging friends 

This has been one of my important goals since I started being serious about blogging and I managed to meet some of the friends that blog. It’s really helpful to have friends who can help you with problems and stuff in the same filed. Also, I find it inspiring because we help each other when someone feels unmotivated or down.

I think its most important thing to do as a blogger because you can get help and mostly it’s more fun with friends than alone. Also, you can learn new things from each other which is a great thing.
I’m glad that I managed to finish my goals for the last month and the one before because I had some of it unfinished and this month left nothing from it and I will start fresh with new goals for the current month. Alright, I think this is it for me and now, it’s your turn to share your wins in the comment section.


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