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My full DIY birthday party theme decoration

This is my first time doing this. I know I said this will be shared on my social media. But then, I felt like it should be shared here as a memory. Everything went as planned and the results came out so good. That’s another incentive that made me keep this as memory in my blog. This is My full DIY birthday party theme decoration.

Sometimes you need to capture some moments that you want to remember later. But for us, bloggers, we write them in words with pictures, at least for me. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t record videos because I took a video of this to show my best friend as well.

It’s been fun doing this full project. There are some posts of the parts in this theme which you can read in my blog. Who would ever think that I would do something like this in my life? I didn’t haha. Even though it was my first time, I had to make sure that everything as perfect as it can be. Also, it was worth the effort and time because she loved it.

If you have read my previous DIY post, I was afraid to get rejected after doing all of this, but everything was perfect. So it was a big win and also getting positive feedback from you guys. Thank you so much for the big support and positivity.

About my full DIY birthday party theme decoration

I have done a couple of gift ideas on my blog. That was only to present it to you guys. And I never thought of doing one and gift it until I had to do one for a good person I met during the current trip(to Russia). However, it was only one project consist of items. But this time I went all in and created full DIY birthday party theme decoration. Only if she is here, it would make perfect sense and mean much more.

It will include more things like hugging and spend more time with her. Also, taking her for a nice dinner and all this kind of stuff.

Anyways, excuse me, with all these posts, I haven’t introduced my best friend to you guys. She is a university student like me and her name is Aya. We have been friends for a long time and she never had a birthday party before. However, I was only aiming to just choose nice gifts for her, but she is stubborn and didn’t let me. She can’t stop me though and I decided to do this, instead.

She has been going through tough days lately and she deserves well spent time aside from everything. So I took my imagination to the next level. And you won’t believe that after spending some time with her and showing her what I did. She went to watch a movie, so that counts as a perfect night haha. If you reading this, I’m sorry, I mentioned that for memories lol.

Here we go…

The actual day was the 27th of February but since there are only two days I post on, I had to wait. It would have been perfect if one of these days was on her actual day. Anyways, let’s get started. Please grab your coffee or tea and enjoy my full DIY birthday party theme decoration.

The beginning of my full DIY birthday party theme decoration

The base of the first item, the letter.

I was thinking only to show the party theme at first. However, then I wanted to show the last two parts of this huge project because I can’t leave them behind, you know. Also, I did something new and kinda want to show it haha.

We all know this part which building the base and I think it’s the easiest one now. In my opinion, I have done it more than it needed to learn how to do it. But, I thought it would be a good start for the next two items.

An item of my full DIY birthday party theme decoration

The letter of The full DIY birthday party theme

The letters in my projects it represents for whom the project will be for. If you read my birthday cake decoration, you will know that. Also, notice that I made it’s own base because you will know more of why later in this post.

It took me three layers of thick papers to perfectly cover it haha. I don’t know what happened to me, but I usually, do it in one try. However, it worked well in the end and that’s all the matter, right?

The second item of my full DIY birthday party theme decoration

An heart for The full DIY birthday party theme

Moving to the next item. This is for spreading all the love around during the presentation. Although, she deserves even more because she is a lovely person and she has an amazing personality.

I’m thinking of improving new techniques for doing my projects and one of them is the shadows. This was made for a special person, and I thought it will make it special by adding something new to it. That would be the shadows. As you can see in the picture above.

Alrighty, it’s time to show what you need for this full DIY birthday party theme decoration.

The first DIY item

A DIY Birthday party cake

If you have figured out for which party you want to do the decoration. Then, you need to make sure everything related to it. That will help to make the perfect vibes for the celebration. I made this “happy birthday” sentence with a birthday cake. And shared a guide step by step on how to do it, but you can pick anything of your choices.

Also, since my best friend is not here, I put the desk in my room against the wall. But, you will need to find the perfect spot for it. However, I recommend the living room where it’s going to be crowed to let everyone see it. Unless the celebration will be somewhere else.

It might not be for a celebration party, but more like a surprise for your loved one like what I did. The living room works perfectly for that as well.

The second DIY item

A stand for the items of The full DIY birthday party theme

The first part was for the party, and this one is going to be for my friend. You will see in the next steps how I’m going to use it. I’ve had some people get confused about what this is about, and how to use it. Here is an example of it.

If you want to learn how I made this from the scratch, make sure to read my post here. There is a full tutorial aka post about it from last week.

The letter on the stand
The heart with the stand on the actual stand of The full DIY birthday party theme

I made the heart and the letter on another base/stand for this purpose, and imagine you have anything other than these items. Which can be placed on this stand for a new style presentation.

The other thing that I wanted to talk about is decorating the letter. This idea came to my mind from me imaging my friend and how beautiful she will be putting a sunflower on her ear and smile haha. She is so pretty without that, but it kinda funny how my creativity comes out with this idea lol.

Additional items

Additional items, candles for The full DIY birthday party theme
Another additional item, balloons
The last additional item, a Panda

The party theme decoration was already finished when I got done with the last two parts. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t add anything else to it for more nice touches.

I thought a lot about how I want to make the environment for the place that the birthday party will be at, and I chose to make it romantic, love and just peace. That’s why I picked the candles and mind that this is will be at the beginning as a surprise. But, it can be as a decoration as long as you want or until the end of the party or day.

A party can’t be a party without balloons, you know that. However, I wasn’t able to add more balloons to this because I had an image of this theme in my mind and wanted to do it.

The last item was just random because I wanted to pick a dog at first because she is a doggy person. But that made the picture even better and got nice pictures of it.

Alright, now that I finished presenting the items. Here is how I organized the party.

The final look of my full DIY birthday party theme

The final look of my full DIY birthday party theme

I would have taken pictures of each item while I place it, but this time I’m going to change. It will take more time when I can do it in another quicker way. Anyway, this is my full DIY birthday party theme.

My plan for the top of the stand was to add stars and stickers, but I couldn’t find them on time, and I put a balloon instead. It came out nice and well for the theme. Also, it was an excuse to add more balloons haha.

Here how it looks!

The full DIY birthday party theme

The full DIY birthday party theme
The full DIY birthday party theme
The full DIY birthday party theme
The full DIY birthday party theme

Shadows in the background are something I never paid attention to before doing all of this because I didn’t think it would be like that. Aside from it, this is how I made and presented my best friend’s birthday party. I would’ve walked her inside while her eyes closed, and make her open her eyes to this.

If I had more candles. I would’ve added more lights to more spots in the picture. For example, the balloon in the wall wasn’t shown fully, but it’s okay.

I would recommend being careful of the distance between the candles and the items for safety and the balloons would pop from the heat of the fire. Other than that, everything was fun and nice.

This is how it looks when the lights are turned on. also, the candles still lighting as well. It makes it an even better picture. Also, I added a balloon in front of the panda to look like he is holding one as well for the last picture haha.


Well, this will be the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading my full DIY party and would love to know your opinion on this. It was really fun doing it and I might do more of these in the future who knows. Please subscribe or follow this blog to receive more posts on time in the future.

Pinnable picture of My full DIY birthday party theme decoration


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