My first travel post and the start of a new adventure

Hello, hello, everyone! I’m writing this post with so much excitement because this will be the first time in my life to do this. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time and finally, decided to start, at least haha. This is my first ever travel post and the start of a new adventure . Also, an introduction to a new whole start for this blog.


I wanted to add the travel to my blog so badly to a point where I couldn’t wait. And I only wrote tips and my plan. Because I wanted to feel like I’m moving forward to my goal of writing actual posts and share pictures. However, things didn’t go as I plan.

If you are an old reader, you would know that I even wrote my travel plan on this blog as well. Because I was sure that I’m going to travel someday and achieve my goal. I wasn’t sure when though. Things went south and I had to stop dreaming about it. However, my ambition of traveling is real which gave me hope that it will happen soon. That’s why I kept the topic even with only two posts. Here is the first one. The second is my travel plan that never worked.

I had to carry the two posts with me all this time haha. I put in my mind that no matter when or how, still, I will manage to do it someday. Here we go today, I’m about to publish… I mean it’s already been published. Otherwise, you won’t read it lol.

About this post

Anyways, enough with storytimes and let’s get started with my first travel and a new adventure. I’ve been on this trip(to Russia)for more than one month and just realized that I could’ve started earlier. I guess I’m still settling out haha. To be honest, since traveling wasn’t my purpose I got distracted.

I’m currently in Russia for education and study purposes in case you are confused. You’ve probably known that already if you read my first ever gift I posted last week. Also, right now I’m at a city called Nizhny Novgorod which located by a river(Oka).

I decided to explore the city as a start for my travel topic. This city has a couple of nice places. But I will be traveling around in other cities in Russia before I can go around the world for more content.

Today’s post will be just a tease for the next post. Also, my first experience with exploring haha because if you keep reading, you will laugh. It wasn’t bad, but more like something, everyone would do in new places lol.

Here we go…

I have no idea how people figure out places to visit, but I looked it up on the map. And Figured that is a nice to start with and good enough to have two parts haha. because I found out that its a great place for tourists and even local people love to take pictures there.

Also, transportation in Russia is nice and easy. This will help in exploring the city without me having to rent a car or struggle.

The first destination in my first travel and a new adventure

A cafe with snow and trees

Alright, so I took off a little late than I wanted and the sun was about to set. So I was in a rush to get some pictures during the daylight. I was like “What a good start lol” on my way to it.

Anyways, I arrived at the location and had to go around to check it out. But that took a little bit of time haha. Because I used the map, it was a little difficult to know the exact place and you will see what did I found.

This place has a nice cafe first when you approach it. The purpose wasn’t to review it so I just took a picture as I’m passing by because it has a good looking front.what

What to expect

A picture of big buildings and cars

The first you see after walking a few minutes toward it from the cafe is big nice buildings. Also, if you have a car there are plenty of spots for parking. I didn’t find a lot of locals or tourists there when I went. But there were few people and families.

I went during working days and it’s cold in Russia which might not find a lot of people until the weather gets a little bit settled or during holidays.

Anyways, if you look at the white building, the actual place I want to talk about is on the left side. I thought it was in the right on the map and that’s where I wandered haha.

A picture if the inside during my first travel and a new adventure

A picture of a gate with trees

I went inside because it was surrounded by big walls and gates. However, I got inside through the car gate and later found that people get in from the gate shown in the picture above haha.

A picture of a walking roads and snow with trees

I ended up in a place that has long walking roads and nice buildings around. Which made it interesting for me to check around, but didn’t take a lot of pictures of it.

Then, I decided to leave and go to the other side of the white building I mentioned earlier.

The first thing to see during my first travel and a new adventure:

A picture of a statue and snow

The first thing you will see is a big statue and a lot of spaces for pictures and snow, too.

A picture of a telescope with the river.

If you walk forward, you will see behind a telescope to help get a good view of the surroundings that are far and down at the river. There were three, but I didn’t get the chance to use it.

I’m not sure why the river looks like a painting work haha, but I think because of the snow.

It was difficult to keep my hands out to take pictures. My hands were freezing cold, but I managed to capture nice pictures haha. Also, when the snow melts during this weather it turns into ice which makes it hard to walk on without falling.

Something from part two

Something from part two. The beginning of the hill with snow.

I won’t show a lot of pictures, though. Because that’s all I can share until the next post where everything will be revealed. However, I just wanted to share this little adventure.

As time passed and it started to get darker, I decided to leave and get. The place has normal stairs, but I stop to think about what do I want to do. Go up on the stair or make it a little better and on the snow.

I hesitated because I can’t risk sliding down when I’m at the top and get hurt, but I really wanted to do it. After a few minutes of arguing with myself and decided not to go on the snow.

A picture of a hill and snow.

But I changed my mind and did it anyway and got up through the hill, instead. It was a bit scary and a lot of snow. I love to have adventures during the trips and that’s one thing you will see a lot in the next post and many more in the future.


This is will be it for this post. I hope you enjoyed and I’m excited about the second part. If you don’t want to miss it, please subscribe and follow me. There will be another surprise next week as well.

I want to know how my first travel post and how I did as well, I would like to know your opinions. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day

Next in the second part:

A picture of the second part
  • More information about this place.
  • A lot of pictures of the place.
  • Nice spots to take pictures at.
  • Nice spots to sit at and enjoy the view.. many more!
My first ever travel post and the start of a new adventure


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