My first adventure to the Kater Geroy “The hero boat”

Another week, another travel post. This is my first adventure to the Kater Geroy “The hero boat”. If you feel like that’s weird to read that, don’t worry, me too. I just got started last week and I’m getting used to it. Things going good so far and I understand now why people would spend money to be a travel blogger haha. It’s so much fun to learn about what this world has from places to traditions and many more.

I was in shock by the feedback from my last and first travel post. There is no way I could’ve predicted that it would a good start. Thank you, everyone, for the big support and positivity. However, this post will be even better because it’s the big reveal from my first travel post.

About the place

Usually, I put some time to talk with you about a few things, but this time we are going straight to the post.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t realize that this place is important until my second visit. The only reason why I wanted to talk about it is that I saw some locals taking pictures there. Also, the first time I went there. There weren’t that many people, and I thought it might be just another place in the city and nothing else.

Then, I found out that it’s called “Kater Geroy” and it’s an attraction to locals and tourists. This place has a history which we will cover later and I’m not going to dig deep, just what I know. Anyways, this place is located in Nizhniy Novgorod at the lower Volga River. The place is big and it’s at the end of the Chkalov stairs.

I’m going to talk about it as I show the pictures and share more details about everything. I spent about an hour and a half exploring the place and it wasn’t enough as it was so big. However, it was enough to take you on a tour and show you the important parts of it.

A statue top of Kater Geroy

A picture of the statue from different angle

If you read my previous post, you know that I took another picture of the statue shown in the picture above. That was another road that I took. This time I wanted to change and explore more.

Also, I mentioned that I went to another place in my previous travel post. But it was all connected and surrounded by walls. The building shown in the picture is part of it, the place I visited. I just wanted to correct that and if you want to understand what I’m talking about. You can read it after this on there.

A long time ago, they surrounded the place with big walls for protection when they were on battles. I’m not sure with who but that’s all I know.

Previous travel post:
My first ever travel post and the start of a new adventure

A picture of the river from next of te statue.

I walked toward the statue and I already shared this before, but it was only part of it. Which there was only one telescope, and here is the full picture of it with three of them. Also, there weren’t that many people the first time and here tourists and locals this time.

Not sure if you noticed, but the last time there was no sun and a lot of snow. This time it’s less cold and sunny because the weather got back to normal. Which, helped me to enjoy it and not like the first time haha.

A view of everything from the top

Here is a view of what you will see if you use the telescope, but less because it would be even clearer and closer when seeing through it haha. The tour of this post will start from this point to the bottom. I will show close up pictures of the river and the boat.

A Road down with cars

Before going down and start the adventure because it’s the main reason why I was there in the first place. I thought it would be nice to walk around above and take some pictures.

The picture above is another way to go down to the Kater Geroy and also car roads. But I’m going to the top right which a walking road for people to enjoy some walking with friends.

A walking road

A walking road with a a lot of people and trees

From the statue above, if you go to the right. You will find a road where restaurants and a view from above to the river besides walking. As you can see there are a lot of locals enjoying the day, too.

A view of the Volga river

The first thing that came in my mind is to take photos with a drone when I was walking haha. I can imagine how good it will be and the traveling spirit and vibes are growing on me lol. However, let’s not get too excited and try to do so many things at once.

Anyways, I think it’s time to get down to the river and show more interesting stuff.

The first view of the Chkalov stairs

I used the stair to get down and this called “The Chkalov stairs”. It leads down to the Kater Geroy.

I stopped to take some pictures and if you look at the right side of the stairs you will see some nice spots to sit in.

A spot to sit and spend time with family

A view of trees next to the Chkalov stairs

It’s actually a lovely place with all the trees and the view of the river. You would enjoy it more on any season other than winter though. Things get better with a colorful view of the trees and everything around.

Anyways, then, I kept walking down and took some pictures on my way. Here is a couple of them.

A view from top to the Kater Geroy

A view of the Chkalov stairs from the top
A view of the river from the top of Chkalov stairs
A picture of a dog on the Chkalov stairs
A view from the stair to the kater Geroy and the hero boat
A view of the river on the stairs

Finally, I arrived at the bottom. Since it was a long way down, I decided to make a little adventure and do parkour on my way haha. Also, I met that cute dog and I needed to take a picture of him. I didn’t plan for him to look at me lol.

It was a bit difficult to take photos without people in it because there were a lot of people. I had to wait for the perfect moment and some people looked at me and wondered why I’m waiting on the stair haha.

A view of the Kater Geroy from the stars.

Here is the Kater Geroy in the picture above and the bottom of the stairs. The boat in the front is called the “Hero” because there were battles in the river before and they won and kept it as victory reminder.

More pictures of the Kater Geroy!

The hero boat and kater Geroy
Another view of the Kater Geroy with cars parked
Another picture of the Kater Groy with the river
A picture of the Kater Geroy
Another picture of the boat from different side.

Do you think that would be over? I think it’s time to go even further toward the river and take a look at the boat from different angles.

The boat from the side

The hero boat view from the side

I walked even further toward the boat and found out that there are more stairs down to the river. Then, I was like “Let’s go down there because I’ve never been this close to a river. Here are some pictures!

A picture getting close to the river

As you can see, I went down and there was an artist which is the one on the left. Also, there are two stairs until you reach the river and when you get down the first one, there is a walking road from both sides. I didn’t have time to go to the left side of the picture above, but I went to the right which I will show later in the post.

The stairs to the Volga river
The view next to the Volga river

This is my first time ever being this close to a river and it was interesting. I just wished it wasn’t snowing to see it on normal days. From the spot in the picture above, If you let the river in the front of you and look back, here how it looks like.

The hero boat from the bottom

Okay, I just wanted to show a photographer work if I was one haha. Anyways, I just wanted to take more pictures for the boat from different angles like I said and here how it looks. So I went to the right side when you walk down the stair.

Another angle  view of the Hero boat

I thought I would be done by now, but I saw something from a far distance when I walked even further and I had to go to it.

A close picture of the Volga river
A walking road next to the river
A view of a reindeer from down the stair

I found out that it was a giant reindeer facing the river. This would be an amazing decoration for Christmas. However, even with this, it still an attraction to people taking pictures under it. It’s made from iron as you can see.

A close picture of a reindeer statue

Also, as you can see there is a long road here if you want to spend time walking or running, it would be a perfect place for you.

Anyways, at this point, we reached the end of this tour, but I wanted to show you some pictures of when you want to go up the Chkalov stairs and leave.

The Chkalov stairs from the bottom view

Conclusion and final thoughts

I think this place is nice. It has so many people and different ways. Some can only enjoy a view and relax. Some can use it as a way to be healthy by walking and stay fit. I wish it’s not snowing and everything colorful to get even better pictures, overall, it was a nice first experience.

Alrighty, and here we go like every time. We reached the end of this post and tour. I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to know your thoughts on my first trip. Also, please subscribe to the blog because there will be more awesome trips and more interesting DIY projects.


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