My favorite things to do in the break and free time

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Today I will start a new niche on the blog and it is the lifestyle niche which will be about my lifestyle and everything related to it. I want to take the opportunity to share my perspectives, thoughts, and knowledge in my life and hopefully, you guys can get something and enjoy because it will include entertainments in the future.
I want to include the entertainment in this niche because life wouldn’t be a life if there is no entertainment and it will be boring. So I’m going to try as much as I can do it and I hope you will like it.
My favorite things to do in the break and free time
Today’s post is going to be about my favorite things That I like to do when I get a break or in the free time. Do you have a work? If you do then have you got a break, time to gather your thoughts and be away from work for a few minutes?. Also, did you thought of doing something different with your free time?. Well, This post going to present you my favorite things that I do in these times.

Reading books

I’m the kind person who loves to learn new things rather than doing things that has nothing to do with climbing up to the top. Every time I get break time I would read as much as I can from the book and it really helps me to pass time if there is nothing to do as well.
I don’t think you would find many people who do the same thing as this and when I do it people start looking at me differently when I get the book and start reading. I actually read books whenever I get the chance not only in the break times.
A real moment:
I used to do this back in my school days when we get breaks in between classes and I remember I brought with me a book, it’s not school book and pulled it out of my backpack in my class and everyone looked at me. I still read books and I’m proud of myself for doing it because it helps to be better and better and learn new things in life.

Playing with RC trucks

Playing with RC’s is one of my favorite things to do in my life actually and having the chance to play in the free time is my favorite thing because I don’t really get to play that much and so I play as much as I can when I have nothing to do which in the free time.
The best thing is that it’s not only me who has RC trucks, but also my friends which’s really amazing and it allows us to do a lot of ideas together. I really recommend playing with friends rather than playing alone if possible.
A real moment:
I have done like an RC trucks race with my friends and it turns out what I called ‘An RC stunts with friends’ where we ended up doing stunts with the RC’s instead of racing and it was a lot of fun doing, but unfortunately we did not record anything but next time we play together I will record it and make it as a memory.

Learning Drawing

Another thing that I like to do when having a break is to learn how to draw a 3D drawing. I can’t say that I’m good at it, but I’m not that bad, I just need to develop my drawing skills and it will be awesome. I use my break time to learn more about how to draw the 3D drawings.
It’s not really that easy and it really takes a lot of time to learn and draw, but I would learn one thing every day rather than learning nothing. Honestly, it’s not my hobby, but I love drawing and it’s fun and that’s why.
A real moment:
I used to do this back in the school days as well, but I’m going to mention an earlier story when I got a short break after doing like a paperwork and had an empty paper on the desk and I started drawing random 3D objects. It wasn’t that good, but then I started to learn online and practice on paper later.

Yoga session

I think having a yoga session in the free time would be a good thing to do and this is what I’m doing sometimes in my free time. I do practice and learn because I wouldn’t call myself a good at yoga and it takes several attempts to do some yoga poses right.
My friends agreed with me that doing yoga in the free time is a good thing because it is healthy for our bodies and sometimes we do it together and that would be more fun and I actually recommend doing it with a friend to feel the joy of doing yoga.
A real moment:
I did a quick yoga session with my friend in the last weekend and it was fun, but we didn’t do that much because we couldn’t do most of it. Also, my friend didn’t have that much of a free time because he had to finish his work.
Alright, I hope you enjoyed reading my favorite things to do in break time and also the free time. That doesn’t mean that I don’t other things. Also, I mention real moments on each one and to be honest, I just realized I could use it to tell you guys about myself and I think I’m going to develop it in the future.
We have come to an end for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did stay tuned for a new post. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this post in the comment section below and tell us what is your favorite thing to do with the free time or break time. Thank you for reading, wish you a great day and keep smiling and stay happy until the next post.

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