My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration

This week there will be fewer projects and more content. I’m trying to kick start the new posting schedule because I’m trying to stay consistent. But life won’t be easy on me and let me do that. Sometimes we get distracted with other things and can’t keep thinking straight. That’s one of the reasons why I can’t be consistent. So for this week it’s going to different and will be my first time writing one like this. This post is about my 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration.

I don’t know why I said new when it’s something I have done before but I didn’t stick to it. Well, this time I’m going to do my best to make it possible and do two posts on time each week. Plus, I will add more ideas like this since we can only write few things haha. I can’t say so much because being stuck at home can’t be promising lol.

Anyways, today’s post going to be something I wanted to do for a long time. But I didn’t have the chance. Because at the beginning I couldn’t write something like this as I had a few projects back then. So I kept this idea in my head until now and I think it’s time to get it out of my mind. Since I wanted to do it for a long time, it feels great being able to do it, you know. Also, this is will be a new thing which will be more of it in the future.

About the post

At the beginning when I started my journey as a DIY blogger, I read a lot of articles with a title start by “my 5 favorites”. And it can be books, recipes or anything. I thought why not write one like that since it’s fun to write about it. Then, come back later to read it and see the progress of how much you have developed your skills on whatever is on your list. That you did so good to have it in a favorite’s.

However, at that time I didn’t have that many items to add them or make a list out of it. Then, I thought to keep it aside until I have enough ideas or projects in my matter. But, if you can tell, things started to change. And I was distracted by making projects. And now, I think it’s the best chance to get it started.

Honestly, I always hated writing about lists. Because I’m required to finish it. Even if I don’t feel like I want to write anymore or get bored in the middle. Doing a long post of it just makes it even harder to think of writing more of it in the future haha. However, over time things changed and now I enjoy doing them and I have written a few of them before in my blog.

There are more projects than listed in this post that I did and you can check it in the blog. Because I always write about every project I do. Anyways, here is My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think and what’s your favorite one of this list.

My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration

I don’t know about you guys but I think customs stuff like these should have unique names to call them by haha. This is something I have been thinking about over and over for the past weeks. Surely, it will happen but I’m not sure when. So stay tuned to know how and when I’m going to start naming my projects of decorations and more. However, for now, it will be a description of what they made for.

1-Custom decoration for my desk

Custom decoration for my desk, My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration

I didn’t expect myself to do something for my desk. Because I was so focused on doing projects for others or other purposes. Until I decided to treat myself with something nice. And I couldn’t think of something better than a DIY decoration for my desk. Since I’m a blogger who sits on a chair for a long time is going to be a good idea.

If you missed reading about this, I recommend you doing that because the flower was the first time doing it. Though, not as I expected but it was nice. Also, it looks nice with the blue column and that’s one thing I like about i. This is not my favorite because it’s about me but the design came out nice. Plus, it gives my desk a good look at which people were impressed by it. Plus, it has my favorite color and that makes it even better haha.

2-Hand made decoration for a business owner

Hand made decoration for a business owner,My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration

This is one of my longest projects it took me to finish which was about two weeks. I had to do math and construction work to make it like that with cardboard and papers. That’s why I say hand made because it’s all made from scratch b me. It was made for my uncle. If you missed reading it and he loved it.

I’m impressed with how it turned out in the end. Even though there were some mistakes were made and some ups and downs. Everything was nice and it didn’t make a much difference in the original picture. That I imagined in my mind when I planned it. It’s one of my favorites because of how the colors and everything looks. Not many projects come as you expected which this one was good and like I imagined. Plus, it’s for one of my family members. And it meant something to me. Just to do for him something big like this since he is dedicated to his work.

3-The custom decoration for a ninja lover’s room

This is was one of my recent projects in case you haven’t read it yet. It wasn’t planned to make this at first. But then when things didn’t go as planned, I decided to make that. You can read the full story. If you are interested in learning about the full project and how this idea came out to my mind.

I made it intending to be a Katana and a ninja star but the Katana was small, and that made people confused. Some thought it’s just a knife which I kinda agree with them haha. Because it had some mistakes and you can also find out about them in the original article.

You can determine which something that you made can be added to the favorite list or not. Just by looking at it and feel like you have done a great job. That’s why this is my favorite. Because just looking at this, I feel like it gives my desk a good picture. Also, and can imagine how it will look like when it can be placed on a bedside table or something else in the room. Plus, the colors make it looks good, in my opinion.

4-The Full custom DIY birthday party decoration

Sometimes you hesitate when it comes to making a decision. And I did for a little while and then, decided to go on and make something for my best friend for her birthday because she deserves it. At first, it started with one idea and one item. Then I decided to make a full birthday party theme decoration haha. It took me a little while to finish it but this would be the second-longest project.

It’s my favorite because it has a special purpose. The results were unexpected. Only if I were able to make the balloons and candles at home, would be a next-level decoration theme. It will mean more to the other person. Since it’s hard to get all the items hand made and takes a lot of time. This is something not going to happen a lot of times but there might more of it in the future, stay tuned for that.

5-My First gift ever since I started doing DIY projects

I have done DIY projects for my friends, but since they are all not close to me, I couldn’t send it to them. So I just take pictures and videos as they are watching it in real life. However, for this project, I spent more time on it to make sure that it’s ready to be gifted. As you can see, the results were excellent.

When I look at it, I wonder how I manage doing that haha. The colors and everything came out very well in the end. And that’s why it’s on my favorite list. Also, this has a special meaning as well and my first ever experience of gifting my work to other people haha.

It was my first time doing the butterfly in this decoration. Plus, I wasn’t planning on doing white and blue. I thought it might not be good and it was a good idea haha. However, the flower wasn’t because I have done it a couple of times before. After all, she liked it and that

Conclusion of My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration

Alright, this is all for this post and I’m glad to do the things I have been wanting to do it for a long time. Now that it’s started, I’m sure there will be more posts like these. However, with different projects, because the list is going to be updated over time but not sure how long. Please subscribe or follow my blog. To get new posts in the future as soon as it gets published. Thank you for reading until this point. Stay safe and be careful.

My 5 favorite DIY projects I did for decoration


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