Most things that I’m thankful for this year

I mentioned in my latest post that I’m going to share the most things that I’m thankful for and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, but I didn’t do that because my schedule for posting has changed and yesterday wasn’t on the schedule. Instead, my wish to everyone was shared on my main social media account which is Twitter. 

However, I’m going to share what I’m most thankful for this year still because it’s not too late yet for that and I hope everyone had a good turkey yesterday and enjoyed the day. I would say it’s the best time to be thankful for whatever you are in this year. Also, I’m glad for those who had the opportunity to spent yesterday with their families. 
Most things that I'm thankful for this year
I haven’t officially announced the new schedule for the blog posting because I just got this idea after I posted my last article. I wasn’t going to talk about it because I said before that will be posting as much as I can in each week and after deep thinking, I thought being consist in my work is something really great and would help me a lot. That was the reason why I did the schedule update and it will be three days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which is today. 
We always have things to be thankful for every year in our life, maybe something new came into your life or something that keep developing over and over through time. Either way, we should feel thankful for it and grateful. What are the things that you are thankful this year? I would love to know in the comment section.
First thing I’m thankful and grateful for is having the passion to chase my dreams and goals and what I love. Being able to do what you love and developing it is just an amazing thing that I want in my life because I’m a person that doesn’t enjoy laughing and wasting time hanging out with some friends who doesn’t any ambitions all the time. 
Being able to do what you like is something we need to be thankful for because there are people who try so hard, but at some point, they can’t or don’t have the ability to do whether physically or mentally which using the mind and inspiration. Looking at people who really want to do something, but they don’t have while you have it makes me be thankful and willing to support them once I have the ability to do so.
I’m thankful for having such a great community that support me throughout my days on working as a blogger. This is one of the best things that could happen to me because back when I started, I couldn’t even write properly and after a while when I started communicating with other bloggers and writes, I just started to improve myself.
This was one of my goals as a blogger to meet other people who have the same interest and surround myself with them because I know that would help me a lot and it did. If you remember at the beginning of this year, one of my goals was to meet other bloggers which I celebrated on ‘Celebration time’ post. 
Also, I’m thankful for having my friends who are really inspirational which helped me to go through my down times. If it wasn’t for me surrounding myself with people who can lift you up when you fall, I wouldn’t be able to continue. I got two best friends that stand with me every time and always willing to help me which I’m really grateful and thankful.
I’m thankful and grateful for the support on this blog and I said this in my previous posts and I’m going to say it again. When I started, I always doubt about my work and what I write because I feel like it’s not worth it, but with the amazing support, I was able to build confidence in myself and always aim for the better. 
I know some feedback may not matter, but knowing that I did well it makes me good about myself and gives me the confidence to look for more improvements. Also, critical feedback is something I hated before not because I don’t want to get better, but I hated to be called loser or be told by someone else that I have mistakes. However, I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for that and I don’t hate it anymore. 
I’m thankful and grateful for yesterday’s food haha because we had a lot of food and I live with my family which of course, I spent it with them. It is not only about what we eat, but rather what we do and with who. 
This is a wrap for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Make sure share with us what are you thankful. I will see you in the next post, stay safe and have a good weekend till then. Have a good morning as well. I put this in new life updates because I can’t add a new topic and blogger doesn’t have tags.


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