Most highlight of funny family moments of the 2018 year!

Hello everyone and welcome back from a beautiful holiday and an amazing Christmas. I hope you all enjoyed it with family because it makes more fun when all the family gathers and celebrate. It’s these moments, which we want to remember years later and will bring a smile into our faces every time we go through it. Always make sure to enjoy every bit of it because this doesn’t happen a lot in our life and can’t get it back once it’s gone.

Most highlight of funny family moments of the 2018 year!

One thing that I really want to get from blogging which the most thing I love doing every day is to draw my life in words, which will allow me to remember it years later. As a blogger that enjoys his passion will be able to turn moments into words and draw every detail perfectly. However, it may take time to figure out things that will help to get the right way and everything, but this won’t be a case at all.

The same month last year, I wrote about my travel goals for the year and I wasn’t able to achieve anything because there was a lot of things that got in my way during the process of me working on it. However, I’m still going to work on the same goals, but this time I will be working even harder because my effort wasn’t enough this year. Sometimes nature peace with a normal schedule is going to take more time than it needs and this why we need to spend more effort and push more.

I’m not sure if there are other bloggers that see the blogging in a different way. blogging is usually a way that we can share certain things in our life with the audience or should I say readers, but I see it as a place or community which I can entertain others by sharing my life and the funny things happen. I’m looking for other bloggers who do the same thing or close what I’m doing because I need to connect with them and maybe collaborate.

Anyways, sometimes we get the most interesting or funny moments during the year and tend to forget it because there is nothing to remind us of it, and a lot of things happen. Some people wonder why a person can remember something from years ago that they forget about it already, and simply, because going through the moment in mind from time to time will help to keep it in our memory.

You may have seen other bloggers who write about the most favorite posts of a month or a year in a post. However, I’m not going to do that, but I would like to go through moments that happen during the year and enjoy it again. It will not be about anything because I’m sure I won’t be able to remember everything, but I will be mentioning my most favorite funny moments of the year. Usually, I do three moments in a post because I don’t wanna make it boring and I think it will be the same amount for now.

Alright, there wasn’t so many funny moments that I would consider in my favorite list, but I have a couple of things that I would really want to remember and still laugh at it. Hopefully, next year I will be prepared with a good list for your entertainment. Also, I will try to provide pictures as well because that would make it more fun to read.

My sister and I went for a shopping trip with my dad to a clothing store and she finished shopping early because there wasn’t that much she needed, even though, girls usually take more time than anyone haha, but at that time I had so many things in the list and I wanted to pick the best stuff in the store which I usually do.

 She decided to get back to the car while my dad and I finish shopping, there wasn’t that much at that time. After a few minutes later while we were walking to our car, I saw my sister inside another car that similar to ours haha. I knocked on the windows laughing while she was playing on her phone and I was like ‘What are you doing?’ and she said ‘What you mean, I’m waiting for you guys’ and I said ‘This is not our car’ and started laughing haha.

I think took her a few seconds to realize that, and she got out of the car. I don’t know how that car was opened. It might the owner went back to the store to do something quickly, and he didn’t lock it. I couldn’t stop laughing at what she did, and every time we go out together, I keep joking with her about it haha.

The second one happened in the summer this year, which I remember my brother and I went for a walk in the afternoon. We kept walking for almost 20 minutes and then got ourselves a little treatment of two nice ice creams because it was hot at that time.  We were enjoying the time and the ice cream until my brother somehow forget about the ice cream on his hand and he waved it a little bit too hard when he was talking and almost got it on me, but I managed to avoid it which was too close to get on someone that is next to us haha.

I was like ‘What was that?’ and he said ‘oh my bad I didn’t mean to do that’ and looked to where it went haha and the first reaction was ‘Oh my..’ that was too close and couldn’t stop laughing at him haha. It would’ve been a little bit bad, but it was funny how my brother reacted to that as well.

We were doing some house cleaning as a family with my cousins because they were at our house at that time and they decided to join the crew haha, however, there were water and soap on the floor and my cousin was about to slip on the ground, but then he managed to keep his balance for a few seconds and he was like ‘I got this don’t worry’ and we were watching him haha, Not too long after he finished the sentence, he slipped haha.

Most highlight of funny family moments of the 2018 year!


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