Instant moments which turn out a prank for both sides

We all know that Thanksgiving about to come which only one day without today. I will be sharing in a post about everything that I’m most thankful for and send my wishes to everyone on the same exact day. Hopefully, everything will be as planned because I might be busy which I may lose the chance of sharing it, but I will make sure to write it before the actual day.

We all get that instant moment which happens accidentally and it scares both sides as a prank haha. At least this is what happened to me before in my lifetime. It would be like a quick funny reaction and laugh because you are in rush for something to get done or somewhere to go to. If you ever wondered about pranking both sides and still be funny, well, you are about read how haha.

Instant moments which turn out a prank for both sides

If you ever had a question in your mind of what I’m writing or what you reading haha. Well, my main purpose is entertainment and laughter, using our moments that happen in our life is something thought would be interesting, also, good idea. However, I’m looking for more stuff as I’m posting and develop how to go through the moment or whatever is that I want to talk about. I hope I’m doing a good job though.

The only reason that made me do it is that if we look around the web, we will find a lot of informative blogs which provides information about certain things in life. Entertainment would the least topic everyone would expect and how its done is something else which I’m working on developing a great way. Also, sharing certain things in my life.

Anyways, this time as I said at the beginning of this post, I will be sharing the funniest instant moments that was a prank to me and whoever was with me during the moment. Thought this would be a good idea to make you laugh because it makes me laugh every time I remember some of it.

One of the most famous ones that happened to me and still could happen over and over is what I call ‘the blind spot’ which means we don’t expect at all because we don’t see it coming. I’m sure some of you have got this moment, you can share it with us in the comment section if you feel like it. I wonder how it ends up for other people.

This happened to me with three of my family members, my older brother, aunt, and my grandma haha. It was in the same sport, but with different reaction and purposes. This is going to be good memories read for me after a while because I would forget it if I don’t remember from time to time haha. I will be going through one and just explain reactions for the all of it since it’s in the same spot.

I was rushing to buy snacks for myself and get back to finish watching the movie, my older brother happens to get in the house as I’m leaving. I was running and he suddenly popped in my face as I opened the door and walk out in a hurry to the outside. He was looking at me like ‘what in the world is happening’ like it was something serious, but it was just me running in a hurry to get some snacks haha. It was somehow, frightening as it suddenly happened which mean like a scare jump, you know what I’m saying haha.

Reactions in this situation can only be from my side because they just walking in and chilling and I am the one who is rushing haha. My grandma, I was called by cousins to get out and hang out with them, nothing happened I stopped as soon as I saw her, but it was a bit scary haha. My aunt, however, I accidentally put my hand on her chest for defense purpose because I had no choice, haha and it was pretty close haha, My brother I just avoid it quickly before I crash into him as I’m leaving out.

The next one is with my cousin, we went to buy a drink and got sodas aka Pepsi and we weren’t expecting anything to happen but to open it and enjoy it, you know. However, that is not what happened, haha my cousin opened his Pepsi and blew all gas up in the air and I was close to him haha which got us both, but mostly, all of it was on my cousin though haha. I felt bad for my cousin that made me scared to open mine because I don’t want that happen to me as well, but it was as bad as his when I opened it.

I’m sure every one of us has inflated a balloon, but few of us has this moment when inflating it. This is one of funniest things I did with my cousins haha. It always makes me laugh picturing how he reacted to it. This one would only count the other side’s reaction because whoever would be, will always be affected by it the most haha.

I know some of the people would use a pump or any tool that could inflate the balloon, but I was using my mouth for that. I always wasn’t sure when to stop or if it’s enough or not and just keep saying ‘little more’, This is me when I try to do it. Also, sometimes I get a small size than other people who are doing with me and I go for more.

However,  I was with two of my cousins having a good time and hanging, chilling together while inflating the balloon. I went too far that it blew at my face haha. Once it popped in my face, it got my cousins scared and they were mad at me for doing that. I was like ‘I’m sorry, didn’t mean that haha’. It was a really funny reaction from them and it scared me too.

I think this will be enough for the day, it was really fun writing this funny stuff and I hope you enjoyed it. Is there anything related to you or something happened to you that could be funny? please share it with us in the comments. I will see you in the next post, till then please stay safe and have a good day and morning.


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