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How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

I have taken breaks from blogging more than working on my posts. It’s time to get back and be more serious. Telling “it’s been a while since I wrote a post” is more than one time at this point haha. Well, I Can’t just keep saying it all the time. Life is tough here and I had to do some works though. Anyways, a new post this week and it will be something simple but can have a good purpose of decoration. This is how to make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers.

There will new and different ideas in the new future starting from now. I’m not only going to do just decorations. I’m planning to do it for the next post as an introduction. but I don’t know what will happen or what I’m going to do. Stay tuned though, I’m going to do my best to make it happen. Follow me on Twitter for more updates

Also, I want to take a moment to say that things might not be well nowadays. Please make sure to stay home and be safe until it gets better. It’s sad that it hasn’t been getting any better but every bad wave, there will be good waves after and it will go back to normal.

Anyways, grab your coffee or tea and enjoy reading this post for now. Throw everything aside and get distracted with my new project. Let’s go!

About the project

This idea was meant to be for the fourth of July but since I was too late to get this idea done. I thought it would still be good and simple desk decoration for bloggers. If you are a blogger or a person who loves to decorate the desk for occasions, this would be perfect for you.

As usual, I try to make my ideas as simple as possible and with things within everyone’s grip. Which things are already in every house. I’m going to use like any previous idea, cardboard, and papers. But this time papers will be more.

I usually get a cardboard piece and cover it with paper lol but this, it’s just papers. However, for this project, I only did one cardboard and that is the base. Because every decoration like this requires something to put on whatever the decoration is. And for this project, I’m going to do a star but with a new style. Keep reading to know more about what else I added.

How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

Now let’s see how can we make this one. I’m going to show you the requirements or items which I made for the project. There won’t be any cinematic scene for this one haha. Because it’s a quick project until I get more ideas ready and will be posted right when I finish it.

The things needed for this project(How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers):

The base, How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

1-The base

First, I’m going to start with the most important item for this project. That will be the base. The picture above is showing it without the white layer. Because I missed taking a picture for it when I added the white layer. Believe me, I also added the measures for a quick explanation on it for you guys haha.

Anyways, don’t worry, the measures for this base is 16cm/15cm. This is a random measurement because this is one of the bases left from previous posts that never made it to my blog haha. However, it’s perfect because there are no specific measures for this.

The first step of making a star. How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

2-The star

Moving to the next one. The second item we will see in the picture above is what we are going to use to make a star. As you can see there are two different colors. Well, if you have already seen it from the thumbnail, you will know how it looks like. It took me like three tries to do it perfectly haha. Since it’s been a while I haven’t done one.

The star is going to be a little big but almost like the previous one which is 21cm a square. It might look big but when you turn it into a star, it will be smaller than you think. I did think it will be big too but the results came different haha.

Additional color for the star, How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

Before showing the finished look of the star. Let me show the other color that will be added to the star for a new style I thought of haha. As you can see in the picture above, the measures of those two are showing on the paper.

The finished look of the star

The finished look of the star, How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

Boom! here how it finally looks like. I’m sure you can tell why I chose the colors and that’s because I wanted to be for the 4th of July but never made it on time. However, it still good for decoration. I’m going to make another idea for the next 4th of July

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3-The columns

The first stage of the columns, How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

Moving to the third item, I will use normal white A4 paper because I didn’t want to add any colors to the columns this time. Plus, I have so many A4 papers since I only used to do more cardboard projects than papers haha. Now I think it’s time to make use of them.

The measures for this is showing in the picture above. Well, it might not look like a column but it will be showing after this. I made two of the. This is not planned because I wanted to do a wavey flag out of the papers but since it’s going to be for another purpose, this would be better.

The finished look of the columns

The finished look of the columns, How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

Here it is! simple columns with papers that can be used for more than just one purpose haha. I have already made those before in my previous posts. It supposed to be one column and the flag but now I made two instead. You might’ve seen the finished look of the entire project too.

The star stand

4- The star stand

I didn’t want to make this as one of the items required because it’s part of the star. It will be a stand and the measures are shown in the picture above. This is also a normal A4 paper. I wanted to make a cardboard stand but went with this one because it’s quick haha.

The finished look of the star stand

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This is how it looks like. of course, it looks like the same ones as the two columns earlier but to hold the start haha.

Wavey lines with different colors

5-Wavey lines

Well, the last one for this project. This one was planned to be the flag haha but like other items in the post. So the other version of it, it turned from wavey flag to lines. However, I didn’t change the colors because it’s still good as well.

Measures for this is as you want because it doesn’t matter as long as you make it wavey. I made it with 6cm long and 2cm width and adjusted the columns to be as you will see next.

Alright, now that everything is ready. It’s time to show the process of the project coming together.

The process of How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

The two columns glued to the base.
First line added to the columns
The second line added to the columns
The star stand and three lines.
The full version of the project
A close-up view of the project
Another close-up view of the project from different angle

Boom! The finished look of this project as you can see in the pictures above. I’m not sure if you noticed but the colors are placed with care haha. The first line is red which as you can see the star. And as it goes down as the colors of the star changes. It’s something I thought of last-minute before gluing the wavey lines lol.


Alright, guys. This is for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading this simple idea. As I said, there will be new ideas coming in the future. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts and subscribe to the blog or follow, please. Also, Would love to know your opinion about this idea. Thank you for reading and hope you having a wonderful day.

How to Make a DIY desk decoration for bloggers

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