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How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

I was absent in the past days. That’s because I couldn’t do any new ideas due to being overwhelmed with a lot of things in my life. Therefore, I had to step aside from work a little bit. It’s going to be difficult to keep doing two days a week with only DY content haha. Takes time to get things done and write and edit by myself. However, this week I’m back with something simple to decorate the room. This how to do a simple room decoration idea 2020.

It’s been a rough year so far but things will come better after it gets worse. Secure yourself and stay healthy until then. Since this situation still going and things won’t get any better soon. I need to add another topic to support this other than travel until I manage to do a DIY project.

This situation might last for a while and there will be no traveling until then. I already miss the fun of going out and exploring. When I come to write about the trip, it gives it more joy as I remember in my mind. So I’m hoping to get back and write more soon.

Sometimes I think of doing more of quick ideas that take a few minutes like envelope’s post. It still takes time to write and edit. But it can help when I need to take care of other responsibilities.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this tutorial of How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020.

About the idea of how to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

So this time I’m going to show a tutorial on how to do a simple decoration. That can help you to add a new idea to your room. It’s a quick idea that I came up during my time when I was busy and it turns out so good. This decoration idea dedicated to my best friend that I have also made a couple of ideas for before in my blog. We have been friends for almost a decade and maybe even more.

This project like my previous decorations which I’m going to the same equipment. It’s going to be made of cardboard and thick papers. But this time there will be also normal A4 paper. So it can be easy for everyone to do at home during this crazy time. Also, there will be two pieces for this project.

I’m going to present this project differently this time. It’s the third way that I added. Because I said in my previous post that I’m still trying new ways. And see a perfect way and stick with it for a while. Let me know in the comment section what you guys think of this way.

How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

The finished look of the butterfly and flower decoration,How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020
Another angle of the decorations, How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

This is the final look and as you can see the blue and white butterfly. It’s special and represents my best friend. Because it includes her favorite color and she is so beautiful. The flower at the bottom is just to make it even better. When putting on a desk or somewhere in the room.

I made these two items for another reason which is for practice as well. If I don’t keep doing each item I made before, I’m going to forget how to make it haha. So we need to keep practicing. It happens with almost everything because it’s not like swimming.

The gold belt is a new idea though. Because I made blue and red belts but not gold haha. Imagine I make real belts at home haha, that would be amazing but for now, it’s paper belts.

Anyways, let’s see how to do a simple room decoration idea 2020 and more pictures of this project.

The required items of how to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

1-The base

The first base and main one,How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

The first thing for this project is we are going to make a base with cardboard. I always make this so there is no need for me to show it without the white layer. Measurement is 13/11cm which is enough for everything but you can make it as you wish.

I made this one before aiming to make another project but I ended up leaving it unused until now. Also, there are more of those stored, haha and there will be more ideas that I’m going to use them for. There won’t be any new bases if not necessary.

2- Another base but a circle

The second circle base,How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

I’m going to show more items but this is another circle-shaped base for the top. I planned to write the measures on the item to make it easier. But I will make sure of it for the next project.

This another base I made before but I managed to do a perfect circle out of it haha. You know me with circles haha. Sometimes it turns out another shape because of my shaky hands.

3-four columns

Four columns,How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

Here we go. Next, I’m going to need four columns and I already made these before. However, I only did the two main items for presentation for practicing. because this is an additional design I added and it turned out looking nice.

Each column is 10cm high and I think it looks a bit higher than I anticipated. Because I didn’t want it to be far from the flower haha. However, you can do it with less than that if you want. I used normal papers A4 for and rolled up and glued the end. Make sure you do it carefully so it can’t be messed up as you roll it.

4-The gold belt

The gold belt,How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

Next, I cut two pieces of the A4 paper and colored as you can see in the picture above. The measurement as you want because it doesn’t matter how wide it can be. Just make sure they are the same measures or else that will make it a little weird haha. And that’s the first thing that came in my mind when I did the first one.

The color is close to dark gold in the finished look and I picked the color randomly haha. I wasn’t expecting results like this but as you can see and how it turned out.

5-The cardboard board

the cardboard board, How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

I think we have seen wooden boards before but here I made out of the cardboard a board haha. And I added the white layer so it looks more appropriate for the project. I’m going to use four of them as shown in the picture above. You have seen it in the finished look and how I’m going to use it.

The measure of board each is 9cm and this is necessary because if we make it longer, we couldn’t use it. So it’s important to keep it like that and this is something I learned when I glued it when finishing the project.

6-The butterfly

the paper butterfly

The first and main item for this project is the butterfly. I made this because my friend is as beautiful as a butterfly and more. It might be made out of paper but still, I’m referring to the real one haha. Sometimes we can turn objects into the real version of it in our mind.

This time I made it differently. I don’t know if you have seen my previous one. But it’s not like this one. Also, it still took me a couple of tries because I almost forgot how to do it haha.

It’s not finished yet. Let’s show the last item before moving to the next step. Please snap your finger and look down.

The butterfly with different colors.

Boom! Another small version of the butterfly but with blue color. This will be glued in the middle of the white one and will look like the wings in the finished look. Also, make sure to make it without the top because butterfly can’t have two heads haha.

A funny story, I recently learned that I could do it with colored papers haha. But I would take a white paper and color it to whatever I want. And that takes a lot of time and consumes a lot of my colors pencils.

7-The flower

The flower, How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020

I’m going to use a red flower as well. This will help to give it a good picture at the end. This was made with normal A4 paper but I did before with thick paper. Because I use the glue gun. However, you can use the glue gun because it’s faster. But put a little bit and that will glue it faster and allow you to not mess everything up.

My first idea is to do it with different colors. For example, red and white because I thought it would look better and different haha. However, I got distracted and forgot to do that and I just realized that when I’m about to glue the last piece of it haha. I already prepared everything too. It looks good either way.

8-The butterfly stand

The butterfly's stand

As I was making the butterfly. I was thinking about how I want it to be. And I couldn’t think of something other than a stand for it. So I decided to take another small normal A4 paper. So I can make it as shown in the picture above. This was made just like the columns but smaller and with a different purpose.

This is the last item we will need for this project. And now let’s see how we can connect these and make something to decorate the room with it. Also, I’m not going to do a cinematic scene this time haha because I’m going to do it differently as I said.

The making of the decoration(How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020)

The first step, connecting the columns

So the first step is we take the columns and glue each one on each angle of the base. Something I almost did that was about to ruin everything. It’s that I didn’t pay attention to whether I’m gluing it straight or not. The first one was not as straight haha. And that’s how I learned this.

The final version of the columns glued.

After that finished, as you can see in the picture above. This is what it looks like. Wait until the glue dries and it’s glued very well. Working on the next step needs the columns to be steady and strong because we are adding the butterfly next.

Adding the cardboard board to the project.

Next, I’m going to glue the cardboard boards I made on top of each column. And glue it together on the other end to make it stronger. Having the right measure will help you to glue both perfectly. So you can have a spot in the center for the next step. That’s why I said it’s important to have the same measures earlier.

The finished look of the top

The final look of the top.

This is two in one. The first one, as you can see the center looks perfect and glued together. Which gives me a spot to put the butterfly. And the second one is that I added the gold belt to the columns as shown in the picture above which gives it a nice touch.

The butterfly stand and circle base guled

This also two in one because I don’t need to share and talk on each step. As you can see, I glued the other circle base in the center. Cardboard’s original color still showing in this base. And I made that on purpose because I said earlier that I already made it before. However, I thought to keep it like this so it can be different this time.

Also, the second one is that I already added the butterfly’s stand and cut a little bit of the top end to help with gluing it. I wait a few minutes before moving to the next step to give the glue time to dry and make it strong.

The next steps will be the next and I’m going to show more pictures of after that. So it’s going to end after showing this. I hope you find this tutorial of How to do a simple room decoration idea 2020 helpful.

A close up view of the butterfly
A closeup view of the flower
The finished look of the decoration

Conclusion of how to do a simple room decoration idea 2020.

And here we come to an end. Thank you for reading until this point and I would love to know what you think of this decoration. Also, how do you like this way of presenting my project? I think it’s better than my previous ways but I want to hear your opinions. I’m going to do more awesome ideas in the future, please subscribe to receive them on time so you won’t miss it. Also, follow my Twitter to receive new updates of posts there as well and more. Have a wonderful week!


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