How it could be fun shopping with the family and the kids

Today is going to be the first day of the third week in my schedule since I started it, and I’ve only missed one day because I wasn’t really feeling well. This is like a challenge to me which make blogging more fun and helps me to stay consist with my work. I’m going to try as hard as I can to keep it this way, and hopefully, I will manage to do it for a long time or forever maybe haha.

How it could be fun shopping with the family and the kids

This post will be about shopping with family, and I will be talking about some of the funny things that could happen during this time by mentioning most of the funny moments, which happened to me. Hopefully, it will make your Monday better with a nice laughter in the noon during work time or whatever you are doing. 
When I started taking my family to shop whether on a mall or just market, it was a bit boring because it takes a lot of time for a trip and there is nothing I could do during shopping but to just walk around with them. Also, they want to check everything and move from place to another inside the mall, and I really don’t like walking so much at places like these.
However, I like to go solo shopping even though I would spend time looking for the new things that I haven’t seen before and explore, but it wouldn’t be the same time as with family haha. Sometimes, I just want to get in and finish my assignment while I don’t have to worry about taking care of kids because they usually let me do the babysitting part. 
Sometimes when I go solo shopping, I would take a headphone with me to listen to music while getting the list done because it gets boring looking for the items in a huge market while driving the shopping cart around and there is no one to talk with. I would call one of my friends or family, but I don’t think they would be able to chat with me at that time and they will think it’s a weird thing to do, you know haha.

I get creative when I’m alone shopping, and one of the things I do in solo shopping while listening to music is to imagining the shopping cart like a real car haha. My most stunt that I usually do is driving the shopping cart in a slow motion when turning left or right in the market. Actually, slow motion is my favorite to watch. Anyways, There is a lot of things I can do with the shopping cart, but people will be looking at me and be like ‘What you doing?’ haha.

However, as long as there something boring in the family shopping, there should be fun things that happen during that time. Sometimes, the entire trip may be full of fun and excitement stuff for most of the family and kids can’t wait to get in that mall or market to get whatever they’ve been waiting for. I will be mentioning some of the funny things I’ve gone through or done while shopping.

I went once to a big clothing store with my uncle to get some stuff for my family and my uncle’s kids. While they were looking for their stuff, I was babysitting my little cousin. We were having fun trying most of the hats in the store and taking selfies, haha and after a few minutes, we found ourselves lost in the store while enjoying the time and got sperate from the rest of family, haha my uncle got a little bit mad on me because he was concerned about his kid.

Shopping for clothes is one of the longest shopping because there is a lot you need to look for and also, you need to try each item you pick and check if it will fit or not. Carrying my little cousin around during all of this time need a little bit of fun haha and this how I did it.

The second time is with my little brother when we went grocery shopping with my dad. My brother is old enough, which he can walk by himself. I don’t know how it happened, but he ended up walking behind another family thinking it was us, haha and he didn’t get too far which was easy to notice. I think we were focused on the conversation instead, of focusing on my little brother and my brother lost track of us, and that why it happened haha.

Sometimes talking with family or friends while shopping takes your focus even from remembering what you need to get. I did this certain times even when going with my cousins and once we finished shopping and got back home, we find something missing from the list. Sometimes, I check everything before getting far from the store.

You can’t take kids with you when shopping for toys for them because they won’t get enough. I went with my older brother and the same little brother to a toy store, and we took half hour looking for toys that he wants. After we finished, we walked to the cashier and he was a little bit late behind, he grabbed extra toy as the same one he got in the shopping cart and run towards us.

I looked at him giggling asking him ‘What do you need that for, you already got one’ and he said ‘I want an extra one in case that one breaks’. This was a bit funny, but it was cute that we had to get him the extra one as well. That kinda reminded me of myself when my dad took me to a toy store and we had a lot of funny moments and I did the same haha.

It doesn’t only be fun with kids, but also adults. My cousin was driving the shopping cart faster then he should when we were doing grocery shopping and he almost flipped it and it was full of grocery stuff and close to the cashier, haha. There is a lot of things could happen during this time, what is your funny moment during shopping?

How it could be fun shopping with the family and the kids


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