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How I keep my fitness on a good level when sitting at the desk for a long time everyday

I missed doing old topics since I changed the purpose of this blog, but what if I can combine them both in one article? that would be dope. Talk about any topic that was added before and has entertainment included which is really nice because it allows me to keep writing about old stuff that I used to write about for a while. I’m sure there will be a way to share for most of it, but sometimes it could be a little bit difficult.

How I keep my fitness on a good level when sitting at the desk for a long time everyday
Starting with this post which I will be talking about what I usually do if I’m planning to sit on my laptop or pc while keeping my fitness at a good level. Only people who have a job online that sits for a long time or maybe people who are watching the Endgame if you know what I mean haha. I mean some like to use T.v to watch movies at their living room, but I know people that use a laptop or use their desk to put a T.v to watch because I’m one of them. I have my own T.v which I got for playing videogames, but there can’t be only one purpose for it which I plug my laptop to it and play whatever I like, for instance, videos.  
Anyways, this time I can’t make it about bloggers and writing a blog post because I’ve done enough of it, but as I said anyone with an online business that requires a lot of hours to finish it or whatever is the goal that you want to get it done. It won’t be a problem if it was for a one-day thing, but People with this type of work which need a chair tend to do it every day, and that will be unhealthy if we don’t look out for our health.
What I usually do to keep my health on a good level is try not to sit for a long time which will diminish my strength and also fitness, and since I’m not yet that type of person who consistently goes to the gym because I still get excuses haha, but there is no problem for me to do fitness in the house which I think it saves me time and accomplish the purpose. However, I’m sure one day I will turn into Super Saiyan mode and overcome it all and start getting into a good shape haha. 
As usual, I will be mentioning the most three things I do to keep my fitness and health on a good level. There are more I do and I’m sure people have other stuff that they like to do which I would like to know if you are one of them or if we have any similarity with this.

I usually pick exercises based on what muscles or part of my part should I most be focusing on which for me, the main thing before anything  I’m looking for is to keep the blood flowing all around my body, and that’s why walking is what I first do daily. I make time for myself to walk for at least half an hour. You may think doing this in the house is not helpful, but with the large spots in the house or around it, this actually works just as good as doing it at the gym. Also, it helps me to do some running rounds while thinking about my next plan.

Sometimes I like to run in the street around the house which is healthy and I have talked about in a previous post which also helps to know about other people who that do it too. A treadmill might be good only if you can afford to get one in the house, but I like running around more. However, the purpose is to get my blood running and being on a good level of fitness which either way works well anyway.

The funny thing is you may not feel doing it because of space or doing it alone which would never happen to me. My purpose remains stronger than the excuse in this and actually, I enjoy doing it because it helps me to plan what I’m going to do and everything during the session and when it comes to positive excuses and negative ones, I think positive would win which I don’t have to drive anywhere because it would take more time haha. 

After I get my blood flowing and warmed up, I tend to focus next on the fitness of my arms muscles which I usually do pushups. My goal is not to build it. Though, it would be awesome to do it because it helps with the strength and speed of my arms and that’s the goal. Also, my friends keep saying who can do pushups more which makes me feel week because if I won’t be able to do it, I would be the less one haha.

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I also do some Lateral raise sometimes which kinda good to train other muscles of the arm. Sometimes when there is no dumbbell, I usually do it without or something that could fit as a replacement. This can be nice for arm flexibility too since working on an online business doesn’t require a lot of arm movements.

Focusing on my feet, legs muscles and doing workout for it comes next, and I usually do squat without any lifting because I’m not looking to build my muscles yet, but to keep it on a good level of fitness, you know. However, I take more time to do other exercises for my thigh and other parts as well. The good thing is that doing my foot workout can be done while sitting on the chair which I can do it any time.

Sometimes when I’m not feeling doing any exercise, I usually just stretch after the warm-up or walking and running which actually helps to keep the fitness on the same level at least as I keep my body moving from time to time. However, stretching doesn’t happen alone a lot of times, but I do it even when I’m doing exercises because it’s necessary for people sitting for more than one hour anyway.

This is a wrap for this post and I hope you got something helpful. As I said, I would like to know what you guys do if you are a person who does online business or spends time doing work on the laptop or pc. Please make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed reading this post because it will help you to get my future posts on time. I will be doing more fun and entertaining stuff, also, I do inspirational posts as well. Have a lovely Thursday!

How I keep my fitness on a good level when sitting at the desk for a long time everyday


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