4 Tips on How to Master High Ticket Digital Marketing And Earn Money

by Fransic verso
4 Tips How to Master High Ticket Digital Marketing And Earn Money

Hello everyone and welcome to my post for this week. It would be the last one for this week and we are so close to the end of this month. I hope you guys are doing well and finishing your goals.

Today I’ve got an interesting post for you. And we are talking about marketing and earning money. I want to share everything about High ticket digital marketing.

First, you will need to know what is this. I will share tips to help you succeed and earn money. Also, you will need the important points that I will mention in this post.

Because some people forget about or ignore it and end up going on the wrong path. You might struggle and maybe not even succeed in this industry.

How to master High ticket digital marketing and earn money

I think some of us might have an idea of what is the HTDM. Don’t search on Google because I just made that.

And I promise I’m not talking about HTDM as “Hit the direct messages”. No, it’s not what we want to talk about.

High ticket digital marketing is a long sentence and thought to try to create a short word for it.

Well, it’s true some of us already have an idea. And with that, you will need to know about the ROI. And this time it’s an actual word for a longer sentence.

And it’s a big part of this type of marketing. I mean it could be very important to you in any type of marketing. So, I explain it to you to make you understand it.

Q: What is high ticket digital marketing?

A: You not going to let me lay more foundation for you about this post? Well, I can say this is a good question. It’s one of the types of affiliate marketing.

Those who have been in the affiliate business will know a lot about this. Because it’s a way of marketing high-priced items and products.

Usually, these products have high commissions and people work a lot to market them. However, you might need to keep reading until this end. Because I will mention everything you need to know.

How to master marketing the hight ticket products. Also, I want to mention some products and items you can try as well.

marketing and planning.
Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Benefits of the hight ticket products:

  • Make more money
  • Have a higher ROI
  • Work with expensive companies
  • Good profits with fewer sales

I can’t say this is not so good. Because it is and I just mentioned some of the benefits you might get when focusing on this.

Working on building a successful affiliate marketing should include this but not solely focus on it. As you keep reading, you will understand why.

Something you should know about high ticket sales and affiliates. It might sound like it’s good money and you can get it easily.

But the reality is not everyone can get the same results. And getting into this because of this reason might not be wise for you or your success.

Q: Should I start my affiliate business with high ticket products?

A: You might think it’s a good idea. However, it’s not recommended. Since it’s expensive, you might get a limited range of customers. Sometimes you might get nothing.

So, starting your affiliate business with these types of products is not a good idea. Start with a low price with good commissions until you make enough money then add this later down the road.

Make it a way to earn extra money and not the main way to earn money. Because it could take time for you to start seeing some sales.

Since only the rich people will buy if you find one. And how to promote can be different. So, it can be a nice way to increase your income when it comes to affiliating as a business.

When you think of a high ticket product. From what it means it can be expensive and valuable to the buyer.

That includes cars and other expensive items. Such as diamonds and services that start from $100 and up to hundreds of thousands. However, not every product is going to be good for your affiliate business and might not get you sales.

Some companies don’t have referral links for you to use to earn money through them. So, make sure to pay attention and be careful which product or program you choose.

Even from the list that I will mention in a few minutes. Take your time to know which one can be good for you.

Important point

Each product will have a different marketing plan. Never use the same plan for many products or items. Unless they have similarities in marketing.

Using different methods of marketing and having variety in your marketing will help you to succeed and be creative.

Before you start working on a product that is high ticket. Consider everything about marketing and promoting to people.

We will learn more tips as you keep reading this post. Things that can help you master high ticket digital marketing. Because it’s possible but needs some work to succeed.

Another thing you should know is that patience is very important in the affiliate business. I started before doing some affiliate marketing and working on the affiliate business.

However, I felt it was not for me. And I didn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t my passion. So, I focused on blogging.

Tips on how to master high tick digital marketing

planning to have good marketing. High ticket digital marketing
Photo by Alena Darmel

Now I want to share some tips to help you succeed. These tips can help you with affiliate marketing in general because it’s important things we need to pay attention to them.

Remember, it will be easy to get leads but might be difficult to get sales which is the most important part of affiliate marketing.

1- Research the range of customers for the products

You need to conduct research about each product or company. Maybe products if they fall into the same category. And see how many people asking for it. The range of customers will determine your success.

Because it’s very low, it wouldn’t be good and you might get sales. Do not accept anything you find in the affiliate programs list.

However, if the products are asked for by a lot of people and they are paying for them. That would be a good one to work on and earn money from it by marketing it to everyone.

And you can put the effort into it because it will be worth it. Because if it’s not worth it, no need to waste your time.

2- Determine how you can market the product and what to use before you start

It’s not wise to look at the price and the commissions and decide that you will work on it. Because although it might have high commissions you will not get sales to make money from it.

Take your time before you get started on the product. Find ways to market it and what channel to use.

Methods to use for high ticket marketing:

  • Social media
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Word of mouth
  • Using blogs and reviews (including your own posts or guest posts)
  • Friends or family

These are some of the ways you might use to market the products. However, for social media, if you already have fans.

Make sure to ask them if anyone is interested in the products. No need to start from zero for that product or item. It will be too much work and not a good ROI.

Q: What do you mean by the “ROI”?

A: Ah, I was waiting for you to ask. Good question and the answer is simple. ROI stands for “Return on investment” used for paid marketing. People measure how much they get from their investments.

This way, they understand how to do things better for their business and what works for them. These can be some of the traditional marketing methods.

Honestly, for me, I see investing time should have a better ROI. You should get better results from investing your time in something. Whether time on social media such as using digital marketing LinkedIn or any platform.

3- Put together a very well-designed High ticket digital marketing plan

team planning. High ticket digital marketing
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Since your range of customers is less than your regular products. You will spend more time putting together a good marketing plan. Something that can guarantee you sales.

This might take more time but once you decide to work on a high ticket product.

Everything will be worth it as long as it’s good products. Learn about how to reach a wider audience.

Do whatever is necessary to make that plan. Read books, learn from the internet. Ask experts or anything possible you can do.

Make sure to improve your marketing skills and knowledge if that is necessary to make a very well-designed marketing plan. With the product good to market and the effort, you will have better ROI.

4- Surround yourself with successful marketers in affiliate business and marketing in general

This a very important step to do whether you are fresh or have been in the marketing industry for a while.

Having successful people around will help a lot. Even with setting up a good marketing plan.

Don’t be shy to talk with others and make friends in the industry. That will have better results later as you keep going.

We think we know everything but every day we learn something new. Something we learn is that we have been doing something the wrong way.

This is a big part of how to master anything. Because help from experts and people who know better will make it easier to succeed.

High ticket programs you can promote

Now it’s time for the programs that are considered to be the high ticket. And you can earn money from promoting them. There are so many of them and in each category, you can at least find one.

However, I’m going to mention only some of them to help you get an idea and suggestions. What I will mention below has good commissions but is expensive.

You can in cars, properties, and materials you can buy such as watches, and other things. Also, for web hosting and many categories.

I tried to create a variety of programs in the lists below from a few categories. So, hopefully, you guys find it interesting. And I will update the list regularly and add more to it.

Q: Is it easy to join these high ticket programs?

A: All affiliate programs have different methods of applying. Some of them require certain things before you can apply.

The process of applying can be easy by filling out forms and sending documents if needed.

However, getting approved and working with them depends on each program. You can read about the requirements if they have and the process. Overall. it should be something doable and possible.

Flywheel program

flywheel program
Screenshot of the page

This is web hosting for bloggers and people who want to work on hosting their own websites online. I’ve talked about the prices and everything you need to know.

They have a good referral program if you use their products, you can also earn $500 per referral link.

They have good tools and ways to help you promote the product. Such as having banners in case you want to use your blog to promote and get sales from that.

Also, they mentioned that they have good support that can assist with anything that you want help with.

Bobswatches program

Bobswatches prgoram
Screenshot of the affiliate page

Another awesome program is from one of the good watches company called “Bobswatches”.

They sell watches and they have a variety of options. Also, they allow people to earn money from promoting their products. You can earn up to $1000 and they explain well how this works.

I think a lot of people would love to buy watches even if they pay a lot. However, this company is expensive and affordable for some people.

So, you might get a wider audience when promoting these cool watches. Have you bought from this company a watch before?

Shopify program

Shopify program
A screenshot of the Shopify program page

Well, I’m sure the majority of us already have heard of this. It’s an online store where you can create and sell your stuff. And they also offer a good amount of money for promoting their products.

The commission rate for this is 200% of the monthly plan. You can read more about this program if you are interested in applying for it.

They have people already working with them in this program. This means that YOU can also join if you want and are ready to put in the effort.

Honestly, I can say it’s worth it because so many people running stores online. Also, many people want to make their appearance with their online stores.


program page for teachable. High ticket digital marketing
Screenshot of the affiliate program page for teachable

I would assume some of you know about this. It’s a good way to make classes and teach others. The education industry nowadays is growing faster than ever, to be honest.

You can earn $1000 or more per month if you work with them. However, the average is $450 per month but some can earn more.

You get updates and helps you to get a tracking link. And if you are interested in this type of program. Maybe you are using it, you can give it a try and share it with your audience.


Q: How long it will take until you start earning money?

A: It depends on how well you do. It could be as fast as a week and as long as a few months. Your marketing methods and effort on it will calculate how long it will take.

Q: Can I join more than one program to earn money?

A: Good questions. This would be up to you. Some people have more than one program. I say you can join once you have a good money flow from one program. And you have a good marketing strategy and plan.

Conclusion of How to master High ticket digital marketing and Earn Money

How to master High ticket digital marketing and earn money

Thank you for reading until this point. Sharing everything important about high ticket digital marketing. Great tips to help you master and earn money from it.

Hopefully, you found this helpful and I would appreciate it if you can share this with others. I’m sure a lot of people might need these tips and information.

What do you think of this post? Have you used any affiliate programs I mentioned? What do you do to master your affiliate marketing?

Share with us your experience and how things going for you. It could help people who read the comments as well.

Please consider subscribing to my email list. You will receive new posts on time. Also, find me on social media if you want to get new updates and new posts. I share them on my social media as well.

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Ashley March 27, 2023 - 6:36 am

I had no idea what high-ticket digital marketing was when I first saw the title of your post. Thank you for this guide which explains the process.

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That’s nice you know more about it. Thank you for reading!

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This is a very detailed and much informative post for someone starting with affiliate and high-ticket marketing. Thanks for sharing.

Fransic verso March 30, 2023 - 12:01 am

I’m glad you find it an informative post. Thank you for reading!

Marysa March 27, 2023 - 7:47 am

This does make a lot of sense when it comes to marketing. I will have to think about this for affiliate earnings.

Fransic verso March 30, 2023 - 12:00 am

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts about this.

Ntensibe Edgar March 27, 2023 - 10:55 am

Hhhhmmm….I hadn’t heard or seen this form of affiliate marketing. It’s good to know of it, now that I am branching so much into digital marketing, these days. I will read up more on it.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:58 pm

Well, it’s a big part of affiliate marketing. Thank you for reading!

Amber March 27, 2023 - 11:03 am

This post is great for those trying to create a positive marketing plan for any business or product. Very detailed with some helpful tips throughout.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:57 pm

Thank you so much and I appreciate you reading!

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Good informative article. I shall share with others. Thank you

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:55 pm

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hahaha you got me! You just invented a new term – high ticket digital marketing! You should write a book about it.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:55 pm

hahah, I will try maybe soon in the future. Thank you for reading and commenting!

Kristen Osborne March 27, 2023 - 1:11 pm

Great post. I am definitely saving this resource as I start my journey of working from home.

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Great tips! So many thoughtful points. Thank you for sharing!

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Wow! Such a great article and thorough, too! It’s great how you have gathered everything worth knowing into one post.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:54 pm

Thank you! Glad you found it a great post.

Renata Feyen March 27, 2023 - 3:39 pm

I decided from the beginning that I would not start with affiliate marketing, because it’s just not my thing, and after 5 years of blogging I am still of the same opinion

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:53 pm

That’s awesome, it’s still good to follow and do what you like.

Hannah March 27, 2023 - 3:59 pm

The timing of this post is perfect. I was just thinking about getting into affiliate marketing. This is really helpful, so many thanks!

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:52 pm

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Katie March 27, 2023 - 4:00 pm

This is a lot of information. I’m not yet at this part of my journey of blogging to add affiliate income but bookmarking for the future!

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I read that with a lot of interest. The work requires a lot of patirnce but definitely pays off later.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:48 pm

Yeah, it definitely pays off if we put in the work. Thank you for reading!

Lisa's Notebook March 28, 2023 - 2:22 am

I’m so rubbish at affiliate marketing, I just don’t have the patience or the time needed to make it successful. But I can see that HTDM would be perfect for niche websites in particular. Interesting post, thank you for sharing.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:48 pm

Ah, I used to be but over time we improve. Thank you for reading!

Under Flowery Sky March 28, 2023 - 3:06 am

Very comprehensive and helpful post. Thanks for the tips..

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:47 pm

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Janice Mariano-Pratt March 28, 2023 - 6:28 am

I definitely agree with all your points, affiliates are the future for bloggers. Great topic!

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:45 pm

Yeah, a lot of bloggers want to have affiliates.

May March 28, 2023 - 6:36 am

$1000 is not bad if you’re starting. I’ve been trying to finish a marketing course for the past year already, but circumstances are bogging me down. I haven’t completed it yet.

Fransic verso March 29, 2023 - 11:44 pm

Right? It’s good money. I see! Well, hope you can finish it.

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Fransic verso April 4, 2023 - 11:34 pm

Yeah, with the AI is not easy. Thank you for reading!


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