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Good and affordable school supply kit to help keep everything in one place for students

Hello and welcome to another post! I didn’t want to ruin my schedule, but it comes to a point where I needed to take a break. However, this might not be the last break, and I hope that won’t happen again because I want it to be a strong beginning after my come back. The more we take breaks, the more we lose interest in doing it and can’t let that happen to me, you know.

Anyways, before we get into today’s post which it was exciting to do, I would like to say that I’m coming up with new updates in the next couple days. Also, I’m organizing my social media profiles to make it better. However, I might not mention it in my blog post, but I will share it in my main account which is Twitter but for those who don’t have Twitter, don’t worry, it will be posted on other social media as well.

I’ve done a couple of ideas which are a decoration for the house in my previous posts because its fun to build them. This is my first time doing something that can be used for a specific purpose by myself and might not be the best, but I’m still working on improving and getting better. This Took me more time than I usually take to build decoration because there are more things that we need to do and might be a little bit difficult to do as beginner haha.

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I call this “The school supplies kit” which made for holding school items, for example, pencils, and color pencils, and the list goes on. It was a great summer for everyone and I’m sure we all enjoyed it but it’s time for school right now, and I thought this would be a good idea for students and kids to keep their school stuff in one place after they use and save time from keep looking around for it every time it gets lost around the house. You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying a similar thing with the same purpose when you can do it and that’s another reason why I thought of this idea.

This time I thought to go out of the box and use it for something useful with the stack of papers I had for my previous post haha. By the way, as I grow on the blog and social media and learn more, I will be doing even more amazing and challenging things. However, this time I won’t go that far and just add a box along with other things I used before. Since I added a new item, I need to get the things needed to work on this item which is a blade because it will be easier to cut a box.

I’m not sure if you can find a size of box sheet as shown in the picture above, but you can get it easily done. Any box around you would do the job, but I recommend using a toy box because we will need some things and we can get it from it. If you bought legos or a doll for kids, that would be good but the bigger the box, the better which will help to get the measurement as perfect as it could be and would save you time looking for more boxes.

I used three boxes and it depends on how many attempts you will do until you manage to do everything. Anyways, once you get the boxes, cut two sides with same measurements because things would go wrong if there any difference. Then, pile them up on top each other and draw a medium rectangle on the middle or any shape you want to make things looking good. Then, use the blade to open both sides like a window in the middle haha.

This might not be as perfect as it should be but it’s fine because it’s my first time and the blade I used wasn’t that good to do the job lol. However, it should look like what’s shown in the picture above, and both sides were open equally which what we need.  I’m doing this to make the kit looking good when placing on the desk or anywhere it can be placed. 
Now, we can’t use a kit like that because that is a bit hard to look at and need more touches which’s when the papers come in handy. I glued a thick paper on the box sheet, which was the easiest step in the process. Don’t worry about the rectangle and just glue over the entire sheet because we will do another step next. 
Now this looks a bit better with the papers glues to the sheet and now we need to do the same process with the other sheet. I made the box sheets a bit long which made it impossible for me gluing only one paper and I had to finish it using another one haha. If you have liquid colors, that would be enough for you to color with that and don’t need to glue papers, but I wanted to include the papers in the process haha. 
Anyways, after I glued the other sheet, I opened both small rectangles in the sheets after it was closed when gluing the papers and that was as easy as cutting the birthday cake haha. I don’t know why I thought of that while I was doing it but maybe because a couple of days ago, it was my actual birthday lol. Make sure to use a scissor to make everything look nice after opening the rectangles and perfect in case you messed up as I did. 
Things started looking a bit better for both sides of the kit and as shown in the picture above, this how it will look like when opening the rectangles and I need to do it for both sides again because only it will be easy if there were a copy and paste method in real life lol. However, to motivate yourself doing it again, think of it as you cutting another piece of the birthday cake haha. 
Now, that both sides are ready, I need to close the rectangles with something because we can’t leave it open and that wasn’t the purpose anyway, you know. So to get that done, I used a plastic sheet which was used to cover the toy box. I didn’t have to buy another plastic sheet when I already have it lol.
As you can see in the picture above, I already cut a rectangle size of the plastic sheet for both sides and it’s easy to cut with a scissor. being precise on the plastic sheet measurement is optional because it depends on the actual rectangle on the box sheet, the rest won’t be shown at all when gluing it to the box sheet. It would be easy to do that because I think it was already glued to the box when I took it off and did it again for the kit. 
However, during the process, I had to change the plan and before doing that step, I measured the box sheet so the height of the sheet can be smaller than the school supplies and it was messed up, and everything was hidden when you put it inside. I had to cut from the above of the front sheet a little bit to make it better, and that changed everything because I was planning to make it like a bag with a top but wasn’t possible after I messed up. 
Also, I just glued a thick paper on one side of the sheets, and later I figured that wasn’t enough and glued another one with the same process as mentioned earlier in the post. Then, I glued the plastic sheet after doing these two steps haha because things didn’t go as planned.
Now that the sides are ready, I made the slots for the items with the box sheets by cutting another four pieces of a box, and it was measured the same as the front sheet of the kit since everything changed and I forgot to take pictures of them before gluing them to both front and back sides of the kit. 
I think by now, everything for the kit is ready except the bottom which as shown in the picture above, I already got them ready and only used the bottom haha which was the left one because what’s in the right is the top. If you struggle to measure the bottom or top if things went smooth for you, just place the kit on top of a box sheet and take a pencil to mark the measurements for it and that how I did for both pieces. 
Now, we need to glow everything together and make sure that we add more glue to make things stronger and won’t fall after we finish it. 
After doing everything, here you got yourself a free school supply kit ready to use. Though, I was aiming for three slots because in case I have other things that I want to put there but, doing two, allowed me to put the erasers and other small stuff in the middle. Also, things like rulers and set square and other stuff could fit as well. 
I added the green tape on the edges to make the kit look better and hide the messed up cutting I did haha. I couldn’t start over because I didn’t have much time to do it again so I used the tape to cover it.
Anyways, I’ve come to the end of this post, and it was really fun doing this project and a little bit difficult but I managed to pull everything together haha. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please subscribe to the blog through the subscription box below to receive future content on time and never miss a post. Also, would like to know your thoughts on this idea. Have a great Thursday!


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