Easy Home Garden Packing and Moving Tips

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Easy Home Garden Packing and Moving Tips

House Garden plants are the best! These plants improve the air quality in your home, reduce indoor dust by up to 20%, and turn a space into your happy place. When it comes to moving the plants, it requires prep work, patience, planning and lots of love to keep them alive during an interstate relocation.

In this blog, you will be knowing about important things to be considered when choosing a moving service. As we take extra care for packing your precious household and fragile items, moving plants from one to another also requires special attention.

So hire the Professional Packers and Movers in Pune to take professional assistance to shift your house plants.

Things to Consider Before Your Relocation

1) Time of Relocation:

When you are relocating your plants to a new location, consider the time of relocation. Avoid shifting your plants during the summer season, as the roots may get damaged due to excess heat.

2) Trim your Plants little:

If you are planning for a long-distance move, then the plants need more water and energy to survive during relocation. So, it is better to cut a few branches and leaves to reduce the consumption of water and energy. This helps the plants to survive in extreme conditions. Maybe using services like yard maintenance Fairfax VA could help with that as well.

3) Pack in Closed Plastic Container:

Transfer your plants to closed plastic containers, as they are easy to carry and less in weight. Normal clay pots tend to get cracks and damage your plant. Plants should be packed using high-quality materials or using old bedsheets.

4) Water your Plants before 2-3 Days:

Plants should be watered at least 2-3 days before relocation, this helps to maintain the moisture of the plants. Spray flask is the best way to maintain the wetness of fragile plants.

Instead of relocating the plants by yourself, consider hiring the Packers and Moversas they are well-experienced in this field and handle the plants safely to your new location.

Things You Need To Do Just After Your Relocation

Moving plants to a new place is really hard as they need some time to adjust to the new environment and conditions. As soon as you reach the new location, remove the plants from the packing box and pour some water on them.

If you have used plastic pots for plant relocation, then keep them for a week and later change them into clay pots.

Hire a professional moving company as they assure you to relocate the plants without any damage, using high-quality packing materials and professional service.

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