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DIY stand for any purpose and anywhere in the house

What’s up, everyone. Today with a new intro because I’m out of ideas. I think my most struggle starts and ends when I write and finish the intro lol. However, this week for the DIY, I’m going easy and just write a chilled post. It’s DIY stand for any purpose and anywhere in the house.

If I were to make a video, I would talk while doing easy stuff like this. It keeps me busy but not too focused. This is how I got this idea. but maybe soon in the future, I will make videos like this. So grab a coffee or tea and just enjoy this post. Also, learn something new which I made over the weekend, too.

This is just a part of the series I started for the upcoming party birthday for the special person. However, this wasn’t planned, but I thought it would be nice to write the chill post while finishing it up. Because my goal was to do a different simple project. I thought that I have done enough with these parts, and it’s time to change. But I guess this will be the last one haha. Not the last one for the event but for posting because I got a couple of things left.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Also, if you didn’t know about this, I’m branching to travel and did my first adventure last week.

About this post

Notice that I didn’t say “about this idea” because it’s not the main purpose. I’ve done a couple of chilled posts before just in case you are new to the blog. As much as I spend a lot of time working on these ideas and projects. I think there should be a time to just chill and talk with everyone. In chilled posts, usually, I talk about random stuff and share photos of them, but not this time.

Doing DIY projects always require using the brain and think a lot. Imagine using it all day, that would be so exhausting for us as humans by the end of the day. However, this time I didn’t use my brain a lot and that’s why it’s chilled post lol.

Anyways, this DIY stand can be used for any purpose. For example, if you want it to be in the living room to put your favorite cup or something as a decoration. This will work perfectly with that. Also, if you have a favorite lego or something, and want to put it in your bedroom or anywhere you want, still this will work nicely. You get the idea of this, but for me, I will use it for another purpose I planned which will be revealed this week on my social media.

My previous DIY post: Part two of the birthday party decoration idea

A white paper and box sheet for the ground

Since this is a DIY stand, I need to make a layer base for things to stand on. This is like every start I tend to do with every project. It’s something I’m used to after all the projects in my previous posts.

Also, I learned that you might spend a lot of time doing something at first, but when you get used to it by doing it more and more. It will be quick in the future with less time.

I calculated the time before and now, it made me feel like I just figured that out haha. Like I was impressed with the progress on how I do things nowadays.

The finished version of the DIY stand base

The finished version of the stand base

If you don’t know, I use box sheets for everything and can’t use the original layer of it. Things need to get colorful and the only way is to add a layer of thick papers. Also, using normal papers will ruin the look when gluing it to the box sheet.

when gluing the paper layer to the box sheet Sometimes it works perfectly just as you planned, but when it doesn’t, don’t worry. You will go with another timeline and do another plan lol. This is always me when I do big projects.

The walls for the base made of white paper and box sheet.

Sometimes when I do big projects, I get two choices. Whether starting with the easy part then, the hard one. However, it happens randomly when doing short and easy projects haha because either way, I’m going to finish it at the same time in both ways.

By the way, what shown in the picture is something a call it “the little wall” and you can see whats made of. There were three of them with different sizes but didn’t take pictures of them all. I think this will be enough and share the rest in the next steps.

The stand on progress to stage 2. The walls being glued to it.

If there is one thing I need to be very careful with is when getting the project together. After getting all the necessary items ready, I need to pay more attention and be careful. Things might get messy quickly and everything will be ruined because not only one part will be ruined, but both.

I did the stand for two items, and that means it will allow you to add two things. This brings the idea that you don’t know how things might turn out in the end. Because it wasn’t planned at all haha.

The DIY stand with the walls

The stand with the walls

After a few minutes, the area is surrounded by the little walls I made lol. However, I’m not yet done. It might not look perfect, but it will look better at the end.

Everything was planned until this point, but things got in a way I didn’t expect after and it was nice.

The stage with colorful papers

I couldn’t think of better colors than these and it turned out pretty nice. Also, where I’m placing them another thing I just got in my mind and decided to follow through with it.

Funny story, I used to color every paper I use in my projects. However, I felt stupid when I knew that I could use colored papers from the start haha. I’m almost out of pencil papers from doing that.

Three holders made of papers and box sheets
Half circle made of paper

The more items I decide to make, the longer my project takes time to finish. By far, I have to say this project took more than a week which the longest time I spent on a project.

As much as I enjoy, it kinda feeling exhausting to spend all this time. That’s why I wish that I already have a workshop to help make things easier. Also, upgrade everything to another level.

The final version of the stand after everything

And here is the final version of this DIY stand. I’m impressed with this and how it turned. Because I wanted it in a different way and style. There will be more stuff to add on this stand and more. It will be revealed on a post this week. Make sure to follow my social media to see it.


Alright, here we reach the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading this chilling post. There will be more exciting posts, please subscribe or follow if you don’t want to miss any future post.

DIY stand for any purpose and anywhere in the house


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