Understanding the Different Types and Must-Know Features of Car Rentals

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Different Types and Must-Know Features of Car Rentals

Many travelers rent a car when visiting Dubai. This is an excellent method to make your vacation even more memorable and pleasant. There are excellent roads and low gas prices – therefore, you can choose any direction and visit all the attractions.

The main feature of car rental in Dubai that all tourists mention is the huge variety of cars and rental types. You can choose either a classic car rental dubai or drive a luxury or sports car. There are vehicles for every budget. Moreover, there are different types of rentals, which we will discuss in the article.

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Types of rental

Short or long-term rental

The first two types of lease are long-term and short-term. In long-term rental, there is a larger choice of cars. But as a rule, if one dealership offers both types of rentals, then almost all cars will be available for any period. Also, the main difference and advantage of long-term rent will be the cost.

Cars that are rented for a long time will be cheaper. Please, also remember that some companies offer bonuses and discounts when renting a car for a period of a week to a month or more.

There are no extra expenses, because repairs and maintenance are paid for by the rental salon. In addition, you can travel long distances with a car rented for a long time.

Car rental without deposit

In most cases, renting a car without a deposit is impossible. But in rare cases, there are exceptions in the market. Only the cost of renting a car automatically increases. Let’s take Toyota Yaris as an example. If you rent a 2023 Toyota Yaris for 1 month without a deposit you will need to pay about $1,900.

Rent a car without a credit card

You should choose a car that will require a Cash Deposit when choosing this kind of payment. Please note that any deposit will be returned only after 30 days, this period is associated with delays in receiving fines from the police.

Required documents for car rental in Dubai

If you want to drive in the UAE, you will need an international driving license. But this rule is available to tourists. If you are a UAE resident, you will need a local license. Here is a list of documents you will need to rent a car:

  • A passport is the main identity document.
  • Driving license (international driving license or local driving license for UAE residents).
  • Credit bank card of international payment systems. Moreover, the card must be issued in the name of the owner. Another condition is that alphanumeric information must be stamped on the front side.
  • The card must be a credit card, not a debit card. With a debit card, you can rent a car only from a small number of companies.

When renting a car, as a rule, the general flow of return is as follows: the client and the lessor meet at an agreed place (this can be a salon or any other place) and the car is inspected. If there is no damage, then the necessary documents are submitted and salik is checked. If there is a need to pay any taxes, then payment is made.

If some amount has been blocked on the client’s account, it will be unblocked (this can take up to 30 days maximum). And that’s it – the deal is done!

Any tourist who has the necessary documents has the opportunity to choose any type of car rental he is interested in, the desired car and travel around the Emirates in comfort. Therefore, if you like to see a lot of sights and move along your own route, then renting a car is the best choice.

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