Chilled post with some funny memories of my life

Looks like we made it to another day this time. However, I’m sick and it will be a little bit tough on me to write this post, but I’m still going to do it. I can’t have an exciting come back and then right after it, just let it fade away. As long as I’m alive, there will be always a chance to get something done in every situation.

I’m going to make this post a chilled funny post which has no new ideas or anything crazy. Whenever I feel sick or not feeling excited, I would just write this type of stuff because we use our mind to write and pick the right word which is hard to do when you have a fever or any kinda of things that interrupt your mind process.

Chilled post with some funny memories in my life

I always was wondering how it feels when you get a lot of things to do in the weekend and in the blink of an eye, everything just goes the opposite side. Well, I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore because I just have gone through it. This reminded of my old days when I was pretending to be sick at the night because I don’t want to go to school and my parents would give me a permission to stay home and then in the morning your parents find out that you are no longer sick and you already had a list that you are going to start doing  as soon as the time pass, but no ended up going to school and everything got canceled haha.

I’m going to mention some of the funny memories that happened to me in my life and I would consider this as a chilled post because I will barely use my mind. Each post will have a different idea and different content. Since I mentioned school earlier, how about I mention you something funny that happened in it? I’m sure you guys will laugh at this because everytime that I remember, I just laugh.

One day, I was trying to sleep in the break time and I couldn’t sleep quickly because of the noise around and other things. However, my teacher came before I do that and I kept ignoring him having the confidence that he knows that I’m sleeping and he will let me get some rest for a few minutes. He kept talking while walking around and for some reasons, I thought that he wouldn’t anything, but I was wrong. Once he got close to me, he started loudly and smacked the table right after which scared me so much and everyone started laughing at me haha.

Before I jump to another memory, I would like to tell something funny I always do. We all know the writing block which is a condition that happens to the writer that let him struggle to continue to finish his post or whatever you writes, and I get this every time. I’m not sure if there is someone else doing this, but when it happens to me, I just start singing loudly for few seconds or even a minute and then get back haha.

Sometimes, I watch some clips of youtube videos for a few seconds and I just enjoy the video that I want to finish it before getting back. This cost me a delay of finishing the post which sometimes, this makes me mad little because I just waste my time.

Anyways, last week, I was watching one of the October movies and I was really into it. However, I forget that I set my alarm before I start and a few minutes later, my phone is in front of me on my desk while I was watching and suddenly, it started ringing loudly while I was distracted by a silent moment and that gave me extra hard time haha.

something else happen with my phone last week as well. My cousins came to our house and by accident, we all put our phones next to each other on the table and we had the same ringtone. I don’t know how this could happen, but someone was calling one of the phones and we legit stopped and looked at each other making bets whom the phone belong to? while still ringing haha because all weren’t close to the phones. This turned out a fun challenge and it was mine haha.

The last memory, I went with my uncle and my older brother for a drive around the city for no purpose and we decided to get a watermelon drink. Once everyone got his drink in a plastic cup, my brother tried to open it and poured it all over the car and he by accident hit my uncle’s hand and got both down haha. It was so funny if you would see it in real life and how is the reaction was so funny. However, after all that, each one has few left on the cup which finished with one sip and we went back home to change and clean the mess.

We have just reached the end of this chilled post and I hope you enjoyed and chucked on these funny memories. I would love to know if you would read more in the future of these type of posts because I’m enjoying writing them. I don’t like to go too long on my posts because I think that would be boring to read and kinda pulling everyone back. Imagine going into a long page and you will be like “oh my god, how am I going to read all of this?’. However, I heard people saying that it’s good to have long posts, What you think which one is better?.


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