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Another Christmas idea to add more season spirits, a simple tease post

Hello, here we go once again at the weekend haha because I’ve been trying to stop getting distracted by other things in my life, but what can I say? every time there is another thing that would pull me out of my work. However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything in the past days because I’ve got an amazing idea this time.

I wish I can say another funny story that made me miss the second day like the previous post because that would be worth it haha. Also, This is why I can’t promise a schedule, but I will try my best to do posts whenever I can during the week or two posts a week on the two days I mentioned before. Tomorrow is another start for another week, which means we still in the same week, but on the last day, we could say haha.

I said it before, there will be so much more awesome stuff  that will be on the blog and this day is one of them and today, I’m going to share with you just a tease for tomorrow’s post since we don’t count this as an official day that listed in the old schedule of mine. That would save me the time to have content since it’s going to be tomorrow and I can’t keep delaying posting every time I miss a day. I’m just going to post whenever I can as long as it’s nice and entertaining content for you guys.

I hope you been holding up good as the cold approach and as we get close to the end of the year. Also, I’m sure everyone by now getting ready for Christmas with excitement for what it’s holding for us in the future and everyone who celebrates it. This is my favorite occasion of the year because of the colors and fun that  happen before and after, and during the actual day.

If you are new here, I haven’t really been able to do any Christmas posts on my blog until this year which I’m trying my best to bring the best content haha. I’ve got a couple of ideas and only shared one of them recently. If you would like to read it, you can find it here. It’s about an idea for gifting on this season that I made it myself.

This time I went a little bit too far from what I usually do and this took me a whole day to get it done, but it was worth it. The better things look, the more time it takes to get it done from editing the picture and write the post. I think now, I have an idea what it looks like when things get even better in the future haha. Don’t worry, I’m ready for it though.

Anyways, this is will be more like a chilly post, so grab your coffee or tea and enjoy some time reading.

Another Christmas idea to add more season spirits, a simple tease post

Anyways, enough talking and let’s get started. If you follow me in my social media, you will know that I’ve posted this and asked who knocked the Christmas tree down as I was gone and got back to something like that lol. I wonder who got excited about tomorrow’s post and decided to throw his hands into the air and knock it down like that. I had to pull it up again and fix everything lol.

The castle wall almost fell and it was about to ruin my base which something I don’t want. Another project coming into the table tomorrow which’s another Christmas idea and this time, it could be as a gift and just decoration, I think tomorrow, I will be more specific lol. Projects like this or any project that times so much time and effort, I think there is going to be a tease before posting it lol and that makes me more excited than anyone because it looks good and can’t wait to share it as people will be excited to see the full version of it as well.

I’m still looking for new ideas for more posts and that’s how I got that idea and still thinking about it actually. After I do a couple more and see how things go with every post I do, then, I will be able to decide which one to do. Also, I have the project from my previous in the background against the wall if you can see it, and thinking to send it to someone.

Another Christmas idea to add more season spirits, a simple tease post

I’ve never done this before, but the box still open. Is anyone want to put a gift inside before everything is wrapped? there won’t be so much time and you need to hurry up if you have something in mind to put before its too late, which will be tomorrow, but remember, it’s not a big box and that means, it’s limited lol. I forgot to take the project off the picture completely and as you can see in the picture above, a small part of it showing. I have another one for tomorrow as well with that gift box, don’t worry.

The Christmas spirits and vibes have been all over the place since I finished this project. There might be some hints of what would tomorrow’s post would be, what do you think it would look like? comment it down below. This could be a competition with a prize for the winner who can guess it right or even close enough, but I would need to make it less obvious than this lol. By the way, these aren’t everything in tomorrow’s project. Also, this time I will present it to you tomorrow with different angles.

Also, since its only Christmas vibes, the Halloween project will be gone but not for tomorrow’s post because with this done, we have no space it until next year. Again, It took me a bit to do the project and from now on, the real work just begins. Also, few updates have been done to my social media, the first and most one is changing the name of it because I want to make all my profiles with the same username.

Anyways, that would be it for now, because I just got this idea after everything was ready and I was lucky to get these photos to try the tease idea lol. I hope you enjoyed reading and ready for tomorrow’s post, hopefully, I will manage to get it done and published on time. If you don’t want to miss the fun and amazing stuff tomorrow, please subscribe to the blog in the box below to receive new posts on time. I wish you a wonderful time for the rest of your day, always keep smiling and be positive.

Another Christmas idea to add more season spirits, a simple tease post
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